All 4 Versions Of Godzilla’s Atomic Breath, Power Levels & Origins Explained


  • Godzilla’s standard blue atomic breath attack is a concentrated beam of radioactive power, capable of destroying buildings and injuring other monsters.
  • Heisei Godzilla introduced a heightened form of atomic breath, bright red in color and known as the “Spiral Heat Ray”, which grew more intense with external power sources.
  • Shin Godzilla’s atomic breath was bright purple and highly destructive, starting as a black smoke that transformed into an orange fire and then into a narrow, precise beam capable of causing great destruction.

Godzilla’s destructive atomic breath is his most famous feature, and it has changed both color and power level throughout the King of the Monsters’ extensive history. While Godzilla’s most famous atomic breath, blue, has changed hue several times as Godzilla has grown more powerful or taken on a new form. With Godzilla set to debut a new pink atomic power in Godzilla x Kong: The New EmpireIt’s time to remember the story of the powerful monster heat ray.

While Godzilla’s strongest attack is usually some version of atomic breath, it has changed color and shape based on how strong Godzilla was at the time. Its form has changed many times, from the mist-like radioactive breath of the 1954 original Godzilla to Godzilla minus oneBig G’s unique, atomic bomb-like explosion. While his standard blue atomic breath is deadly on its own, Big G usually has another level of power he can access, often transforming his atomic breath into something even more spectacular and devastating.

4 Godzilla’s Blue Atomic Breath

Godzilla’s standard atomic breath attack is usually a whitish blue.


Godzilla’s standard blue atomic breath attack usually takes the form of a concentrated beam of radioactive power. It is capable of destroying buildings, military weapons, and most other structures with a single blast, and is capable of burning and injuring other monsters. Some versions of Godzilla use atomic breath more liberally than others, but it is typically his primary attack when fighting other monsters, especially as a finishing maneuver towards the end of a fight.

Godzilla’s atomic breath was seen in his first appearance, the Toho original from 1954. GodzillaIn that film, it was referred to as “radioactive spray” and was depicted as a colorless vapor that superheated enough to melt tanks, buildings, and other structures, and also cause intense fires. Godzilla first used his atomic breath against an opponent in 1955. Godzilla Strikes Againwhere the radioactive spray proved strong enough to kill Anguirus after their bitter fight. Godzilla’s atomic breath first took on its blueish hue and lightning-like form in King Kong vs Godzillaand maintained that form throughout the films of the Showa Era (1954-1975), the Heisei Era (1984-1995), and the Millennium Series (1999-2004).

Legendary’s Monsterverse brought back the neon blue lightning bolt in 2014. Godzillaalthough Godzilla really only used it as a last resort rather than as his primary weapon. As Godzilla has been powered up multiple times during the events of the Monsterverse, his atomic breath has become more powerful and concentrated. He now uses the atomic blue glow that radiates throughout his body as a show of dominance when he feels threatened, and will fire his atomic breath much more frequently once it is fully charged, as seen in Godzilla vs Kong.

Godzilla’s blue atomic breath was at its strongest in Toho. Godzilla minus oneand in doing so, returns Godzilla’s atomic breath to its roots. Since Godzilla himself is a walking metaphor for the horrors of nuclear war, Godzilla minus one Restore that terror with Godzilla’s atomic breath, which directly mimics the effects of a nuclear bomb detonation. It includes a mushroom cloud, a violent kinetic explosion, and long-lasting effects on his victims. Godzilla minus oneThe blue atomic breath version of is truly lethal.

3 Godzilla’s red atomic breath

Heisei Godzilla introduced a raised red form of his atomic breath.


Godzilla’s standard blue atomic breath was maintained throughout the Heisei (1984-1995) and Millennium (1999-2004) eras, but a heightened form of that atomic breath was introduced that glowed a vibrant orange or red. Godzilla’s atomic breath took on an advanced form known as the “spiral heat ray” when Godzilla gained additional power from an outside source. In his first appearance in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla IIGodzilla gained the use of the red spiral heat ray after a dying Rodan transferred his life force to the radioactive lizard.

