How to Get More Health Potions in Diablo 4? How to Increase Health Potions Diablo 4?

Life Potion in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, the Healing (Health) Potion is a consumable item that players can use to restore health while playing the game. There is a dedicated inventory slot for these potions, and players can carry up to four healing potions at a time. To increase the effectiveness of healing, players can choose to visit an alchemist, who can upgrade healing potions.

Consumables in Diablo 4 are items with multiple uses. They can be used to complement different elements or provide temporary buffs, providing players with various effects. Healing potions specialize in restoring health and are an important tool for players to stay alive during the game.

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Potion type

Ingredients/Gold Required

Level 1

Weak healing potion not applicable

Level 10

Small healing potion Gallowsx2

Level 20

Small healing potion Gallows x15, Chokeberry x5, Gold Coin x400

Level 30

Phototherapy potion Gallows x20, Biting Berry x10, Crushed Beast Bones x5, Gold Coin x470

Level 45

Moderate healing potion Hanging Vine x20, Howling Moss x12, Devil’s Heart x5, Gold Coin x900

Level 60

Powerful Healing Potion Gallows x27, Red Pill x15, White Tongue x5, Gold Coin x1,700

Level 70

Powerful Healing Potion Shadow of Blight x36, Bane of Life x18, Grave Dust x5, Angel’s Breath x5, Gold Coin x2,500

Level 80

Main healing potion Angel’s Breath x10, Raidamine x27, Biting Berry x27, Blighted Shadow x27, Bane of Life x27, Howling Moss x27, Devil’s Rose x5, Gold Coin x5,000

Level 90

Advanced healing potion Forgotten Soul x10, Angel’s Breath x20, Demonic Rose x10, Grave Dust x20, Blighted Shadow x36, Demonic Heart x20, Roaring Moss x36, Gold Coin x12,500

How to get more health potions in Diablo 4?

To get additional healing (health) potions in the game, you need to increase your reputation. Gain reputation by exploring different areas on the map and completing specific tasks. Each area on the map has its own reputation progression, and when you reach a certain level you’ll be rewarded with additional potion costs.

Reputation is a system in Diablo 4 that provides rewards for completing various tasks. Once you achieve certain goals, you’ll earn everything from experience points to Paragon points.

What is reputation and how to get it?

Earning reputation is essentially a natural progression while playing the game. Some of the rewards you unlock will be tied to your specific character, while other rewards will be tied to your entire account. Reputation points incentivize you to explore the map, as doing so earns you more points. Below, you’ll find all the different ways to earn reputation points and the corresponding points you’ll receive for each goal.







side quests


areas of discovery


side dungeon


Altar of Lilith


By participating in these activities and earning reputation points, you can progress further in the game, unlock rewards and enhance your experience in Diablo 4.


How to increase health potions in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, your character can hold up to four healing (health) potions at the beginning of the game. These potions can be replenished by defeating enemies that have a chance of dropping them. Additionally, you can fully restore your potion supply by using Healing Wells, which can be found near healers in settlements, in the open world, or inside dungeons, usually before encountering a boss.

If you want to increase the number of health potions you can carry in Diablo 4, you’ll need to increase your reputation level in the five areas of Sanctuary. Reaching reputation level 2 in a region will grant you additional healing potions, giving you a total of five additional potions. You earn reputation by defeating fortresses, exploring uncharted areas and waypoints, and completing side missions.

How to upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4?

Players have the opportunity to enhance their character’s healing potions by visiting an alchemist. This allows them to benefit from more effective treatments. To unlock the Alchemist, players must first complete the priority quest, which becomes available once the character reaches level 10.

This quest requires visiting the Alchemist in Kivashad, where players will receive a quest to upgrade their base Weak Healing Potion to a Minor Healing Potion.

Once the Alchemist is unlocked, players can begin collecting the necessary materials and gold needed to upgrade items. After obtaining all the required resources, players only need to click on the desired upgrade and then select “Craft” in the prompt window to start the production process and successfully complete the upgrade.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. This is the fourth installment in the “Diablo” series, and the story takes place in a dark fantasy world called “Sanctuary.”

The game features a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience where players take on the role of a hero embarking on an epic quest to battle hordes of demonic enemies. Players can choose from a variety of character classes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle.

Diablo 4 offers a vast and interconnected open world for players to explore, filled with diverse environments, dangerous dungeons, and challenging boss encounters. The game introduces a new visual design and cutting-edge graphics, creating a visually stunning and atmospheric experience.

Players can participate in single and cooperative multiplayer, teaming up with friends or other online players to tackle difficult challenges and earn powerful loot. Co-op mode allows for shared experience and strategic coordination to defeat powerful enemies.

The game also features an extensive loot system, allowing players to acquire a variety of weapons, armor, and magic items to customize and enhance their characters. These items can be obtained by defeating enemies, completing quests, or trading with other players.

Diablo 4’s storyline is dark and gripping, filled with rich lore and unforgettable characters. The game’s narrative-driven campaign will immerse players in a world threatened by demonic forces while uncovering ancient secrets and unraveling the mysteries of Sanctuary.

With its immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, co-op multiplayer capabilities, and deep customization options, Diablo 4 is designed to be engaging and exciting for fans and new players of the Diablo series. The experience of the human heart.

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