Superman’s Justice League International Explained: Who Is Cast & Who Is Missing


  • The upcoming DC Universe (DCU) is set to introduce a new version of the Justice League International (JLI) with a fresh take on the characters. Here’s a breakdown of the confirmed and unconfirmed cast for the JLI in the DCU:
  • Confirmed Cast:
  • Maxwell Lord – To be played by Peter Saarsgard in Superman.

Recent set photos of Superman have appeared online and suggest a Justice League International connection between several of the DCU heroes. With Hawkgirl, Mr. Terrific, and Guy Gardner among the cast Superman actors, and with various images suggesting a connection between their team and the villainous Maxwell Lord, it appears that the Justice League International is set to be an existing and essential part of the DC Universe at the beginning of Superman. With Superman set to be a different, hopeful kind of hero, examining heroism in a realistic, corporate setting is an intriguing promise for the universe.

Based on their homogeneous uniforms, the DCU’s Justice League replacement appears to be a corporatized realization of superheroes. Examining a realistic iteration of colorful, powerful heroes in a universe as controlled as by the whims of billionaires is an exciting premise, and could promise a grounded and meaningful superhero story. With decades of JLI stories to draw from, the full makeup of the team remains a question – but since there are so many iconic heroes associated with the group, if it is to come to fruition, audiences will likely see more than just the revealed three in its cast.

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10 Cast: Maxwell Lord

Played By Sean Gunn In Unconfirmed Projects


Sean Gunn has starred in Marvel and DC films like the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy, and he has recently been confirmed to be taking on the role of Maxwell Lord in the DCU. It is unclear if the character will appear in Superman; however, various images from the sets have shown the character’s LordTech logos associated with the JLI brand, making at least his presence as the leader of the Justice League International likely in the film.

Lord initially assembled the Justice League International from less villainous beginnings. While a crooked path for the character is likely ahead, akin to how he was realized when played by Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984, it is unclear exactly what his character will stand for in the DCU. He may be an entrepreneur with a misguided belief in the corporatizing of heroes, or he may be villainous from the start.

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9 Uncast: Batman

Confirmed To Appear In The Brave And The Bold


With The Brave and The Bold planned, Batman will enter the DCU sooner rather than later. That said, it is unclear if the hero will be a member of the Justice League International. When the JLI book was first launched, they were able to use Batman as a well-known and established hero on the team to attract readership. Without those same requirements, however, it may be to the detriment of the Batman character to include him in the team in the DCU.

The DCU’s Batman casting has been a popular topic, but nothing concrete has been established. Popular rumored choices have included Jensen Ackles, Jon Krasinski, and Alan Ritchson. It seems the character is planned to debut in The Brave and The Bold and is unlikely to appear in Superman.

With so many previous live-action versions of Batman existing, and with Robert Pattinson currently playing the role outside the DCU, it appears that the hero is not yet a pressing DCU priority. With the inclusion of Damian Wayne in The Brave and The Bold, attaching Bruce Wayne to a team other than the Bat Family itself seems unlikely for the impending future, although he may join the JLI later or could be a former member of the team.

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8 Cast: Hawkgirl

Played By Isabela Merced in Superman


Madame Web star Isabela Merced is rising in Hollywood and will have another shot at playing a superhero with Hawkgirl in Superman. The actor has recently been seen wearing a uniform that suggests a connection to the Justice League International that will likely be explored in the film. She is seen fighting alongside Mr. Terrific and Green Lantern.

Hawkgirl has been a member of various DC teams in the comics, including the Justice Society of America and the Justice League. The character has had varied origins throughout the years, and it is unclear exactly which ones the DCU intends to follow. She has previously appeared in the Arrowverse and many animated films, but this will be Hawkgirl’s big screen debut, making her prospective role in a major superhero team a promising prospect.

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7 Uncast: Shazam

Unconfirmed To Appear In The DCU


DC’s own Captain Marvel, who has been officially renamed to Shazam, featured in two films in the DCEU, and it is unclear if there is a unique enough take on the character to integrate him into the new DCU. Played in those films by Zachary Levi, the hero, a transformed child, was blessed with the powers of various Greek gods that gave him incredible power to fight evil. Despite taking place in the old universe, there have been some unsubstantiated suggestions of Zachary Levi’s Shazam in the DCU.

Captain Marvel has been a prominent member of the JLI and has fought in the team from the beginning. However, Shazam appears to be one of the less likely members to be introduced in the DCU. With a fresh, comedic, light take on the character already examined in the existing films, integrating the character into the film seems unlikely. Following the box office failure of Shazam: Fury of the Gods, it is unlikely the character will be used in the DCU’s JLI.