Godzilla Red/Orange Atomic Breath Appearances



Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II


Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla


Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

nineteen ninety five

Godzilla 2000: Millennium


Godzilla vs Megaguirus


Godzilla: Final Wars


Godzilla would return to the spiral heat ray to finish off SpaceGodzilla in Godzilla vs SpaceGodzillaand used an even more intense version (the fiery spiral heat ray) to finish off Destoroyah once and for all in Godzilla vs. DestoroyahThe final version of Godzilla’s red/orange atomic breath was used in Godzilla: Final Wars. Known as the Fiery Spark Heat Ray G, that version of Godzilla’s atomic blast was strong enough to launch Kaiser Ghidorah to the edge of space and completely destroy him.

Godzilla 2000: Millennium and Godzilla vs Megaguirus In both films, Godzilla’s atomic powers were depicted as a bright orange color, which was reflected off of Godzilla’s dorsal plates when he fired his atomic breath. This version of his atomic breath appeared to be much more incendiary than the typical energy beam, and produced a fiery explosion whenever it was used.

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2 Godzilla’s purple atomic breath

Shin Godzilla’s atomic breath was bright purple and was highly destructive.


2016 years Goddess Shin It introduced a unique, more terror-focused take on Godzilla, and with that new take came a new form of Godzilla’s famous atomic breath. Shin Godzilla’s entire body glowed when he used his atomic powers, likely taking a cue from the Monsterverse’s design. However, unlike Legendary’s more traditional blue hue, Shin Godzilla glowed a bright, almost neon-like purple.

Shin Godzilla’s atomic breath developed much differently than any other version of Godzilla seen on the big screen. Shin Godzilla’s atomic breath began as thick black smoke, which turned into a stream of bright orange fire (known as the “thermal flame”) that can engulf entire sections of a city in seconds. Once that blast was concentrated, it evolved into the bright purple radiation heat ray, which was a highly focused, narrow, and precise beam capable of causing great destruction at great distances. Shin Godzilla was even capable of firing this heat ray from his dorsal plates and tail, allowing him to attack many different targets at once.

1 Godzilla’s pink atomic breath

Godzilla will have pink atomic powers in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.


Legendary’s current version of Godzilla received another update in Godzilla x Kong: The New EmpireThanks to the destruction of the Titan Tiamat and the takeover of her lair, Godzilla assimilates some of Tiamat’s DNA and absorbs a massive amount of solar radiation, which combines to give him his pink atomic power. The pink version of his atomic breath appears much more volatile than previous iterations in the Monsterverse, as it is a much less concentrated beam. However, it also appears to be more potent than even the charged version of Godzilla’s atomic blast in the Hollow Earth from Godzilla vs Kong.

In order for Godzilla to defeat Skar King and Shimo, he needed to level up his main weapon. Upgrading his atomic breath was important not only to fight the two titans, but also to dispel the freezing damage Shimo did to the atmosphere in the final fight of Godzilla X KongHer pink atomic breath seemed to have completely dissipated by the end of Godzilla X Kongbut it is possible that it will reappear due to the next threat that Godzilla faces.

What color of Godzilla’s atomic breath is the most powerful?

As far as a concentrated beam against a single opponent goes, the Burning G Spark Heat Ray Godzilla: Final Wars It is widely considered to be the most powerful version of Godzilla’s atomic breath. However, in regards to the cumulative destructive capacity of a single blast, Godzilla minus oneGodzilla’s atomic breath, similar to that of a nuclear bomb, is considered to be his most powerful. Godzilla’s atomic breath is a defining characteristic of cinema’s most beloved monster, and considering his recent incredible box office performance, it seems likely that audiences haven’t seen the last major change to his most powerful attack.

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