Star Wars: Which Sith Would Be Your Master, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


  • The dynamic between a Sith master and their apprentice is crucial.
  • Each master has unique traits that complement and challenge their apprentice.
  • 12 Sith Lords would be perfect masters for each of the Zodiac signs.

Star Wars’ most powerful Sith have proven that the proper master and apprentice pair is essential for the continuation of the Sith in Star Wars, so who is your perfect Sith master based on your Zodiac sign? The Sith Rule of Two dictates that there must be both a master and an apprentice. However, time and again, Star Wars movies and TV shows have revealed how pivotal it is for master and apprentice to have the proper dynamic.

Rather than simply matching their apprentice’s personality, though, a Sith master must fit well with both their apprentice’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them to become more powerful in the dark side of the Force. To make matters more complicated, though, for their own protection and to maintain the balance of the Sith Rule of Two, the Sith master cannot allow the apprentice to become too powerful. In light of that complexity, here are the ideal Sith masters for each of the Zodiac signs.

Darth Maul from Revenge of the Sith to the left and Anakin Skywalker with Sith eyes from Revenge of the Sith to the right with a red background showing some Zodiac symbols Related Which Sith Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Star Wars movies, TV shows, and books have introduced numerous incredible Sith in canon and Legends, and these 12 best fit each of the Zodiac signs.

Emperor Palpatine Wouldn’t Let A Confident Aries Take His Power

Palpatine Is The Best Master To Maintain Power With An Aries Apprentice


Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious

Created By George Lucas Cast Ian McDiarmid , Sam Witwer , ian abercrombie First Appearance Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back Alliance Sith, Empire

Aries is a Zodiac sign known for being bold, passionate, and very confident. This would make them an incredibly powerful Sith, as those are all traits that would bolster someone’s power with the dark side of the Force. However, that would make them a major threat to their Sith master and possibly upset the dynamic between a master and an apprentice under the Sith Rule of Two.

This would make Palpatine the perfect Sith master for an Aries.

This would make Palpatine the perfect Sith master for an Aries. Palpatine would use that power to his own advantage as he did with Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Darth Vader, but he would not allow the apprentice to overpower him. Given how impressive Palpatine’s Sith apprentices were, Darth Vader in particular, there’s little doubt Palpatine would be successful in this endeavor. However, following the Rule of Two as well, eventually, the Aries apprentice would defeat Palpatine, becoming a master themselves.

Darth Vader Would Perfectly Handle Taurus Stubbornness

Vader Has Already Proven His Strength In This Capacity


Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Created By George Lucas Cast Bob Anderson , Hayden Christensen , James Earl Jones , Matt Lanter , Matt Lucas , Jake Lloyd , David Prowse , Sebastian Shaw First Appearance Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Alliance Jedi, Sith

The most well-known trait of a Taurus is stubbornness, and that very aspect of this Zodiac sign would make them a perfect Sith apprentice for Darth Vader. In fact, Darth Vader has already proven himself to be a great master to a stubborn apprentice, albeit when he was Anakin Skywalker. Throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Anakin perfectly dealt with Ahsoka’s more stubborn moments, especially because he shared that trait himself.

Moreover, while it may seem like being stubborn is a useful trait for a Sith, as they are meant to obtain and maintain power and control, this can be a major flaw. Darth Vader could effectively train a Sith apprentice to learn when to be stubborn and when to be flexible as the situation demands. This also ensures that, when the time came, the Taurus apprentice would be ready to take on the rank of Sith master.

Qimir Would Be The Ideal Master For A Curious Gemini

Star Wars’ Newest Sith Has Already Proven Himself


Although the newest addition to Star Wars’ canon Sith Lords, Qimir has already revealed the kind of Sith master he is in The Acolyte. As shown not only with Mae but also, now, with Osha, Qimir has a fascinating approach to the Sith master role. Rather than ruthlessly ruling his apprentice, Qimir is all about expanding one’s thinking and has clearly taken a creative approach.

This makes Qimir an ideal Sith master for a Gemini. The Gemini Zodiac sign is known for being intelligent and curious, traits that would work well with Qimir’s unique style of training and corruption. In fact, in The Acolyte episode 6, Qimir has already proven how effective this strategy can be, as he successfully captured Osha’s curiosity, managing to get her to put on his helmet despite her determination not to be corrupted by him.

