30 Seconds to Mars New Album Release Date, When is 30 Seconds To Mars New Album Releasing?

30 seconds to Mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars, often written as “30 Seconds to Mars”, is a famous rock band from Los Angeles, California. They started their musical journey in 1998 and have been creating music for some time now.

The band is mainly composed of two talented brothers: Jared Leto, who sings and plays guitar, bass and keyboards; and Shannon Leto, who plays drums and percussion. Although there have been some changes in band members over the years, the two brothers have remained in the band from the beginning.


Their music has taken different forms over the years. Their first album, 30 Seconds to Mars, was released in 2002 and received rave reviews from music experts. However, it didn’t become super popular. But that changed when they released their second album, Beautiful Lies, in 2005.

This album brought them global fame and earned them a lot of recognition. As they continued to make music, they experimented with different styles, and their third album, This Is War (2009), showed how they incorporated a variety of influences into their songs.

During this time, they even fought a legal battle with record company EMI, which later became a documentary called Artifact (2012). Despite their ups and downs, they have continued to make music, with their most recent albums being Love, Desire, Faith & Dreams (2013) and America (2018).

30 Seconds to Mars new album release date

The acclaimed music group Thirty Seconds to Mars, consisting of Jared and Shannon Leto, are gearing up to release their highly anticipated new album titled It’s the End of the World, But It’s a Good Day . This exciting musical journey is scheduled to air on September 15th, an important day for music lovers.

It’s been five years since their last album and this one is a big deal for fans everywhere. The new album promises to deliver the fresh and exciting sound that fans have been waiting for. Anticipation is high, and as the release date approaches, listeners can’t wait to immerse themselves in the music and experience what the Leto brothers have in store for them.


The album’s lead single “Stuck” is already making waves, offering a powerful and energetic song that gives a taste of what’s to come. Additionally, the accompanying music video, directed by Jared Leto himself, blends elements of high fashion and art, promising to provide a captivating visual experience to the music.

As they return to the music scene, Thirty Seconds to Mars is sure to make a splash and reignite the passion of their loyal fans. So mark September 15th on your calendars and get ready to embark on this musical journey with Thirty Seconds to Mars as they have a great day in the apocalypse.


30 Seconds to Mars band members

current member


Active for several years

Jared Leto

Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, synthesizer

1998 to present

Shannon Leto

drums, percussion

1998 to present

former member


Active for several years

Soren Bixler

Guitar, keyboard, vocals


Matt Wachter

Bass, Keyboards, Synths, Backing Vocals


Tomo Milicevic

Guitar, bass, keyboard, violin, percussion, backing vocals


Will there be a 30 Seconds to Mars reunion?

Yes, 30 Seconds to Mars is indeed back and making music again. After a break of several years, the band has reunited and is actively working on new songs and albums. Fans of the band were excited to hear the news and have been eagerly awaiting the release of new music from the band.

At the heart of the band, brothers Jared and Shannon Leto continue to make music together, bringing a unique style and energy to their performances. While the band’s lineup may have changed a bit over the years, the Leto Brothers have remained the consistent driving force behind 30 Seconds to Mars. So if you’re a fan of their music, or are wondering if they’re getting back together, you can rest assured that they will get back together again, and they’ll make great music again.

Is 30 Seconds to Mars releasing a new album?

Yes, indeed, Thirty Seconds to Mars are gearing up to release a new album. This exciting news has fans eagerly awaiting it. The album, titled “It’s the End of the World, But It’s a Good Day,” marks their return to music after a five-year hiatus. The break left fans wondering when they would hear new music from the Leto Brothers again, and now the wait is almost over.


The band has already given us a taste of what’s to come with the release of “Stuck,” the album’s lead single. The song is full of energy and excitement and gives us a glimpse of the musical journey ahead. In addition, the “Stuck” music video, directed by Jared Leto himself, adds to the album’s artistic and visual impact.

With the album’s release date set for September 15th, fans can look forward to new tunes and exciting times for Thirty Seconds to Mars. So, if you’re wondering when they’re coming back, the answer is YES, they are indeed releasing a new album and it’s on the way!

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