How to Get Shell Bits in Fae Farm? Fae Farm Shell Bits Guide

Fae Farm Shell Bit Guide

In the game Fae Farm, shell fragments are valuable resources that can be used for crafting, cooking, and more. To collect shell fragments, you need to find specific critters, such as crabs (sand crabs, blue crabs, hermit crabs) and brown snails. These critters drop shell fragments randomly and aren’t hard to find. For a more reliable source of shell fragments, you can build a lowland critter greenhouse.

To build it, collect x5 Beach Wood, x5 Stone Bricks, x20 Plant Fiber, and x20 Silt. Make sure you have a wood station and stone oven beforehand. Different crabs appear in different seasons: there are sand crabs in the spring, blue crabs at any time, and hermit crabs in the summer. Head to the beach to catch them.

As for brown snails, you can find them in the lowlands at night or on rainy days year-round. Shell fragments are essential for crafting the warming potion needed to travel across the frozen plateau. You can use two Shell Shards and two Spore Essence to craft a Warmth Potion. This recipe becomes available after completing the second dungeon of the game.

How to get Shell Shards in Fae Farm?

In Fae Farm, obtaining shell fragments is essential for crafting warming potions and navigating the frozen plateau. Here’s how to get Shell Fragments in Fae Farm:

Shell Shards Overview: Shell Shards are a valuable resource on Fae Farms and are used to craft Warming Potions, especially useful in the frozen plateau regions.

Random drops of crabs and snails: When catching crabs or snails in the game, you can get shell fragments through random drops. However, relatively few of them are obtained this way.

Critter Greenhouse: To ensure a more reliable source of shell fragments, players can build a special structure called the Critter Greenhouse. The building functions like a chicken coop or barn.

Critter Types: To produce shell fragments in the Critter Greenhouse, players need to place insects and critters (called “Critters”) into it. Specifically, crabs and snails are thought to be sources of shell fragments.

Building Requirements: To build the Lowland Animal Greenhouse, players will need the following resources:

  • 5 beech wood
  • 5 stone bricks
  • 20 kinds of plant fibers
  • 20 seams

Crafting purposes: Shell fragments are mainly used as crafting materials in the game, especially for making warmth potions. These potions aid in venturing into the challenging frozen plateau areas.

By following these steps, players can ensure a steady supply of Shell Bits, an important resource for Fae Farm.

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Shell Bits Fae Farm

Shell Shards in Fae Farm are special items that you can collect by catching certain bugs or critters in the game. These creatures include crabs such as sand crabs, blue crabs and hermit crabs, as well as a type of snail called the brown snail. Each of these critters will provide you with Shell Fragments when captured. Shell fragments are valuable as they can be used to create special agricultural fertilizers that allow you to grow specific crops on your Fae farm.

To obtain Shell Fragments, simply equip the Critter Net and head to the Azorian Beach or Lowlands where these critters are found. Approach the critters carefully and catch them with a net. Remember that different creatures provide different items, with shell fragments coming from crabs and snails. So explore the game world, catch these critters, and use the shell fragments to enhance your farming abilities in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm game information

Fae Farm is a delightful farming simulation game developed by Phoenix Labs that offers an enchanting farming experience in a world filled with nature and adventure. It launches for Windows and Nintendo Switch on September 8, 2023, ensuring players on both platforms can enjoy the game.

The game caters to all tastes, with single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to experience farming life at your own pace, or share the experience with friends. With captivating visuals and engaging gameplay, “Fae Farm” invites you to grow crops, care for animals, and embark on an exciting role-playing adventure in the magical kingdom of your own farm.

Fae farm gameplay

In “Fae Farm” you start the game stranded on an island, but don’t worry, the friendly mayor of the nearby farming community will come to your rescue. He offers you an unused farm from which you can engage in various activities. In addition to tending your farm, you can explore the game world, take on quests, enter dungeons to fight enemies, craft useful items, and even form romantic relationships with other villagers.

You can also decorate your house with furniture you craft, which will enhance your character’s abilities. Alternatively, if you want to avoid combat, you can use a magic potion to make you invisible. What’s unique is that even when things get tough, such as extreme weather or danger, your character doesn’t die; instead, they make it back to town safely with no major consequences.

You can enjoy it all alone or team up with friends, and the game supports up to four players in online multiplayer and local co-op on Nintendo Switch.

Fae farm trailer

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