Haze Piece Fruit Tier List 2023, List of Best Devil Fruits

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Haze Piece is a Roblox game inspired by One Piece. In the game you can continue missions, meet familiar characters and become a powerful pirate or marine. You can also eat Devil Fruits to gain special abilities and engage in epic battles with friends. This is a fun and exciting adventure in the world of One Piece.


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June 6, 2021




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Haze slice fruit grade list 2023

Here is the 2023 Haze Piece fruit tier list:

S level:

  • eraser

  • Phoenix

  • dark

  • magma

Grade A:

  • tremor

  • gravity

  • flame

  • ice

  • electricity

  • glue

  • gas

  • Light

Grade B:

  • Operation

  • paw

  • Snow

  • mammoth

  • smokes

  • sand

  • String

  • obstacle

C grade:

Grade D:

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Haze slices fruit layer

Haze Piece Fruit Level is like a list that tells us which fruits in the game are very strong and which fruits are not so good. The list is divided into different levels such as S-level, A-level, B-level, C-level and D-level.

S class

At S level, you have super powerful fruits that can help you dominate the game. These are top notch.

Class A

The A tier contains fruits that are still very powerful, so you shouldn’t ignore them just because they’re not on the S tier.

Class B

Grade B fruits are average; they’re not terrible, but they’re not super amazing either.

Class C

C-level fruits are useful when you’re in trouble, but they’re not the strongest option.

Class D

At level D, you have fruits that are not recommended. They may not be of much help in the game.

Therefore, Haze Piece Fruit Tiers helps players understand which fruits are best to use in the game, making the game more fun and exciting.

How to play the haze film game

The gameplay of Haze Piece is like an adventure where you need to explore, fight and become stronger. You can choose to be a pirate or a marine, and you’ll encounter many challenges along the way. Eating Devil Fruits gives you unique powers, and you can team up with friends for epic battles that increase your reputation. This is an action-packed game where you can live out your One Piece fantasies and have a lot of fun.

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