Star Ocean the Second Story R Original Soundtrack, Take a Look

Star Ocean Part 2 Story R

STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R, the critically acclaimed science fantasy RPG, returns in a captivating 2.5D remake with 2D pixel characters and 3D environments. The remake was developed by Square Enix, and the original version was developed by Gemdrops, Inc. The current version is published by Square Enix. The game offers the choice of two protagonists, Cloud or Reina, and has multiple endings to unlock.

It features fast-paced real-time combat, bilingual voice acting, reorganized music, and new combat mechanics. Players can enjoy a rich JRPG experience suitable for both newbies and long-time fans. Released on November 2, 2023, the game will be playable on the Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4, Play Station 5, and Steam platforms, offering a thrilling combination of fantasy and science fiction in a unique visual style.

Star Ocean Part 2R Original Soundtrack

This special four-disc collection contains all the music from STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R, a remake of the popular role-playing game. The music, originally composed by Motoi Sakuraba, has been remastered for this version. The battle theme now features a live band performance, with additional string instruments added to enhance the grandeur of the overworld and cutscenes.

In addition to the well-loved classic songs such as “Forest Master” and “Sword of Justice”, it also includes new songs specially created for fans of “Star Ocean Part 2 Story R”. It includes familiar classics and newly composed tracks, enhancing the gaming experience with a rich musical tapestry.

disc 1

Disc 2

disc 3

disc 4

at dawn


fateful coincidence


The universe is silent

in a relaxed mood

dim lights of dusk


feel refreshed

Breathe the air

desert island

fight to the last moment

a depressing feeling


lose illusion

beast of beast

ancient forest



A powerful blow

electronic dance


ned realm

the devil incarnate

Pierce the sword of justice

Ome’s hope


ultimate horror

hit your heart


burst into tears

Can you say “yes” with your eyes open?

pure flow


breezy afternoon

Complete body and imperfect soul

fog begins to form

formless body

deadly hatred

a fateful moment

professional field




wind vane


RENA (music box) theme

we form in crystal form

Rescue operations

decisive battle

RENA theme

abundant life


tower climax

white heart

eternal sea of ​​stars

a refreshing morning

mysterious dream

Let’s join the parade together


flower rain

Trumpet 1

Come on rabbit



Trumpet 2

fortune teller

Happy Harbor


electric piano 1

cooking master

walk over

electric piano 2

Mission to deep space

misty rain

Harmonic 1



Harmonic 2

heraldic coat of arms

harp 1

Harp 2

Cimbalo 1

Cimbalo 2

Organ 1

Organ 2

Shamisen 1

Shamisen 2

Violin 1

Violin 2


Marvel Sword and Star Ocean Part 2 Story R Early Stage

The Marvel Sword is a powerful weapon specially tailored for Cloud, the character in “Star Ocean: Second Story R”. When equipped, it can greatly increase Cloud’s strength, making him extremely powerful in battle scenes. With this powerful sword in hand, Cloud has the upper hand against powerful foes, allowing him to dispatch them with ease.

Its unparalleled power gives players a distinct advantage in challenging encounters, making it a coveted asset in their arsenal. This weapon is a game-changing tool that allows players to take on the most fearsome enemies with confidence and precision. Its significance lies in its ability to enhance Cloud’s combat capabilities, ensuring that he becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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Star Ocean Part 2 Story R Gameplay

In “Star Ocean: The Second Story”, players can choose to play as Cloud or Reina, and their choice determines the journey and outcome of the game. There are ten other characters available throughout the game, but you can only recruit six to your party, which affects the storyline.

Gameplay is similar to most role-playing games, with you traveling between towns and dungeons, following the central story and taking on side quests. As you fight enemies, your character gains experience points and levels up, becoming more powerful over time.

Combat takes place in real time, and you control your character’s actions directly rather than selecting them from a menu. The game also features a unique “Private Actions” mechanic where characters can interact, build relationships and influence the game’s outcome,

Star Ocean Part 2 R Trailer

Star Ocean Part 2 Story R Overview


The Second Story of Xinghai R


action, role play


Square Enix, Gemdrops Corporation


Square Enix


Ocean of Stars

release date

November 2, 2023

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