Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List, Best Legends In Apex Legends Season 16 Tier

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Apex Legends is a dynamic battle royale game that has carved a prominent place in the gaming world with its innovative and unique playable characters. Each Legend has unique skills that complement the team’s overall strategy, whether it’s defense, offense or support. There are tons of options to choose from, allowing players to choose a character that suits their playstyle. However, certain legendaries reign supreme in the current version of Apex Games, while others struggle to compete. Here’s our current tier list of the top Legends in Apex Legends.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale hero shooter. The game was originally released on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019, followed by Nintendo Switch in March 2021, and then PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March 2022. Recently, the mobile version of the game was released called Apex Legends Mobile, which was launched on Android and iOS platforms in May 2022 and is designed for touch screens. Apex Legends supports cross-platform play, with the exception of the aforementioned mobile version.

Apex Legends Season 16 Tier List

S class


Bloodhound is a very popular character, and for good reason. Their abilities are excellent, and the tactical ability to scan enemies through walls and reveal their location to teammates is particularly effective. Bloodhounds can also track the location of enemies on the ground, and their ultimate ability increases their speed and provides valuable insight into where opponents may be hiding. All of these skills make the Bloodhound the best scout character in the team.


Due to Wraith’s impressive abilities, she is often associated with streamers and skilled players. Her passive abilities will reveal when she’s targeted, but her tactical and ultimate abilities provide great mobility and utility. The former gives her invulnerability and increased speed, while the latter is a portal that she and her teammates can use to reposition themselves if they find themselves in trouble. With these abilities, it’s difficult to take down a skilled ghost.


Gibraltar was a defensive power on the battlefield. His gun shield allows him to block enemy gunfire, effectively increasing his health by 50 points. His expandable bubble is also very useful, providing cover for teammates to revive, heal, or reposition. Additionally, his ultimate ability can cause significant damage to the enemy team and seal off areas. When you combine all of this with his 15% reduction in gunshot damage, it’s clear that Gibraltar is a formidable force.

Class A

Octane number

Octane is a valuable asset for fast and agile players, with his tactical abilities providing extra speed at the cost of health.


Valkyrie’s jetpack allows for unparalleled movement and repositioning, making her ideal for spins, and her tactics can stun and damage enemies.

new castle

Newcastle are a premier defensive legend whose abilities focus on protection and zonal blocking.


Pathfinder’s grapple is one of the most versatile movement abilities in the game, and his ultimate can be used for quick and frequent repositioning.

crazy maggie

Crazy Maggie’s powerful equipment makes her a viable option, as she can passively scan for enemies and use a shotgun to allow her to move faster.


Vantage benefits herself and her team in every situation, making her an excellent choice for any type of player.


Catalyst is a defense legend who can block enemy vision and set traps with ferrofluid, and her ultimate creates a massive wall that slows and blinds enemies.


Ashe’s tactical ability can block doors, and her ultimate can quickly outflank enemies.

Class B


Horizon is a legend who excels in movement and agility, making her an excellent choice for players who can effectively utilize her passive and tactical abilities. Her passive allows her to avoid the impact animation of falling from great heights, allowing her to start shooting as soon as she lands. At the same time, her tactical abilities provide vertical boost to high positions, allowing her to quickly reach new heights. However, this ability can also be used by enemies, making it a double-edged sword. Horizon’s ultimate ability is great for area denial in close combat, but in most situations it can be destroyed or ignored. Overall, Horizon is a good choice for players who value mobility over powerful ultimate abilities.


That’s a good summary of Bangalore’s capabilities. Her balanced equipment makes her a solid choice for players who prefer a simple playstyle, while her speed boost while firing can be a real lifesaver in intense situations. It’s true that her smoke grenades are a double-edged sword and need to be used with care, but they’re also very useful for relocating or resurrecting teammates. Overall, Bangalore is a reliable legend who can perform in a variety of situations.


Rampart’s recent buffs make her a more viable legend in Apex Legends, especially for those who prefer a more defensive playstyle. Her enhanced walls and passive abilities provide her with additional firepower and cover, and her ultimate ability can be a devastating tool if used strategically. However, her lack of mobility can be a hindrance in certain situations, so players need to be aware of this and use her strengths accordingly.

