How to Get and Use Buried Treasure Map in Fortnite Season OG? What is Buried Treasure Map in Fortnite Season OG?

What is the buried treasure map in Fortnite Season OG?

In the OG (Original) era of Fortnite, there was a special item called a Buried Treasure Map. It’s like a magical map that players can find in battle royale. When you pick it up, a golden glow and red dotted line will show you the way to a hidden chest filled with awesome legendary items. To find the treasure, you must follow the map’s directions and use your pickaxe to dig out the treasure chest.

You can only carry one map at a time, but you can use multiple maps in a game. However, in season nine, the buried treasure map was removed from the game as it did not fit with the season’s theme. While something similar was added in Sweaty Sands Chapter 1 Chapter 2, it’s just a regular treasure chest buried in the ground and not as special as the OG buried treasure.

How to get and use Buried Treasure Maps in Fortnite OG Season?

Find the buried treasure map:

Treasure maps can be found throughout the map, with no specific location. They appear as floor loot in strategic places, may be found in chests, and have a higher chance of being dropped from supply drops, which may also contain legendary items.

Using the Buried Treasure Map:

When you discover a buried treasure map, golden beams of light will appear on the island, similar to your squad members’ map markers. Holding down the map and pressing the attack button will reveal a dotted line showing the direction of the hidden treasure. As you approach a designated area, a large black “X” will appear on the ground, marking where the treasure is buried. To discover treasure, press the attack button to use the harvesting tool.

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What does buried treasure drop?

When buried treasure is discovered by digging through the marked “X”, it will reveal a chest. It’s important to stress that these buried treasure chests can only be located using a map. When the chest is opened, it will unlock up to four epic or legendary rare weapons.

It’s worth noting that the specific weapons found in buried treasure may vary between games. These chests are particularly valuable because they have the potential to drop multiple rare weapons, giving them an advantage over supply drops, which typically only yield one rare weapon at a time.

Fortnite Season OG

Chapter 4: OG Season, also known as Fortnite OG Season 27, is the twenty-seventh installment of Fortnite Battle Royale. It starts on November 3, 2023 and is expected to end on December 2, 2023. This season revolves around the theme of time travel, taking players back to the era from Chapter 1: Season 5 to Season X.

The tagline for this season is “Where We Droppin’?” which is reminiscent of an iconic phrase from an earlier chapter. During this time, various in-game items (often called cosmetics) were released. These cosmetics are tied to the Fortnite Year 1 theme and will be rolled out throughout the season. This season aims to provide players with a nostalgic journey by revisiting earlier chapters and incorporating elements of time travel into the Fortnite universe.

“Fortnite” gameplay

Fortnite offers three game modes with the same engine, each with similar graphics and mechanics. “Fortnite: Save the World” is a player-versus-environment cooperative game. A mysterious storm has swept away 98% of the population. The survivors will face zombie-like creatures. Four players team up to complete the mission.

Players play the role of commander, collecting resources, rescuing survivors, and protecting equipment. Rewards include in-game items such as hero characters, weapon schematics, and survivors, which can be upgraded through earned experience. Fortnite Battle Royale is a player versus player game for up to 100 players, where players drop out of a “battle bus” to find weapons and survive as the map shrinks, forcing players into encounters.

The last player or team standing wins. Fortnite Creative is a sandbox mode that allows players to create a variety of games by spawning items from the battle royale on their personal islands. Battle Royale and Creative are free, while Save the World is a paid game. Monetization occurs through V-Bucks, an in-game currency that can be purchased or earned for use in loot boxes in Save the World and cosmetics or battle passes in Battle Royale.


Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and launched in 2017. It offers three game modes that share similar gameplay and engine. Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play mode for up to 100 players vying for victory. Fortnite: Save the World is a cooperative game where up to four players battle zombie-like creatures, using traps and building fortifications to defend objects. Fortnite Creative gives players complete freedom to create their own worlds and battle arenas.

Save the World and Battle Royale launched as early access versions in 2017, with Creative launching on December 6, 2018. Alongside the success of Save the World and Creative, Fortnite Battle Royale became a huge hit and cultural phenomenon, attracting more than 125 million players in a shorter period of time. Generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every month for over a year.

As of December 2019, Fortnite’s total revenue has reached $9 billion. The game is available on multiple platforms, including macOS, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and ninth-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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