Starfield: Starborn Trader Guide, Where to Find Starfield Starborn Merchant?

Starfield: A Starborn Trader’s Guide

In the world of “Starfield”, there is a character you should know – the Starborn Merchant. This guide is designed to help you understand who this character is and what they offer. When you play the game in “New Game Plus” mode, you’ll encounter Starborn Trader, a special way to experience the game again. It’s important that the character recognizes you as a Starborn.

So when you get a call from Captain Mysterious while exploring the galaxy, don’t ignore it. Probably just Starborn merchants. They have some great merchandise for sale, but be warned, this guide contains spoilers, so read on only with your consent.

What is Starfield Starborn?

In “Starfield”, “Starborn” is a unique and important character. You’ll only encounter this character if you play the game in “New Game+” mode, which is like an extra challenging version of the game. Starborn merchants stand out because they recognize you as a Starborn.

But here’s the twist: they’re not just any ordinary characters. They come from different universes, which makes them very special in the game’s story. Simply put, Starborn are not your everyday characters; they are your characters. They play a mysterious and crucial role in the starry world. So keep an eye out for them as you embark on your space adventure.


Where can I find Starfield Starborn merchants?

If you’re wondering where to find the Starborn Trader in Starfield, here’s the scoop: You’ll only encounter this unique character when playing in New Game Plus mode. New Game Plus is like a supercharged version of the game where things get even more exciting and challenging. The reason you don’t meet Starborn merchants in regular play is because they know something special about you – they recognize you as a Starborn, and they’re from a different universe, which makes them pretty extraordinary.

As for where we found this mysterious alien trader, it was in a place called Feynman One in the Feynman System. As we jumped into orbit there, a mysterious captain made contact with our ship. After a brief chat, they introduced themselves and said: “I cater to Starborn, a very unique and professional group of people. You can call me…traders.” So, if you want to meet them, you need to get started New games to add adventure and explore the galaxy.

Starborn Merchant Items

We were surprised when we saw what Captain Mystic had to offer. They have all kinds of really cool stuff, like super rare and powerful items. Some of them are legends, which means they are the best of the best. Others are so rare that they even have special names. Here are some examples:

  • Legendary Heavy: Mad Calibration Negotiator
  • Legendary Particle Beam Rifle: Va’ruun Inflictor of Frustration Calibration
  • Rare Rifle: Avatar
  • Rare Rifle: Last Breath
  • Unique material: aluminum silicate ore
  • Unique material: titanium alloy

But here’s the weird thing: when we close the store and open it again, the legendary items disappear. We tried leaving and coming back but they still didn’t show up. Maybe it’s a bug, or maybe there’s just something weird about the way they restock.

Another thing is that Starborn merchants are very important characters in Starfield. We tried to stop their craft by shutting down the engines, but we couldn’t. Even if their ship is damaged, it repairs itself quickly. So, they are very special in the game.

Starfield Starborn Rewards

In Starfield, when you complete adventures involving Starborn, you get some pretty nice rewards as a “thank you” for your efforts. These rewards include:

  1. 5000 Points: Points are like money you use to buy things in the game. So, you’ll have a bunch of extra cash to spend on cool stuff.

  2. 300 XP: XP represents experience points. As you gain XP, your character becomes better at things and can do more in the game. It’s like leveling up and becoming stronger and smarter.

So after your Starborn adventure, you’ll have more money and smarter characters to continue your journey in the Starfield universe. Enjoy the rewards!

Starry sky overview

“Starfield” is a video game produced by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. They first talked about this issue in a major speech in 2018. The game takes place in space, Bethesda’s first new idea in nearly 30 years! It will be available for Windows PCs and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, 2023.

People who have played the game and written reviews love a lot about it. They said it was cool because you could do a lot of different things in the game, like combat, exploration, and more. They also thought it looked good, sounded good, and ran well on the computer. But not everyone loves the story and the exploration aspects of the game – some think they’re just fine.

starry sky game

Starfield is a video game where you play as a character in an action and role-playing adventure. You can view the game from two different perspectives: as if you are the character (first person) or like a movie watching the character (third person).

In Starfield, you explore a vast world in the galaxy filled with fictional and real places like planets, moons, and space stations. There are over 1,000 planets for you to land on and explore, as well as dozens of moons and space stations. The game uses special techniques to create most of the landscapes on these planets, and then the game designers make them better by adding cool stuff.

As you travel through the world, you will meet computer-controlled characters (NPCs), some of whom may become your friends and help you. They can fight alongside you, carry items for you, and even talk to other characters if you need them. Some of these characters may even have special abilities or interests in getting to know your character better. So there’s plenty to see and do in Starfield!

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