What is the Memory Reset Drug Bug in Palworld, How to get the Memory Reset Drug in Palworld

What is the memory reset drug bug in Palworld?

Palworld’s memory-resetting drug now has a big problem. If players use it late in the game, it can cause serious problems. This special item is designed to help players reset the skill points they earned while leveling up. Unfortunately, it has a problem.

When the player uses the drug, it takes away the extra power they gained when they captured their friends. This power comes from finding the Livemonk statues hidden in the game and bringing them to the Statue of Power. There is currently no way to fix this issue, much to the frustration of players. Be careful when using this drug in games to avoid running into this problem.

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How to get the memory reset drug in Palworld

explore the world:

  • Start by exploring the Palworld game world. Travel to different regions and areas to discover hidden objects, face challenges, and interact with different friends.

Find rare items:

  • Keep an eye out for rare items as you explore. The memory reset medicine is one of the rare items you may encounter during your adventure. These items are usually hidden in specific locations.

Find hidden areas:

  • Some rare items, including memory reset drugs, may be hidden in less obvious or hard-to-reach places. Explore hidden areas, secret locations, or areas with unique challenges to increase your chances of finding this valuable item.

Check out the different biomes:

  • Palworld features different biomes, each with its own set of friends and resources. Explore various biomes such as forests, mountains, or deserts to increase your chances of discovering memory-resetting drugs.

Use friend skills:

  • Use your friends’ skills to help explore. Some companions may have abilities that help you discover hidden objects or traverse challenging terrain. Make full use of your companions to enhance your exploration abilities.

Trade with NPCs or merchants:

  • Some non-player characters (NPCs) or in-game merchants may offer memory reset drugs as part of their trade inventory. Keep an eye out for trading opportunities and visit different NPCs to see if they have memory reset drugs that can be redeemed.

Complete special tasks:

  • Certain tasks or challenges in the game may reward you with memory reset drugs upon completion. Pay attention to the mission prompts and objectives, and successfully complete the relevant tasks to obtain this valuable item.

Keep an eye out for updates:

  • Palworld may receive updates and patches that introduce new items or change the locations of existing items. Stay informed about game updates to maximize your chances of finding the memory-resetting drug in the latest version of Palworld.

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Fix Palworld memory reset drug error

As of now, there is no known fix for this issue, leaving players in a state of frustration and dissatisfaction. The lack of solutions adds to the frustration among the player community. We urge developers to acknowledge and prioritize this issue in order to provide players with solutions that ensure a more enjoyable and seamless gaming experience. In the meantime, players are advised to be cautious when considering using memory-resetting drugs, especially late in the game, to avoid running into this troublesome bug.

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friend world

Palworld launches on January 19th for Xbox and PC (including Xbox GamePass), presenting an innovative blend of monster hunting, survival and crafting elements. As a unique addition to the gaming landscape, Palworld introduces a fascinating fusion of mechanics from different genres. While rooted in the essence of monster hunting games, it transcends traditional boundaries to provide players with a new and dynamic gaming experience.

The combination of diverse mechanics ensures that Palworld stands out and promises to captivate players with its unique combination of features and gameplay dynamics.

The game’s Early Access period is expected to last at least a year, providing players with an exciting opportunity to delve into the ever-evolving world of Palworld. Whether exploring fascinating realms of monster-catching, tackling survival challenges, or unleashing creativity through crafting, Palworld’s diverse mechanics contribute to a gaming experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

Coming soon to Xbox and PC and available through Xbox GamePass, Palworld invites players to embark on a multifaceted adventure where the lines between genres blur, resulting in a truly unique and immersive gaming journey.

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Friends world gameplay

Survival: Palworld introduces a survival element that immerses players in a challenging environment filled with food scarcity and the constant threat of poachers. Navigating this harsh world requires strategic thinking and careful decision-making, in addition to the moral dilemma of possibly consuming one’s friends to survive when resources become scarce. The survival aspect adds complexity to the gameplay, creating a tense and unpredictable atmosphere.

Mounts and Exploration: The game expands the gameplay with mounts and exploration. Friends become more than just companions; they become essential tools for traversing Palworld’s vast and diverse landscape. Whether sailing the land, navigating the vast oceans, or soaring high in the sky, players can use their companions to explore and uncover the secrets of the game world. This aspect adds to the sense of adventure and discovery, making connections with your friends not only a necessity for survival, but a key element in unlocking the mysteries of your friends’ worlds.

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Friends World Overview

First published date

January 19, 2024


Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


Shooter, RPG Video Game, Indie Game, Fighting Game, Early Access


pocket to company


pocket to company


Unreal Engine 5

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Parr World Trailer

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