Every Deadpool Variant Confirmed To Appear In Deadpool & Wolverine


  • Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine will feature numerous variants of Deadpool, setting the stage for a multiversal adventure.

  • The film’s focus on conflicting Marvel timelines will include remnants of the Fox X-Men cinematic universe, combining them with the MCU.

  • Exciting additions like Dogpool, Headpool, Kidpool, Babypool and Lady Deadpool, along with the new samurai variant of Deadpool, will revolutionize the MCU.


Deadpool and Wolverine will introduce both characters to the MCU, complete with several variants of Deadpool from across the multiverse. As the only Marvel movie to be released in 2024 tied to the MCU, Deadpool and Wolverine It is highly anticipated. Not only does the movie look exciting on its own, but it will also have big ramifications for the Multiverse saga. Deadpool and WolverineThe cast will see the two titular characters integrated into the MCU now as the franchise focuses intensely on the clash of different Marvel timelines.

This will likely lead to other Fox remains. X Men The film’s timeline is included in the film, as evidenced by characters such as Pyro, Lady Deathstrike, and Azazel seen in Deadpool and WolverineTrailers for All of these characters are being wrapped up in the MCU via the TVA, or Time Variance Authority, the multiversal police force introduced in Loki. Another MCU concept introduced in Loki Linked to TVA was the appearance of variants, different versions of the same character from across the multiverse. In Deadpool and WolverineIn the story, several variants of the former mutant will appear.

7 Original Deadpool

The titular hero of the Deadpool trilogy


Naturally, the most important variant of Deadpool and Wolverine It is the titular version. Played by Ryan Reynolds, the main character of the film will be the same version included in the previous one. deadpool film appearances: deadpool and Deadpool 2. Even though the multiverse concept gave Marvel Studios the opportunity to introduce an MCU version of Deadpool, the studio opted to keep the 20th Century Fox version. X Men movies, with trailers offering insight into how that variant of Deadpool takes on a multiversal adventure.

the scenes in Deadpool and WolverineThe trailers show the character celebrating a birthday with his friends from deadpool and Deadpool 2. These scenes evidently take place after Deadpool 2Post-credits scenes that showed the character saving the members of X-Force from their earlier untimely deaths. However, the character is soon approached by the TVA and thrust into a multiversal adventure where he gains the help of Wolverine.

Custom image of Deadpool and a heart involving Wade and Wolverine in a Deadpool 3 set photo.
Deadpool and Wolverine related: release date, story, trailer and everything we know

Marvel Studios is making Deadpool 3 as part of the MCU. Here’s everything we know about the R-rated sequel starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.

6 dog pool

Marvel Comics’ canine companion


The other confirmed Deadpool variant in the upcoming MCU Phase 5 film is Dogpool. Dogpool may seem far-fetched, but it’s actually based on a character from Loki. The Disney+ show revealed that variants can come in animal form when the titular god of mischief encountered Alligator Loki. In Deadpool and Wolverine, This concept will continue by including a variant of Deadpool in the form of a Chinese Crested Pug.

Dogpool can be seen in the various trailers of Deadpool and Wolverine, and will apparently be an ally of the titular duo throughout the story. In Marvel Comics, Dogpool is a member of the Deadpool Corps, a group of multiversal variants of Wade Wilson who undertake various outlandish missions and adventures. Through Dogpool, Deadpool and Wolverine Not only does he have the option to include the Deadpool Corps in the MCU, but he also provides an adorable sidekick that matches the character’s meta, self-referential humor.

5 head group

A zombie variant of the Merc with a mouth


Although Dogpool is the only variant confirmed by the Deadpool and Wolverine trailers, other elements of the film’s marketing have confirmed that Headpool will appear. Deadpool and WolverineNew Deadpool variants, including Headpool, were confirmed through Funko merchandise, and the popular collector brand revealed Pop! toys of other characters for the movie. One of those characters was Headpool, another intriguing and fun variant of Marvel Comics’ Wade Wilson.

In the comics, Headpool was originally known simply as Deadpool of Earth-2149. However, this universe suffered a zombie outbreak in which Wade was bitten. Eventually, Wade’s zombie form was transported to Earth-616 before his body was torn apart, leaving only a semi-sentient zombie head. This led to this variant of Wade being known as Headpool. In Deadpool and WolverineThe film’s multiversal story will likely see Headpool included in a similar way to Marvel Comics, with Funko merchandise showing him alongside the original Deadpool as a potential member of the Deadpool Corps.

4 children’s pool

A Long Theorized Younger Deadpool Variant Will Appear in Deadpool and Wolverine


In addition to Headpool, two other Deadpool variants were confirmed for Deadpool and Wolverine. One of the other variants in question was Kidpool, a younger version of the character who has been the subject of many Deadpool 3 theories. Kidpool is another variant of Earth-10330 in Marvel Comics who eventually joins the Deadpool Corps. Despite not being confirmed in the trailers, the aforementioned Funko Pop! The toys confirm Kidpool’s role in Deadpool and Wolverine.

