Raid Shadow Legends 8.10 Patch Notes

Raid on Shadow Legends 8.10 Patch Notes

In update 8.10.0, we added the opportunity to redesign Gear promotion rewards, as well as the ability to manage Plarium IDs through the Settings window. We’ve also removed the restriction on purchasing book packs in the Bank tab of the store and added two more packs with original shards. See the full breakdown below.

Improve rewards redo

You can now use Chaos Dust to redesign the Ascension bonuses on your artifacts, and Chaos Dust to redesign the Ascension bonuses on your accessories. When an Ascension reward is redesigned, it will be randomly changed to another reward from the available reward pool for that type of gear. Boost rewards will always change after a rework.

Rework rules:

– You can redesign the boost bonus on any upgraded gear, regardless of its level and rarity.

– The ascension bonus on each piece of equipment can be redone an unlimited number of times.

– For each piece of equipment, the rework cost will increase compared to the previous one, but after the 7th rework, the cost will not change.

– Rework will not change the upgrade level of equipment.

Chaos Dust can be obtained at Level 25 of the Sand Demon Cemetery, and Chaos Powder can be obtained at Level 25 of the Phantom General’s Forest. Additionally, you can earn Chaos Dust and Chaos Powder at events and tournaments, as well as limited special offers.

Plarium ID Management

After connecting your in-game account to Plarium ID in the Profile tab of the Settings window, you can now use the Manage Your Plarium ID button to sync your game progress and enable two-step authentication.

Store changes

We’ve made the following changes to some packages in the store:

– Removed the restriction on purchasing book packs in the Banking tab of the store.

– Changed prices for Rare, Epic and Legendary book packs.

– Rebalanced the original packs in the store and added two more packs with original shards in the packs tab of the store.

Championship buzzer beater

This update adds another batch of new Champion Legends to the game! Check out stories like Vergis, Skullcrown, and Miscreated Monster, with more to come in future updates. If your favorite isn’t here, stay tuned, they may arrive in the future!

Added full list of Champion Stories

– Krakas,


– Terrell,

– Ruela,


– Captain Temira,

– Gol Gorab,

– Yexiang,

– Sinesha,

– Boworth Pointe,

– Ms. Etessa,

– Uzgar,

– Skeleton Crown,

– Ferenz the Clucker,

– Anax,

– Bowhorn Paine,

– Elysinia,

– We regret Curse of the Sun,

– Peak Cormac,

– Isbell, Philshire,

– Siege Titan,

– Jamasa,

– golden ellen,

– Mysterious Fighter,

– monsters created by mistake,

– blue criodan,

– The insatiable Yaga,

– Ostrich bone blade,

– Nildor Frostblade,

-Ambassador Letling,

– Noble Legion,

-Ella Life Braid,

-Marquis Bullock,

– Magnar.

Other improvements and combat fixes


– A timer for recovering the Cursed City Key is now displayed when clicking the “+” near the Cursed City Key icon in the top panel of Cursed City mode.


– Fixed a bug that caused Lysandra’s Transfer skill to fail to transfer debuffs from herself to the target when fighting the Crypt Keeper in Faction War.

– Fixed a visual bug that caused duplicate champions in the champion queue to display incorrectly when selecting a setup for multiple battles.

– Fixed a bug where the “Ironist Kaya’s Back Explosion” skill would not reset the cooldown and activate the “Fool’s Timit’s Barrel of Fear” skill immediately.

– Fixed a bug that caused some buttons in Artifact Storage to be active when they should be inactive.

– Fixed an error that caused the legion mission “Epic Champion Skills Full Upgrade” to be unable to be completed when the Wuji skills were fully upgraded.

– Fixed a bug that caused the Merciless Artifact Set to reduce the random skill cooldown per attack when using multi-attack skills, rather than once per attack.

– Fixed a bug that caused the Ostekos Boneblade’s Pain Reversal skill to activate Shadow Healing Mastery.

