How to Assign Crew to Ships in Starfield? How to Raise the Maximum Capacity of Crew Members?

How to assign crew to a ship in Starfield?

Assigning a crew to a ship in Starfield requires several steps to ensure the right characters have the right roles on board.

Progress of main quests:

Initially, you’ll need to complete Starfield’s opening missions until you acquire your own spaceship and recruit a crew. This could include characters like Vasco, Sarah Morgan, and even adoring fans if you selected the “Hero Worship” trait during character creation.

To access the main menu:

To start assigning crew members to your ship, open the main menu. You can usually access the main menu by pressing a designated button on your gaming platform, such as the Start or Options button.

Navigate to the ships submenu:

In the main menu, look for the Ships submenu.In your description you mentioned

It’s located in the lower left corner of the screen. Use your controller or keyboard to select the Transport submenu.

To access the Crew screen:

Once in the Ship submenu you will find various options related to your spacecraft. Among the options, you should see the “Crew” option. Select this option to enter the crew management interface.

View your available crew:

In the Crew screen you will see a list of all available crew members that have been recruited so far. These may include characters you meet during the main quest.

Navigation crew title:

At the top of the Crew screen there should be tabs or options that allow you to view the different names or roles for the entire ship as well as any outposts you may have. These designations will indicate where the crew can be assigned.

Select crew:

Select the crew members you want to assign to specific roles on the ship. Use your controller or keyboard to highlight their name in the list.

Assign crew:

After selecting a crew member, pressing the designated button (usually the A button) will prompt another menu. This menu will provide options for assigning crew members to specific roles or positions on the ship.

Select a job:

In the mission menu you should see the various roles or positions available on the ship. Choose the person who best suits the skills and abilities of the crew member you are assigning. For example, you can assign someone to be a navigator, engineer, or gunner based on their strengths.

Confirm allocation:

Once you have selected your assignment, confirm it by selecting the appropriate option, usually by pressing the A button or the equivalent action button on your gaming platform.

Repeat as needed:

You can repeat this process for each crew member you want to assign to a different role on the ship. The number of crew members you can assign may be limited by factors such as the ship’s command skill level and the ship’s crew capacity.

Enjoy benefits:

Assigning crew members to specific roles on the ship will bring various benefits, such as improved ship performance, better combat effectiveness, and enhanced exploration capabilities.

By following these steps, you will be able to effectively assign your crew to different roles on your Starfield spaceship, optimizing your gaming experience as you explore the vast scope of the game universe.

How to increase maximum crew capacity?

To increase the maximum crew capacity in Starfield, players can follow these steps:

Unlock ship command skills:

Initially, players can only recruit a limited number of crew members. However, by progressing through the social skill tree and unlocking ship command skills, they can greatly increase this limit. This skill, when fully upgraded, allows players to have up to eight active crew members on their spaceship at the same time.

Upgrade your outpost management skills:

In order to expand the number of crews stationed at an outpost, players should invest in outpost management skills. When they advance this skill to level 3, they will be able to station more crews at an outpost, making their presence on various planets more efficient.

By strategically upgrading these skills, players can significantly increase the maximum capacity of their starry crew. This not only enhances the capabilities of their spaceships, but also allows them to build and manage multiple outposts, optimizing resource collection and exploration in the game’s vast universe.


How are personnel allocated at Starry Outpost?

Assigning crews to outposts in Starfield is a multi-step process that allows you to establish a presence on each planet in the game.

Choose a habitable planet:

First, select the planet surface on which you want to create the outpost.While on Earth, press the LB button to turn on the scanner

To place an outpost beacon:

Use the scanner to find a suitable location for your outpost, then press the X button to place the outpost beacon. This beacon marks the location of your new outpost and serves as a reference point.

Consider multiple outposts:

Remember, you are not limited to one outpost. You can establish multiple outposts on different planets, giving you flexibility and resource diversity.

Build a crew station:

In order to provide accommodation for your crew at an outpost, you must build and place a crew station within it. Building a crew station requires specific resources: two iron blocks, five aluminum blocks, and three nickel blocks. Make sure you have collected or extracted these resources ahead of time.

To access the main menu:

Once you’ve established a crew station at your outpost, it’s time to assign crew members. Open the main menu by pressing the corresponding button on your controller or keyboard.

Navigate to the ships submenu:

In the main menu, find the Ships submenu, usually in the lower left corner of the screen.

To access the Crew screen:

From the ship submenu, select the “Crew” option. This will take you to the crew management screen where you can make crew assignments.

Select crew:

In the Crew screen, select the crew you want to assign to the outpost by highlighting their name and pressing the A button.

Choose an outpost:

After selecting a crew, a submenu will appear showing all available outposts. You can assign crew members to any outpost that has a crew station built on site.

Repeat for other jobs:

If you want to assign more crew members to the same outpost or other outposts, just follow the same process. Make sure each outpost has a crew station to accommodate your crew.

Upgrade your outpost management skills:

If you want to station more crews at a single outpost, you’ll need to invest in the outpost management skill. As your skill level increases, you will be able to assign more crew members to a single outpost. For example, reaching the third level of this skill allows you to station more crew members at an outpost.

By following the steps below, you can efficiently assign your crews to outposts in Starfield, thereby expanding your presence across planets and efficiently utilizing in-game resources and crew abilities.

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Starting September 6, 2023, Starfield will be accessible to players on Windows and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Crucially, the game received generally positive reviews from critics. Its strengths include vast and open-ended gameplay, engaging combat mechanics, stunning visuals, an engaging musical score, and significantly improved technical performance compared to Bethesda’s previous games. Opinions on its narrative depth and exploratory aspects, however, are more varied. The arrival of “Starfield” is an exciting new frontier for developers and players alike.

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