Count Dooku Would Stomp Out A Cancer’s Nurturing Nature

Count Dooku Wouldn’t Abide Any Compassion In His Apprentice


Count Dooku

Created By George Lucas Cast Christopher Lee , Corey Burton First Appearance Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones Alliance Jedi, Sith

Count Dooku never got to be a Sith master, as Palpatine had Anakin decapitate his current apprentice in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. However, Dooku did have apprentices, particularly in The Clone Wars with Asajj Ventress and then Savage Opress. In both cases, Dooku managed to exterminate any lingering compassion within his apprentices, as both Ventress and Savage still held on to some empathy.

Count Dooku would therefore successfully corrupt and train a Cancer Sith apprentice, as Cancers are known for their nurturing nature. Clearly, this would not be an effective Sith trait, as the Sith are meant to be absolutely ruthless. To become a great Sith Lord (and, eventually, a Sith master), a Cancer Sith apprentice would need Count Dooku’s guidance.

A Leo’s Loyalty Would Be A Perfect Fit For Darth Talon

In Darth Talon’s Case, A Similar Personality Would Work Well


Sadly, Darth Talon has never been shown on screen in Star Wars, although viewers have long hoped to see her in a Star Wars movie or TV show. In fact, George Lucas at one point considered making Darth Talon a key player in his sequel trilogy plans, with Darth Maul as the Sith master and Darth Talon as the Sith apprentice. Ultimately, Disney did not follow suit, but Legends nevertheless has supplied enough about her personality to make it clear that Darth Talon would be perfect for a Leo Sith apprentice.

This is one of few cases where a Sith master and apprentice having similar personalities would work out well. Darth Talon was known for being fiercely loyal, a trait which would be very beneficial for a Sith apprentice to share, as it would ensure a long relationship even with the Sith Rule of Two. Indeed, the Leo’s loyalty would suit Darth Talon well. However, Talon would have other issues, as the Leo’s ego might also make them more willing to strike.

The Leo’s loyalty would suit Darth Talon well.

Darth Maul Would Help A Virgo Be More Flexible

Darth Maul Wouldn’t Be So Rigid As A Sith Master


Darth Maul

Created By George Lucas Cast Ray Park , Sam Witwer First Appearance Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Alliance Sith/Shadow Collective, Crimson Dawn

Like Count Dooku, Darth Maul never became a Sith master, which was evidently a trend for Palpatine’s apprentices. However, Maul tried quite hard to have a Sith apprentice, first attempting to tempt Ahsoka Tano to join him in The Clone Wars and then pursuing Ezra Bridger as a Sith apprentice in Star Wars Rebels (with whom he got much closer). Even so, Maul’s personality throughout Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, The Clone Wars, and Rebels reveals that he would be excellent for a Virgo Sith apprentice.

Virgo strengths include being disciplined and practical, traits which would likely make an excellent Sith apprentice. However, Virgos can struggle with being too rigid or set in their ways. Darth Maul is certainly an unconventional character, particularly in his animated form, and he would undoubtedly help a Virgo to be more flexible. Sadly for Maul, though, it doesn’t seem as though it would be all that difficult for a Sith apprentice to overthrow him.

Darth Revan’s Idealism Would Work Well With A Diplomatic Libra

Fan-Favorite Darth Revan Would Make An Excellent Sith Master or A Libra


Darth Revan is an absolutely beloved Sith Lord among Star Wars audiences, although, sadly, he has yet to appear on screen—although Darth Revan has become canon. Regardless, it’s clear that Darth Revan would make an excellent Sith master for a Libra. Libras are known for being diplomatic and idealistic, an excellent fit for Darth Revan’s own idealism.

In Star Wars Legends, Revan was a very vocal critic of the Jedi Order’s lack of involvement and action in the raging Mandalorian Wars, revealing himself to be more aligned with his ideals and values above any institution or group. This not only has the makings of a great Sith (as many began with a similar idealistic vision) but would also suit a Libra well, as they, too, would undoubtedly be driven by their perception of what is right. Moreover, Revan fascinatingly experienced being both a Sith and a Jedi, which would have interesting implications for a Sith apprentice.

Darth Momin Would Love The Scorpio’s Secretive Nature

Darth Momin’s Mask Is Indicative Of His Guile


Darth Momin is an absolutely terrifying ancient Sith Lord, but he is perhaps best known for his intriguing mask, which wielded incredible power. Following Momin’s death, his Sith helmet retained his consciousness and had the ability to corrupt others to the dark side. Via its glowing red eyes, it drew potential victims in and then, once they put the helmet on, possessed them. Darth Momin’s legacy would therefore be a perfect fit for a secretive, controlling Scorpio.

