Misaki Blue Archive Tier List (2023) Best Characters Ranked

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Blue Archive is a free-to-play role-playing game developed by Nexon Games that features a gacha mechanic that allows players to acquire new characters. The game was first released for Android and iOS in Japan in 2021 by Yostar, and later globally by Nexon. A TV anime adaptation, Blue Files Animation, has also been announced. The player takes on the role of a teacher who is summoned to Academy City Kivotos by the President of the Student Council. Crime activity in Kivotos increases after the president goes missing, and the remaining council members ask the player to solve the problem and help find the missing president.

Cape Blue File Level List

Blue Archive offers a unique role-playing adventure with a strong focus on storytelling, where players can gather a host of allies to help them on their journey. It’s crucial to find your most valuable allies to succeed in the game’s diverse challenges. Although the number of characters in Blue Files is limited, they are divided into three distinct categories based on their role in the game: attackers, tanks, and support/healers.

In Blue Files, attackers are known for dealing a lot of damage, but have weak defenses. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid placing them on the front lines where they are vulnerable to enemy attacks. Conversely, attackers are more effective when positioned in the middle or back row, as they can be covered by allies and have more opportunities to deal damage to enemies.


Nomi Izayoi, Maya Rikuha, Kirino Hasukawa, Hina Sorazaki in swimsuit, Iori Shiraori in swimsuit, Iori Shirazuki in swimsuit, Hina Kurokodate, Azusa Shirazu in swimsuit, Koharu Shimoe, Hibiki Nekozuka, Swimsuit Shizuyama Mashiro, Kakunodate Karin


Aikawa Cherino (hot spring), Aris, Azusa Shirasu, Sunohara Shun, young Sunohara Shun, Waku Chise, Sunagami Shiroko, Sorasaki Hina,

Riding Sunagami Shiroko, Aru (New Year), Kazufumi Ajiya, Izuna Hisada, Momoi Nishida, Sumire Otohana,

Saiba Midori, Tendo Alice, Asagi Mutsuki, Mutsuki (New Year), Bunny Girl Kakunodate Karin, Casual Yakushi Saya, Ihara Yoshimi, Shizuyama Mashiro, Yakushi Saya


Saki, Moe, Wakamo, Swimsuit Nonomi, Swimsuit Izuna, Kazusa, Saori, Swimsuit Kenzaki, Hanaoka Yuzu,

Akashi Junko, Kanabuchi Akari, Kenzaki Kenzaki, Asahina Hina, Sunagami Shiroko, Kuromi Serika, Shiraishi Utaha, Serika (New Year)

C Asuna Ichinose, Maki Konori, Nero Futakamu, Izumi Shishido, Hasumi Hanekawa

In Blue Files, tanks play a vital role as your team’s frontline defenders. With their superior defensive capabilities, they can absorb large amounts of damage from their enemies. It is crucial to have at least one tank in your team to protect your attackers, healers, and supports. This way, your team can stay safe when dealing with opponents.




Kasuga Tsubaki, bunny girl Mikamu Neru


Hoshino Takanashi, Hayase Yuka


Korina, Atsuko, Natsu Yutori, Igusa Haruka


Eimi Izumimoto

A role dedicated to providing support and healing from the backline is crucial to keeping attackers and tanks in top condition during battles in the Blue Archives. Although attackers may take priority over supporters and healers, these roles serve an important purpose, especially in long and challenging battles. Ignoring them can be detrimental to your team’s success.

grade figure
S Kaede, Iroha, Hoshino (swimsuit), Mizuha Mimori, Shimoe Koharu (therapist), Otose Kodama, Washimi Serina (therapist), Amaha Ako
A Hatsune Miku, Bunny Girl Asuna Ichinose, Hanae Asagao (Healer), Airi Kurimura, Akane Murugasa, Tomoe Shishiro, Shishi Doizumi in Swimsuit, Usagi Omagari
Second Hiyori, Swimsuit Ayane, Swimsuit Shizuko, Ui, Nakatsuka Kirino, Aitani Kazufumi (tactical support), Aikisofuka (treatment), Okora Ayana, Hinano Chinatsu (treatment)
C Kayoko Onikata, Ryomi Morizuki, Toyomi Kotori, Hanako Urawa (Healer), Juri Ushinomaki, Shimiko Endo, Mari Inouchi, Shizuko Kawawa, Amani Nodoka, Nodoka (Hot Springs)


Blue profile character level list

Blue Archive will launch globally in 2021, offering a wide selection of over 200 characters for you to choose your ideal team. It’s worth noting that the character list is expected to grow and evolve with new updates, giving players more options in the future. The level list classification in Blue Archive is divided into the following five categories:

The S tier list in Blue Archive contains the most dominant and popular characters in the game. It is highly recommended to get these characters as they have the best abilities, strengths, and skills in the game.

While they are often the most powerful characters in the game, being classified as an S-class character in The Blue Files isn’t based solely on strength. These characters may have extraordinary abilities, but their overall skills are not necessarily suitable for S-level rankings.

The B-tier list in the Blue Archive contains characters considered “above average” who provide valuable support to the team, paying close attention to the support of their teammates.

The C-tier list in The Blue Files consists of characters with limited skills and abilities, making them unable to compete with most other units in the game.

The D level list in Blue Archive contains the weakest units in the game that should be avoided. These characters perform poorly in combat and often become a liability on your team.

Misaki Blue Archive Re-registration Guide

To ensure you get the best characters in the blue profile, performing a re-roll is a viable option. Fortunately, rerolling in Blue Archive is a simple process.

  • Start Blue Archive and log in with a guest account.
  • Complete the tutorial to get a free summon.
  • Complete the first mission.
  • Get your rewards via your email.
  • Spend free currency on gacha banners to summon characters.
  • If you are not satisfied with the character you get after summoning, you can delete the application data and start over from the first step and reroll again to try to get a better character.

Blue Files gameplay

Blue Archive is a tactical role-playing game that allows players to form and mobilize units of up to six members for military operations. The game features a gacha system that allows players to recruit more students using in-game currency, which can be purchased through in-app purchases. Players can enhance the strength of their students by upgrading their levels, weapons, armor, and skills. These units mobilize on a turn-based hexagonal map and begin combat when they encounter an enemy. Combat involves the vanguard marching along a straight path, occasionally encountering hordes of enemies. Strikers can hide behind objects to reduce the chance of being hit and fire automatic attacks.

Special players, on the other hand, support the forwards from the back and boost their statistics. The player generally has no control over combat, other than using the student’s skills, which require the consumption of renewable currency. Attack and defense are based on a rock-paper-scissors mechanic that determines each character’s strengths and weaknesses. If a student loses all health points, they will be picked up by a helicopter and will be unable to participate in future battles.

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