– Fixed a bug that resulted in “You must reset and hide the Champion filter to access the Champion Vault”. Notification that appears when a player opens a collection via the Cursed City pre-war interface.

– Fixed a bug that caused message times in chat to appear one hour ahead.

– Fixed a bug that caused combat sound effects to be played when the Cursed City battle is loading.

– Fixed a bug that caused the saved team instructions in subsequent battles to be ignored after a battle failed in the multi-battle mode in the Tower of Doom.

– Fixed a bug that caused CvC points earned in Doubles Arena battles not to be displayed in the battle results window.

– Fixed a bug that caused a red dot indicator to appear on all Champion Pass and Forge Pass entry points when a player completed a challenge after reaching the maximum Champion Pass or Forge Pass level.

– Fixed a bug that caused Borgos to prey easily [P] A skill that triggers when an erroneously created monster has Warmaster Mastery and Shield Buffs.

This is what we have for you! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of these changes.

Raid on Shadow Legends Review

Raid: Shadow Legends stands out with its impressive graphics and engaging gameplay, giving players an engaging experience. Developed by Plarium Games, the game offers a visually stunning adventure set in a dark fantasy kingdom with beautifully rendered and animated characters. The sheer graphical quality was praised, providing a rich experience for new players.

Complex attack animations and environmental effects create a truly immersive gaming atmosphere. The single-player campaign has twelve levels, interconnected with a multiplayer arena that fosters a sense of community and competition. Positive aspects of the game include the Western art style, realistic approach to fantasy combat, and overall visual spectacle. Although the monetization received some criticism, Raid: Shadow Legends was praised for its graphics, animations, and engaging multiplayer features.


About Raid Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile and PC role-playing game known for its charming fantasy-themed gameplay. Developed and published by Plarium Games, the game was released on February 28, 2019, with a PC port later released on January 21, 2020. Players will be immersed in the fictional kingdom of Teleria, which is oppressed by the Dark Lord Siroth. As an ancient Telerian warrior, the user’s goal is to defeat Siros and bring peace to the land. Gameplay involves building an army to fight enemies in different environments such as castles, dungeons, and deserts.

A unique aspect is collecting shards, which contain the souls of past warriors, to build a powerful team. While it was praised for its graphics and animations, it also faced criticism for its aggressive monetization. The game’s engaging multiplayer features include arenas and clan boss battles, fostering a sense of community among players.

Raid on Shadow Legends gameplay

In Raid: Legends of Shadows, players embark on a fantasy-themed turn-based role-playing adventure. The game unfolds in the imaginative kingdom of Telleria, ruled by the vicious dark lord Siroth. As an ancient Telerian warrior, your mission is to resurrect and lead a powerful team against Siros in an effort to restore peace. Gameplay involves assembling a team through a collection of shards, each holding the essence of warriors from the past.

Combat takes place in a variety of settings, including castles and dungeons, blending the single-player campaign with multiplayer elements such as arenas and clan boss battles. The game offers a stunning visual experience with detailed characters and environments. While players can enjoy a rich single-player campaign, multiplayer features enhance the overall experience, promoting competition and collaboration within the Raid universe.

Raid on Shadow Legend plot

In Raid: Legends of Shadows, players find themselves in the fictional kingdom of Teleria, oppressed by the vicious dark lord Siroth. The story follows the journey of an ancient Telerian warrior who is resurrected to rebel against the tyranny of Siros and restore harmony to the land. As players progress through the game, they build a powerful team of warriors, each with unique abilities and powers, to fight in diverse settings such as castles, dungeons, and temples. The primary goal is to defeat Siros and bring peace to Telleria.

The game’s plot, crafted by Paul CR Monk, unfolds through a combination of single-player campaign and multiplayer components, creating an immersive and connected gaming experience. The storyline is intertwined with Western art style and dark fantasy settings, enhancing the overall narrative appeal.

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