Where to Put Gecko Statue in Adopt Me? Meet the Phinx Statues Event Quest in the Adopt Me

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“Adopt Me!” debuted on July 13, 2017, and is a multiplayer online game developed and published by Uplift Games on the Roblox platform. It can be accessed on various platforms including Windows, macOS, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. The game initially centered around a role-playing adoption scenario, which later transitioned into caring for virtual pets that players could trade. Features include caring for pets hatched from eggs, evolving them through different stages of growth, combining pets into “Neon” and “Mega-Neon” versions, and facilitating in-game purchases using Robux and the in-game currency “Bucks.” The game belongs to the MMO and digital pet genres, providing players with an immersive experience of cultivating and trading virtual pets in a multiplayer environment.

Where should the gecko statue be placed in Adopt Me?

In “Adopt Me!”, to correctly place the Gecko Statue, look for the base decorated with a fish symbol. Although it may seem like a mismatch, this particular combination is correct. This may seem unconventional, but following these instructions will help you accurately position the gecko statue in the game. NEWSTARS Education is your gateway to gaming excellence, providing you with expert advice and effective strategies to enhance your gameplay. We’re here to help you improve your gaming skills and master your favorite games.


Meet the Finks Statue event quest in Adopt Me

In the “Meet the Sphinx Statue Activity Mission” in “Adopt Me”, players will learn about the Sphinx, a new addition to the game. To participate, players will need to spend 30 minutes playing Adopt Me to unlock a statue representing one of the pets from the upcoming Desert Egg. They can unlock up to two statues per day, but progress resets daily and does not accumulate over multiple days. After players obtain the statues, they must match the hieroglyphs to the statue’s features and place each statue on its corresponding pedestal.

A correct match rewards the player with 25 bucks. There are 12 statues to unlock. Placing all 12 statues on the pedestal will provide the player with a Royal Desert Egg, providing the first chance to hatch a Desert Egg pet with a higher drop rate than usual. Royal Desert Eggs and the pets they hatch from are tradable. Players can even hatch Desert Egg pets before the official update is released on January 25th.

The Statue of the Sphinx solution feature will be available until February 1st, giving players who missed a few days a window to catch up on the quest.Additionally, the update introduces three new cars and the Mega Car Pack game level

adopt me gameplay

In Adopt Me!, gameplay involves adopting and caring for different pets that hatch from eggs. These eggs can be given to specific pets, such as dogs or cats, and some of the rarer pets require Robux (Roblox’s virtual currency) to obtain. Pets are divided into five tiers based on rarity and cost, from common to legendary. As they grow from newborns to adults, players can combine them to create rarer “Neon” and “Super Neon” pets. In order to purchase things in the game, players can use Robux or the game’s own currency (called “Bucks”), which is earned by fulfilling the needs of the pet. The game also allows players to adopt children and role-play with other users.

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