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6 Cast: Green Lantern

Played By Nathan Fillion In Superman


The DCU is set to feature several Green Lanterns in the upcoming HBO series Lanterns; however, the introduction to that world will be made with Nathan Fillion’s appearance as Guy Gardner in Superman. A less well-known Lantern, the hero was a founding member of the Justice League International. In recent set photos released from the film’s production, Gardner appears to be a member of the JLI in the DCU as well.

It is unclear exactly how much Guy Gardner is setting up the Green Lantern Corps in the upcoming film. In some comic books, the hero loses his ring and creates a fake one to continue fighting crime on Earth without powers. Considering the recent set photos showing him in a corporate JLI uniform rather than one conjured by his ring, the JLI incarnation of this character may be similar to that.

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5 Uncast: Doctor Fate

Unconfirmed To Appear In The DCU


After Pierce Brosnan’s notable appearance as the character in Black Adam, love for Doctor Fate has increased in intensity. As a founding Justice League International member with strange and metaphysical powers, the hero is an excellent fit for the DCU. Doctor Fate is analogous to the MCU’s Doctor Strange and can wield magic and see the future. He first appeared in comics in the 1940s.

With only half of the first chapter revealed for the DCU, introducing various additional heroes is likely in the projects ahead. A younger character version with strong ties to JLI would easily differentiate them from the DCEU iteration. Doctor Fate could introduce the spiritual side of the DC Universe, and many excellent stories could grow naturally out of that. In addition, the character’s design is unique and appealing and would look fabulous if realized well in the DCU.

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4 Cast: Mister Terrific

Played By Edi Gathegi In Superman


Mister Terrific is set to be a prominent part of the new DCU. Played by Edi Gathegi, the character is set to feature in Superman. A genius inventor with no powers, Mister Terrific has been a member of various Justice League teams, including the JLI. Mister Terrific has history in the DC Universe with multiple people taking on the mantle of the hero, and Gathegi is set to play the Michael Holt version.

It is unclear how Mister Terrific will figure into Superman‘s plot or the DCU following the film. The character is generally considered the third-smartest man in the entire DC canon of storytelling, which will likely influence his appearance here. As a member of the JLI, Mister Terrific will show how even the most intelligent figures can be exploited by corporatized superhero assemblages.

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3 Uncast: Martian Manhunter

Unconfirmed To Appear In The DCU


J’onn J’onzz feels appropriate to the space-based and strange storytelling that James Gunn has tended to invest in. Especially after the DCEU did very little with the character, it seems that storytelling with the Martian Manhunter is imminent in the DCU, especially as he’d be a great character to join the galactic and Earth-bound worlds. Featuring prominently in Supergirl and various animated series, audiences are already familiar with the alien superhero and his extensive powerset well, and a definitive live-action version would no doubt be well-recieved by audiences.

Martian Manhunter was a founding member of the JLI team, serving as a major connection to the prior Justice League. A major team player in the universe, J’onn is smart, powerful, and a dedicated leader. His distinctive story and powers are ripe for the DCU, and it seems unlikely that the character will be avoided in the films for much longer.

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2 Cast: Blue Beetle

Played By Xolo Maridueña In Unconfirmed Projects


James Gunn has confirmed Jaime Reyes as the first character in the DCU. After his film Blue Beetle bombed at the box office, however, it has been unclear exactly how much the hero will be integrated into the universe. The Blue Beetle that was a member of the JLI in the comics has traditionally been the Ted Kord iteration of the character; however, integrating Jaime in the team makes more sense for the DCU.

A relationship between Jaime and Booster Gold could also replace the typical camaraderie between Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in the universe, which is a giant component of their shared stories. Blue Beetle has recently been confirmed to be receiving a DC Universe TV series in animation to continue the film’s stories. This series will likely help to integrate the hero into the DCU and may examine significant details of the JLI.

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1 Uncast: Booster Gold

Confirmed To Appear In The Max Series Booster Gold


Booster Gold will receive a series in the DCU, as confirmed by James Gunn when revealing the planned titles for the first chapter. An overly confident figure empowered by technology from the future, Booster Gold comes back in time to fight against evil. The character is known to be close to the Ted Kord iteration of Blue Beetle, and has served as a member of the Justice League International alongside him.

While the character will undoubtedly appear in the DCU, his involvement with the JLI in the series is unclear. No actor has yet been cast for the role, but names like Glen Powell and Chris Pratt are often tossed around in fan casting circles. With all available information, Booster Gold may become an essential member of the JLI as in the comics, or he may serve another as yet unknown role in the DC Universe following the release of Superman.

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