Lhoba language

Loba is useful for any team that wants to make sure they have enough supplies. Her passive ability allows her to travel through walls and chests to find purple items, and her ultimate creates a store where she and her teammates can collect nearby loot. Each person is allowed to carry two items and as many as they want. ammunition. While her tactical abilities, which include throwing and twisting with her bracelets, can be a bit disappointing and embarrassing, they can be quite helpful when trying to escape. While she doesn’t offer a lot of combat support and isn’t a top-tier legend, the ease of obtaining loot with Loba is worth noting.


Watson was enhanced in Season 11 and has since become a B-level legend for players who prefer defensive tactics. Her electrified fence can disrupt opponents trying to push forward, and her ultimate ability is a shield-charged tower that can also negate incoming edicts, making it difficult for the enemy team to defend against her squad’s attacks. However, building a strong defense alongside Watson requires a lot of preparation, and her lack of offensive prowess makes her a non-essential option for most teams.


After the buffs in Season 12, Crypto has gone from being widely considered the worst Legendary to being a valuable option for players who want a character that’s effective in both offensive and passive scenarios. His kit still includes the ability to manually pilot a drone in first-person view and use an EMP blast to deal 50 damage to enemy shields. Additionally, he now has a new ability that allows him to throw his drone in a line and scan for enemies along its path. Additionally, drones can be attached to walls for long-term reconnaissance. These improvements make him a good choice for most team compositions, although he’s still not as powerful as the Bloodhound.

Class C


It received buffs in Season 16, making her more useful, reducing the penalty for resurrecting teammates, providing a healing bot for emergencies, and an improved Ultimate Care Package that can be deployed faster and farther. However, she is still situational and not essential to most team compositions.

caustic alkali

On the other hand, he was nerfed in Season 12 so that his tactical gas traps could be destroyed after exploding. His ultimate is still useful for area denial, but his large hit radius makes him vulnerable in open spaces. While he excels in close combat, he’s still considered a mediocre option for most teams.


Its cluster bombs can frustrate enemies as they can recharge quickly and effectively seal off areas. However, his other abilities are less impressive. His passive only allows him to carry more grenades and fire them faster, while his ultimate, Ring of Fire, is an easy escape for many legendaries. Overall, he’s a mediocre option for most teams, relying heavily on his cluster bombs.

dead soul

Its kit has its pros and cons. His double speed crouch is useful for sneaking up on teams, and he can quietly climb onto buildings for surprise attacks. His tactical ability, Silence, which prevents enemies from using their abilities, is also handy. However, his ultimate totem, the one that teleports you back to it when you take damage, isn’t as powerful as it could be. It often reveals your location to enemies, making it easy for them to damage you once you return to the totem.


It received a series of nerfs that lowered his standing in the legend. The Oracle’s passive ability to detect the heartbeats of nearby enemies is still useful, but it now reveals his location, making it less effective. While his tactical ability is useful for interrupting healing or recovery, his ultimate ability is too situational. Many players can easily avoid detection by crouching or destroying the detection orb in the center. In Season 16, the duration and cooldown of ultimate abilities have also been nerfed. Compared to the Bloodhound, the Prophet’s ability is simply not strong enough and is not a recommended choice for most players.

Class D


His trickster ability is fun to use, but aside from being invisible during resurrection, he lacks any real team utility. While a few skilled players can make him useful, most teams will find that lineups with other legendary players are more effective.


Apex Legends Overview

Indeed, Respawn’s decision to make the controller a paid class for new players is curious, especially considering the purpose of Apex Legends Season 16 is to provide a welcoming experience for new players. However, Controllers do require more skill and experience to use effectively than other professions. This is probably why Respawn Entertainment decided to make it a paid career, to discourage new players from jumping into a role they might not be ready for. That being said, it’s important for new players to have the opportunity to try out all the different classes to find what works best for them, and limiting access to a controller can hinder that process. Ultimately, it’s up to Respawn to decide the best way to balance the game’s accessibility and skill requirements.

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