Kidpool not only makes sense for a multiversal Deadpool movie, but it also builds on Kid Loki’s introduction in Lokisimilar to how Dogpool does…

As mentioned, MCU fans have long theorized that Kidpool will be a part of the upcoming film. Kidpool not only makes sense for a multiversal Deadpool movie, but it also builds on Kid Loki’s introduction in Loki, similar to how Dogpool does. The subject of these theories has tended to be Walker Scobell, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians actor whose breakout role came in The Adam Project. Scobell was widely praised for accurately portraying a younger version of Ryan Reynolds in the film, giving credit to his possible role as Kidpool in Deadpool and Wolverine.

Project Adam was directed by Deadpool and Wolverine filmmaker Shawn Levy, further supporting theories about Scobell’s involvement in the latter.

Walker Scobell holding a sword while Percy Jackson and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool look sad
Actor Related to Percy Jackson Addresses Rumors He’s in Deadpool 3

Following rumors that he could play Kidpool in the MCU, Disney+ Percy Jackson actor Walker Scobell talks about his possible role in Deadpool 3.

3 baby pool

An even younger version of Wade will be part of Deadpool 3

Babypool Photographed By Little Plungers On The Cover Of Marvel Comics

Finally, the last confirmed variant for Deadpool and Wolverine via Funko Pop! The merchandise is Babypool. Babypool, or Baby Deadpool, has long been used in various forms of marketing over the years, depicting Wade Wilson when he was a young child. While the character is not an official member of the Deadpool Corps in Marvel Comics, Deadpool and Wolverine However, it will include a baby version of the former main character.

This was confirmed by Funko merchandise. One of the various Pop! toys made for Deadpool and Wolverine Includes a child version of Wade, complete with a Deadpool-themed pacifier. Interestingly, this character is partnered with Wolverine on Funko Pops! packaging, potentially hinting at a closer connection between Wolverine and baby Deadpool than many first thought.

2 Mrs. Deadpool

A female variant of Deadpool will appear in Deadpool & Wolverine


Aside from Dogpool and the original Deadpool, another Wade Wilson variant has been hinted at, but not entirely confirmed, by Deadpool and WolverineTrailers for On June 8, also known as Best Friend’s Day, Marvel Studios released a new one-minute trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine. Halfway through this trailer, a shot is shown of someone walking towards the camera wearing Deadpool’s colors, but with the top half of his body cut off. Many have been theorizing that this character is Lady Deadpool.

Marvel Comics’ Lady Deadpool is one of the most prominent variants of the character in the Deadpool Corps. Called Wanda Wilson, Lady Deadpool comes from Earth-3010 and will be one of the variants in Deadpool and Wolverine. Like Kidpool, Lady Deadpool has been heavily theorized, and Taylor Swift was recently debunked as the actress for the MCU version of the character. Another common theory is that Ryan Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively will play Lady Deadpool, although this remains to be seen.

Split image of Lady Deadpool squinting in Marvel Comics and Lady Deadpool's legs in Deadpool & Wolverine
Lady Deadpool’s MCU casting is so obvious it hurts (and we got a big hint 2 years ago)

A certain pair of legs has sparked rumors about Lady Deadpool’s casting, but the truth is painfully obvious after a hint from two years ago.

1 Samurai Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds will play a different Deadpool than the original variant


The final variant of Deadpool confirmed for Deadpool and Wolverine on this list it was, ironically, one of the first to be revealed. Deadpool and Wolverine Director Shawn Levy revealed early in the film’s production that he and his team were making an effort to shoot much of the film on location. Instead of sets of green screens and volume utilization, Deadpool and Wolverine He used exterior sets to shoot many of the film’s sequences. Naturally, this led to the UK media outlet leaking set photos and other revelations. daily mail.

Some of these set photos revealed a new variant of Deadpool. This version, also played by Ryan Reynolds, sports a half-tied bun, letting his long brown hair fall below his shoulders. When combined with the shiny version of the original Deadpool suit and two katanas, this Deadpool variant becomes clear Samurai Deadpool. What role does this variant play in Deadpool and Wolverine It is unknown, but from its appearance, and from the many other variants mentioned, it is clear that Deadpool Corps will hilariously impact the MCU multiverse to its full effect.

Deadpool and Wolverine poster showing Wade Wilson's swords and Hugh Jackman's reflection

Deadpool and Wolverine R

A sequel to the successful Deadpool and Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. The third film will be the first in the franchise to be developed under the Marvel Studios banner following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Ryan Reynolds returns to play the character, alongside Hugh Jackman, reprising his role as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time.

Director Shawn Levy Release Date July 26, 2024 Writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick Cast Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, Jennifer Garner, Peggy (Dog)

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