Starfield: The Key Ingredient Quest Walkthrough, How to Complete the Key Ingredient in Starfield?

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In 2018, Bethesda Game Studios launched the action role-playing game “Starfield” at the E3 event. This is a major milestone for Bethesda, as it’s their first all-new series in 25 years and features a space-themed environment.

Upon launch, “Starfield” will be available for Windows and Xbox Series X/S. The game received generally positive reviews from critics, especially for its vast game world and captivating space setting. The soundtrack also received critical acclaim. Despite this, opinions on the game’s storyline and exploration aspects are mixed.

Starry Sky: Critical Ingredients Mission Walkthrough

Mission: Key Ingredient

Mission starts:

  • After completing the “Guilty Party” mission, players should head to the R&D floor of the Ryujin Building.

  • Masako tells the players that they are about to receive a unique implant called Neuroamp.

Getting to Carina III-A:

  • Players should travel to Carina III-A in the Carina system and land on CM Station RC-1. Caution is advised as the local population is hostile.

  • Inside the building, they should position the mine’s door to the left.

Inside the mine:

  • After entering the mine, players will face three enemies.

  • A small storage box on the table contains a keycard, which the player can use to enter the elevator.

Continue into the mine:

  • The mines are crowded with enemies, and players should prepare for a fight.

  • Additional elevators await players, providing access to the next level.

Access the computer:

  • After defeating more enemies, the player should interact with the computer ahead.

  • They should select “Shipping” and then “Ryujin Industries”.

Find enemies:

Read the contract:

Enter the clinic:

  • Players should pilot their ship close to the clinic and dock.

  • On the right side, they should find the safety wing. Freestar guards may block their path.

Convince the guard:

Go inside:

  • If persuasion is unsuccessful, the player should notify the guard that Dr. Ossian needs his attention.

  • Once the guards are gone, they should carefully pick the lock on the door to gain access to the secure wing.

Safety wing options:

  • Within the safe wing, players have two options. They can approach the medical staff in the room or wait for them to leave.

  • If they choose to wait, they can seize the rothicite shipment and hack into Dr. Lane’s computer.

  • If they approach medical personnel, they should lie to the person standing at the door and claim they are from Infinity.

Return to Longshen Industry:

  • Players should return to the Ryujin Industries building on the R&D floor of Neon City.

  • After talking to Vina and continuing the conversation with Masako, the mission is successfully completed.

mission rewards:

  • As a reward, players will receive 4,800 points, a CQB-X consumable, two health kits, and two healing balms.

  • Players are now ready to begin the next Ryujin Industries mission, “Sabotage.”

This will allow players to successfully complete the “Starfield: Key Ingredient” mission.

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How to complete the key ingredients in the starry sky?

To complete the “Key Ingredient” mission in Starfield, players need to follow a series of steps:

  • Starting the Mission: After completing the “Guilty Party” mission, you will receive the “Key Ingredient” mission.

  • Travel to CM Station RC-1: Travel to the Carina system and land at CM Station RC-1 on the first satellite of Carina III.

  • Explore the Mines: Inside RC-1, explore the mines. Defeat the enemies and find the keycard to enter the mine elevator.

  • Deeper into the Mines: Use your combat skills to defeat more enemies as you move deeper into the Mines.

  • Access Computer: Use the computer in the mine to check the Shipment and Dragon God Industries options.

  • Find the Pact: Look for retreating enemies. Check him for contract order documents.

  • Read the contract: After reading the document, you will find that you need to go to a clinic in the Narion system.

  • Visit a clinic: Go to a clinic in the Narion system and dock there. Try to convince the guard to allow entry, or discuss alternative solutions with Ari Miller.

  • Get Inside: If persuasion fails, pretend to be from Infinity to gain access. The guard may let you in. Quietly pick the lock on the door and enter the safe wing.

  • Safe Wing Options: Inside, you can interact with medical staff or wait for them to leave. If you wait, you can take the rothicite cargo and access Dr. Lane’s computer.

  • Return to Dragon God Industries: Return to Neon City and visit Dragon God Industries, especially the R&D floor. Talk to Vina and Masako to complete the quest.

  • Mission reward: You will receive 4,800 points, a CQB-X consumable, two medical kits and two healing ointments as rewards. Once you complete this mission, you can begin the next mission of Ryujin Industries, “Sabotage.”

starry sky game

Starfield is an action role-playing video game that provides players with the flexibility to seamlessly switch between first- and third-person perspectives. Set in the vast galaxy, the game features a vast open world spanning fictional and real planetary systems. Players will have the perfect opportunity to explore and land on more than 1,000 planets, numerous moons, and space stations.

The game’s landscapes are primarily generated through procedural technology, but are also carefully refined with hand-crafted details. A planet’s terrain, presence of alien life, and points of interest are all affected by a variety of factors, including the star they orbit, atmospheric conditions, and the player’s distance. One standout feature is “New Atlantis,” the largest fictional city in a Bethesda game.

Throughout their journey, players will deal with a variety of non-playable characters, some of whom may join their team to help in combat and interactions. Character customization is a prominent aspect of the game, allowing players to customize their character’s background and characteristics, thus affecting their abilities. Character development occurs through experience, unlocking a wide range of abilities across five different skill trees.

Combat in “Starfield” offers countless customizable weapons and introduces jetpacks for enhanced mobility. Key gameplay elements include resource scanning, outpost construction and spaceship customization, allowing players to acquire, upgrade and personalize their ships. Ship combat involves strategic power management, and players can choose to board other spacecraft for a variety of activities, including robbery, trading, or control.

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