Pikmin 4 Sightless Passage Walkthrough

Pikmin 4 Blind Passage Walkthrough

Embark on an exciting adventure through the challenging Blind Passage in Pikmin 4. This walkthrough leads you through the northwest portion of the cave, where the final hidden treasure – Thermal Sensor – awaits you. As a member of the rescue team, your mission is to rescue your comrades and save Captain Olimar.

Along the way, you’ll encounter fiery enemies, but have no fear, you can defeat them all with the help of red Pikmin. Follow step-by-step instructions to find treasure and make your way through intricate maze-like corridors. Enjoy captivating level design, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay in this real-time strategy game.

What is the Ignore Passage Treasure?

In Pikmin 4, the Blind Passage contains a hidden treasure called a heat sensor. As a member of the rescue team, your mission is to find this treasure and rescue your comrades. Make your way through the labyrinth of corridors in the northwest part of the cave to find the heat sensor. However, before you get the treasure, be prepared to face the challenge of defeating the fiery enemy the Fire Snail.

Harness the power of red Pikmin to conquer these enemies and clear the way for your exploration. Thermal treasures not only add depth to the game, but also provide a sense of accomplishment when found.


How to get to the blind passage in Pikmin 4?

To reach the Blind Passage in Pikmin 4, follow the northwest direction of the map through the maze of corridors. It’s worth noting that you don’t need any special types of Pikmin for this particular area. However, having yellow and red Pikmin will help you defeat the enemies inside the cave. Watch out for fire snails and use the red Pikmin’s fire resistance to destroy them.

Avoid letting the Oatchi take damage, as it can easily catch fire. After clearing the snail area, you’ll find a small patch of scorched ground signaling your treasure tracker. Command your Pikmin and Ochi to start digging in the area, and soon, you’ll find the final treasure, a large thermometer known as a thermal sensor. Advance through this extraordinary game and enjoy the thrill of exploration and strategy.

How to Find the Last Hidden Treasure in the Blind Passage

Discovering the last hidden treasure in Pikmin 4’s Blind Pass requires careful exploration and strategic thinking. The treasure – the heat sensor – is cleverly hidden in the northwest part of the cave. First, use the fire-resistant red Pikmin to kill the two fire snails blocking your way.

After clearing the area, watch for a signal on the treasure tracker to guide you to the precise location of the treasure. Instruct your Pikmin to start digging in the designated area, and soon, they’ll dig up thermal sensors, completing your treasure collection in the blind passage. As you continue on your fascinating journey, keep an eye out for more hidden treasures throughout the game.

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