Techtonica Monorail Not Working, How to Fix Techtonica Monorail Not Working?

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Techtonica is an innovative FPP simulation strategy game that revolves around building the factory of the future. Embark on an exciting journey to explore the eponymous planet, extract valuable resources, and unlock its secrets. Take on the challenge of building complex industrial systems and thrive in this fascinating world of technology and discovery.

In Techtonica, players will be immersed in a sci-fi world and assume the role of a resourceful pioneer. Your main goal is to build and expand advanced factories to efficiently utilize the Earth’s resources. As you progress, you will encounter complex challenges that require strategic planning and problem-solving skills.

The game’s first-person perspective allows you to experience the world up close, giving you the feeling of being on the front lines of industrial expansion. You’ll need to manage resources wisely, optimize production lines and overcome various environmental obstacles to ensure smooth operation of your factory.

Techtonica’s rich gameplay also includes an element of exploration. Uncover the secrets hidden beneath the Earth’s surface and discover valuable artifacts and ancient technologies that can enhance the capabilities of your factory.

Techtonica monorail not running

Some users have experienced problems with the monorail not operating on the Tectonica grid. The issue stems from a bug in the latest version of the game as of July 26. This flaw limits the use of only one monorail per grid. This becomes a problem when players use voltage steppers to connect to the grid. When trying to connect it to another grid, the power dropped to zero, rendering the monorail unusable.

While the developers may be working on a fix, there is a temporary workaround. In order to get the monorail running, players need to ensure it has its own independent set of generators and batteries, separate from any other grid. Disconnecting the voltage stepper and providing dedicated power to the single rail should make it operate as expected until the problem is resolved.


How to fix Techtonica monorail not working issue?

Identify the problem:

  • If you are having trouble accessing the monorail power supply when trying to use the monorail in Tectonica, this may be due to a bug in the latest version of the game.

Isolated monorail:

  • In order for the monorail to operate, you need to ensure that it has its own independent set of generators and batteries. It should not be connected to any other power grid in your base.

Disconnect the voltage stepper:

  • If you have been using a voltage stepper to connect to the grid, you will need to unplug it from the monorail supply.

Provide dedicated power supply:

  • Set up a separate dedicated power supply for the monorail. This means having your own set of generators and batteries.

Test the monorail:

  • After making the necessary changes, try using the monorail again. Now it should be up and running and working as expected without any power related issues.

Waiting for fix:

  • While a temporary workaround should resolve the monorail issue, keep an eye out for updates from the developers. They may be working on fixing the bug and a future update may resolve this issue.

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Techtonica is an exciting simulation strategy game that uncovers the mysteries of a fascinating alien planet. Beneath the surface of this mysterious world lies a wondrous realm of bioluminescent plants emitting an otherworldly light and countless secrets waiting to be unlocked.

As the protagonist of this compelling story, you’ll find yourself in uncharted terrain, surrounded by rich deposits of resources that hold the key to unlocking the planet’s potential. Your mission is clear: extract these valuable resources and harness their power to build state-of-the-art factories and industrial systems.

Techtonica’s immersive gameplay will challenge your ingenuity and test your strategizing abilities. The task at hand is no easy task. You need to build complex and efficient industrial installations that ensure seamless operation, optimize production and maximize output.

However, the wonders of Techtonica don’t stop there. The game’s engaging exploration portion will draw you deeper into the planet’s secrets. Unravel ancient mysteries, discover long-lost technologies, and take your factory to new heights of innovation.

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