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Master Detective Files: Rain Code Walkthrough

“Detective Files: Rain Code” is divided into six chapters, providing players with a rich and intricate gaming experience. In the comprehensive walkthrough provided, players will find detailed coverage of each stage of each chapter:

Zero Corollary Ending: Players explore the early stages of the free-roaming Kanai District and uncover the mysteries within the city.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough: Players navigate through the challenges and events of Chapter 1, encountering the Gold Well District and the mysterious Mystery Maze.

Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Players continue their journey through Chapter 2, exploring new locations, solving puzzles and advancing the storyline.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Players delve into the intricate details of Chapter 3, face challenges, make decisions, and further solve the overarching mystery.

Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Players unravel the narrative of Chapter 4, where the storyline deepens in complexity and encounters new obstacles.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough: Players complete the main plot of Chapter 5, passing the final challenges and revelations.

In addition to chapter-specific guidance, the guide provides tips and tricks to help players master the Mystery Death Match, understand the Detective Leveling System, estimate game duration, and find Death Statues to enhance gameplay. For a more immersive experience in the world of Rain Code, players can refer to this walkthrough to gain an in-depth understanding of various elements to ensure they can fully enjoy the game.

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Master Detective Files: A Guide to Rain Codes

Detective File Master: Rain Code is a fun game with a unique blend of detective work, puzzle solving, and action. The game is divided into six chapters and tells the adventure story of Yuma Kokohead, an amnesiac trainee detective and the Grim Reaper. Here’s a simple guide to help players navigate the game:

Investigate Thoroughly: Always explore every available room and investigate thoroughly before moving forward. Interacting with objects and characters earns Detective Points, which are essential for progression.

Use the maze skill: Pay attention to the maze skill introduced at the beginning. Invest your skills wisely to make the challenging obstacles in the mysterious maze easier to overcome.

Mystery Maze Challenge: In the Mystery Maze, quick decisions are crucial. Players are faced with question-and-answer situations, and making incorrect choices can lead to frustration. However, the game is very forgiving and respawns are fast.

Mystery Death Match: When playing a Mystery Death Match, let the villain’s dialogue end before taking action. This helps understand the context and choose the right statement to refute.

Collectibles: Find memories scattered in Jinjing District. These memories provide additional scenes and detective points when restored.

Death Puzzle: In Death Puzzle, try the natural approach first. If you get stuck, you can try throwing the sword at different letters to quickly figure out the correct sequence.

Quick Time Events (QTEs): Get ready for a surge of QTEs in Chapter 3. Stay alert and prepare your controller for these emergencies.

Difficulty Level: The difficulty chosen at the beginning of the game doesn’t have much of an impact on the gameplay. Players can choose according to their preferences without major consequences.

“Detective Files: Rain Code” provides a rich gaming experience with its fascinating storyline and diverse game elements. Following these tips can help players tackle the challenges and mysteries that arise in the game.


Detective Master Files: Rain Code Game

“Detective Files: Rain Code” is an exciting fantasy suspense adventure game divided into six chapters. Players take on the role of Yuma Kokohead, a trainee detective who has lost his memory, and joins forces with the Grim Reaper to solve mysterious incidents. Gameplay unfolds in two main settings: the real-world Kanai District and the Mystery Labyrinth, a dungeon composed of mysteries surrounding each case.

In the Kanai District, players explore, interact with objects, and complete tasks to earn detective points that enhance Yuma’s skills. These points unlock abilities for use in the mysterious maze. Players can participate in an optional side quest called “The Request” and discover the Death Statue and have additional conversations with side characters. As events occur, players search for clues and information, turning them into keys to the solution to the mysterious maze.

The mysterious labyrinth represents the spiritual manifestation of each case. Players use solution keys to solve mysteries, choose the correct route, and face off against mysterious apparitions in the mystery deathmatch segment. The Grim Reaper Puzzle section involves piecing together the answer within a time limit. The climax is the God Reaper part, where players control a giant reaper to fight against the culprit.

The deductive ending concludes each chapter with a comic summary case, challenging players to fill in the panel based on their performance. Throughout the game, players earn detective points based on their performance in the mysterious maze, providing a ranking system for their detective skills and choices. Detective File Master: Rain Code offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience that blends investigation, puzzle and action elements.

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Wiki

Detective Files: Rain Code is an engaging adventure video game released on June 30, 2023 on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Too Kyo Games and co-published by Spike Chunsoft, the game features the talented team behind the famous Danganronpa series, including lead designer Kazutaka Kodaka, character designer Rui Komatsuzaki, and composer Masafumi Takada.

The game unfolds a mysterious narrative through stylized illustrations, showing two human characters, a round ghost wearing a crown, and angular ghosts. With Unreal Engine 4 as the background, players embark on a single-player adventure and travel in the world of Rainy Day Code.

Directed by Takahiro Suzuki and produced by Shohei Sakakibara, the game promises an immersive experience. “Detective Files: Rain Code” is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch platform, inviting players to delve into an interesting adventure full of suspense and mysterious stories.

Detective Files: Rain Code trailer

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