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Salt and Sacrifice is a video game produced by Ska Studios. It will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows on May 10, 2022, followed by Nintendo Switch on November 7, 2023. It’s an action RPG that’s like a sequel to another game called Salt and Sanctuary.

The gameplay is similar to Dark Souls in that you can explore five different areas. To travel to the new area, players need to eat Mage Hearts and go on a Mage Hunt to defeat the boss character. When they defeat bosses, they will receive special armor and weapons to use in the game. Players can play alone or with friends in multiplayer mode.

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Salt and Sacrifice Walkthrough

ashbourne village

  • Embark on your journey through Ashbourne Village with this detailed walkthrough. Travel through dangerous paths, face powerful enemies, and uncover the region’s hidden secrets. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to ensure you overcome the challenges that await.

Paul Geran

  • Continue your adventure in Borglarn, where new tests and opponents await you. This walkthrough provides comprehensive guidance, from defeating powerful bosses to discovering hidden treasures. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to prevail in Borglarn’s diverse landscape.

The Mire of Corvius

  • Navigate the murky landscape of Corvius Mire with confidence with this guide. Uncover the area’s mysteries, defeat menacing bosses, and complete the game with ease. This guide breaks down each section, allowing you to navigate the complexities of Corvius Mire.


  • Climb the fearsome Cairn of Dread with the help of this guide. Face the challenges posed by this towering region, defeat powerful opponents and collect valuable loot. This detailed guide will ensure you get the most out of your trip to Dreadstone.

elder forest

  • Conclude your exploration of Elder Copse by following this thorough walkthrough. From intricate paths to powerful bosses, this guide provides insight into every aspect of The Elder Grove. Arm yourself with strategy and skills to emerge victorious in this final area.

Secret Area: Sacred Hill

  • Discover the secrets hidden within the sacred hills with the help of this special walkthrough. Uncover the mysteries of this secret area, overcome unique challenges, and earn the rewards hidden within. This guide ensures you don’t miss a beat while exploring the Sacred Mountain.


Salt and Sacrifice Guide

getting Started:

  • Learn basic tips for new players.
  • Learn how to level up your character.
  • Learn how to play with friends in multiplayer mode.

Full walkthrough:

  • Explore five different areas in the game.
  • Use the Mirror Door in the Valley of the Pardoner to unlock new areas.
  • Meet specific requirements, such as defeating bosses, to progress.
  • Guides are available for Ashbourne Village, Bol Gerahn, Corvius’ Mire, Dreadstone Peak and Elder Copse.
  • Special walkthrough for the secret area Sacred Mountain.

Boss guidance:

  • Detailed strategies for defeating each area boss.
  • Specific tips for bosses in Ashbourne Village, Bolgrane, Corvius Mire, Dreadstone, and The Elder Grove.
  • Spoiler bosses like Inquisitor Seret, Inquisitor Anbon, and Unfinished Sacrifice are all covered.

Mage Guide:

  • Encounter and defeat challenging mages in different areas.
  • Classified by elemental alignment such as fire, cold, poison, light, dark and physical.
  • Mage’s Guide to Ashbourne Village, Bolglarn, Corvius Mire, Dreadstone, and the Elder Grove.

in conclusion:

  • The summary emphasizes understanding the complex gameplay with a complete guide.
  • Reference to specific guides is encouraged to learn more about various aspects of the game.

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  • This guide provides new players with easy-to-follow advice, as well as a detailed walkthrough

salt and sacrifice gameplay

In Salt and Sacrifice, the gameplay is a bit like a Dark Souls game. The game world is divided into five different areas instead of one big map. In order to explore new areas, players must eat something called a Mage Heart and go on a Mage Hunt, where they chase and defeat powerful boss characters. Each boss they defeat provides special armor and weapons with cool abilities.

The game is a bit like those games where you collect stuff to go to new places, with shortcuts to move faster but no fast travel. Unlike older versions of Salt and Sanctuary, this game allows people to play together online. Players can join different groups, such as the Shroud Alliance who invade other players or the Blue Heart Runners who can summon powerful enemies to fight against console players. If players are invaded, they can also seek help from their friends in the game.

The best starting course for Salt and Sacrifice

In Salt and Sacrifice, choosing the best class can greatly affect your gameplay. Priest courses are a great option for beginners. Priest is the first choice due to its healing spells and impressive stats, providing a versatile and easy-to-play experience.

With the Priest’s healing abilities, players can explore various gameplay elements without worrying too much about survivability. The combination of healing abilities and powerful stats make the Priest a well-rounded class that offers flexibility and accessibility, making it an ideal starting point for those new to the game.

Salt and Sacrifice trailer

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