Darth Momin’s legacy would therefore be a perfect fit for a secretive, controlling Scorpio.

Scorpios have plenty of lovely traits, from being passionate to incredibly brave. However, with their symbol being a scorpion, they are also quite well-known for their secretive ways. Rather than being a negative trait, however, this positions Scorpios to become excellent Sith Lords, and Darth Momin, with his own interest in power and control, would perfectly guide a Scorpio.

The Sagittarius Wisdom Would Be Ideal For Darth Tenebrous

Darth Plagueis’ Master Would Be An Excellent Fit For A Sagittarius Apprentice


Darth Tenebrous might be best known for being Darth Plagueis’ Sith master, and therefore an essential part of Palpatine’s Sith lineage, yet he also possessed traits that would make him a perfect fit for a Sagittarius Sith apprentice. In fact, Darth Tenebrous was renowned for his precognitive abilities, which included the ability to foresee his own demise. This level of brilliance and power would therefore suit a Sagittarius very well.

This level of brilliance and power would therefore suit a Sagittarius very well.

In fact, while a Sagittarius might be known for being intelligent, this Zodiac sign is even more strongly associated with curiosity. This would match with Darth Tenebrous very well, as his teachings would be openly received by a Sagittarius Sith apprentice. Of course, the Sagittarius sign is also associated with honesty, which would have interesting implications for a Sith, especially one seeking to overthrow their master.

Darth Plagueis’ Schemes Would Benefit From A Hard-Working Capricorn

Palpatine’s Master Would Be Well-Suited To A Capricorn Apprentice

Darth Plagueis entered the canon in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith when Palpatine shared the story of his ‘tragedy’ with Anakin. In that story, though, Palpatine revealed the immense power Plagueis had wielded, including the ability to prevent death. Surely, this level of brilliance would translate to a very demanding Sith master, and a Capricorn would be up for the challenge.

With Capricorns being so disciplined and hard-working, they would make an ideal apprentice for Darth Plagueis, particularly on his tireless quest to achieve immortality. Interestingly, though, a Capricorn Sith apprentice would likely lead Plagueis to the exact same fate he had in Star Wars canon. Ultimately, Palpatine killed his Sith master and took his place. Capricorns, known for their ambition (which coincides with being hard-working) would no doubt similarly seek the role of Sith master rather than being comfortable remaining an apprentice.

Darth Zannah’s Ingenuity Would Fit Well With An Intelligent Aquarius

Zannah Managed To Defeat The Incredible Darth Bane


While Darth Zannah was a Sith Lord plenty powerful in her own right, arguably her most impressive achievement was the destruction of her own Sith master, Darth Bane. Darth Bane was a formidable Sith to say the least and is perhaps best known as the creator of the Sith Rule of Two. In fact, Master Yoda even mentioned this when he confronted the ghost of Darth Bane in The Clone Wars. Given how much wit and power it would require for one to destroy Darth Bane, Zannah’s abilities are evident.

These same strengths would make Darth Zannah an ideal Sith Master for an Aquarius apprentice. The Aquarius Zodiac sign is well-known for very high intelligence and creativity. These traits would fit perfectly with Darth Zannah, who time and again proved her ingenuity and cunning; she would surely foster and improve these aspects of her Sith apprentice.

Darth Bane’s Beliefs About Weakness Would Help A Pisces Accept The Dark Side

A Pisces Wouldn’t Be Naturally Inclined To The Dark Side

In truth, a Pisces would not be a natural fit for the dark side of the Force. This sign is known for generosity, empathy, and sensitivity. None of these is especially well-suited to a Sith Lord. In fact, even Pisces’ flaws, such as indecision and escapism, would not make a very effective Sith. However, this is precisely why Darth Bane would make the perfect Sith master to a Pisces apprentice. Darth Bane was intent on stomping out weakness, and, while Pisces’ traits might be lovely in real life, they would certainly be perceived as weaknesses by a Sith master.

A Pisces would not be a natural fit for the dark side of the Force.

To successfully turn a Pisces to the dark side, a Sith master would instead need to weaponize their empathy, using it to corrupt them. Darth Bane would surely excel in this capacity, particularly as he proved himself to be wise enough to effectively save the Sith from destruction. As with all the Sith of Star Wars, Darth Bane proves how essential the proper master and apprentice dynamic is, making the best Sith master for each of the Zodiac signs clear.

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