Imaginary Character Tier List For Honkai Star Rail

What is a fictional character tier list?

In Honkai Impact, the “Imaginary Character Tier List” refers to a ranking system that evaluates the effectiveness and strength of characters in the game who use imaginary elements. These levels classify characters based on how well they perform in different aspects, such as damage handling, support abilities, survivability, and overall usefulness in different game modes.

In terms of effectiveness, the ranks are usually from highest to lowest, with characters being classified into ranks such as SS, S, A, B, etc. Each level represents a character’s power level and contribution to the player’s success in a battle or challenge in the game.

The specific characters in each class may vary based on their skills, abilities, synergies with other characters, and the current state of the game, as the class list may change with updates, patches, or balancing made by the game developers Change with change.

Players often refer to these tier lists to understand which characters are considered the most powerful or viable for optimal gameplay strategy, team composition, or investment choices in Honkai Impact.

Honkai Impact fictional character level list

Honkai Impact features characters using imaginary elements, each with unique abilities. This tier list evaluates their performance, ranking them from the most powerful to those who are still effective but may have limitations.

SS grade:

  • Danheng Moonsucker: A top DPS character who can cause huge damage to enemies through enhanced normal attacks.
  • Rakshasa: A powerful healer who excels at providing constant healing to team members while also dealing imaginable damage to opponents.

S level:

  • Welter: A character with great potential to deal significant damage and suppress enemies, but works best in a team setting.

A layer:

  • Aerial: Good at providing buffs to teammates, but may require more investment than other characters with similar roles.

This tier list categorizes Honkai Impact’s fictional characters based on their abilities and combat effectiveness, but personal experience and strategy may influence one’s opinion of character rankings.


Honkai Impact: Star Trail

“Honkai Impact: Star Trail” is a popular role-playing game developed by miHoYo. This is a gacha game, which means players can collect various characters through the system and earn in-game items through them.

The game was released on April 26, 2023, for Windows and mobile devices. This is the fourth game in the Honkai Impact series, which combines characters from Honkai Impact 3rd with game features from another well-known game, Genshin Impact.

In “Honkai Impact: Star Trails”, players will embark on an adventure in a fantasy world. They can collect characters and participate in single-player mode to enjoy the game alone. The game music is composed by Cui Hanpu, Cui Wei, Lin Yifan, Gong Qi, Wang Kexin, Wang Yujue, Wen Chi and other talented people.

The game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android. An exciting update is that it will also be coming to PlayStation 5 on October 11, 2023, allowing more players to experience the game on the console.

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Honkai Impact: Star Trails Game

In Honkai Impact: Star Trails, playing the game is a bit like a classic Japanese role-playing game. Players can create a team of characters, up to four members, who then participate in progressively occurring battles. This type of combat is called turn-based combat, where you take turns taking actions.

The game also lets you explore different places such as open world areas and dungeons. While exploring, you can find various items and face challenges. An important feature of the game is the gacha system, which allows players to collect characters and items. The system was first introduced in Genshin Impact, another game by the same creator.

So, to put it simply, players in Honkai Impact assemble a team of characters, explore different locations, and take turns taking actions in combat. They can also use the gashapon system to collect characters and items, making the game more exciting and interesting.

Honkai Impact: Star Orbit Platform

Honkai Impact: Star Trails can be accessed on multiple platforms, including Windows computers, iPhones, Android smartphones, and PlayStation 5 game consoles. This means players can enjoy the game on desktop, mobile devices and the latest PlayStation consoles.

Whether you prefer to play on PC, mobile or console, Honkai Impact offers options for everyone, ensuring players can experience exciting gameplay and adventure no matter which platform they prefer.

“Honkai Impact” Trailer

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