Brain Teaser: If 1×2=05, 2×3=11, 3×4=19, What is 7×8=?

What is a brainteaser?

Brain teasers are puzzles that can be solved through lateral thinking. People who love solving tricky puzzles and their solutions should definitely try Solving Brain Teasers. Do you consider yourself an expert at solving these challenging brain teasers? You can test your knowledge and talents by solving brain teasers. However, we have provided the following solutions for your reference.

There’s also something unparalleled in the joy of answering an equation correctly… right? One such puzzle that is trending on social media has its answer here. While some people may have trouble finding the answer, others may just use simple math rules they learned in school.

Brain teaser: If 1×2=05, 2×3=11, 3×4=19, what is 7×8=?

The brain teaser itself contains the solution. All you need to do is keep your brain in active mode. Brainteasers are simple concepts. As long as you think about it carefully, you will find a solution. Math puzzles and their answers are provided here. If you want to improve your IQ, you should try it. Brain teasers will drive you crazy, but you’ll be surprised by their solutions. Check out the puzzle below.

Brain teaser: If 1x2=05, 2x3=11, 3x4=19, what is 7x8=?

More and more people are becoming interested in brain teasers. People today find them fascinating. This task may be challenging for some and fun for others. The Internet is bewildering readers with an ever-increasing number of brilliant, creative brainteasers. The image does not accurately represent the answer. Internet users occasionally try to answer questions after viewing such images.

Want to test your math skills?

So get ready to solve this brain teaser challenge now.


Brain teaser: If 1×2=05, 2×3=11, 3×4=19, what is 7×8=? – solution

Finding answers to brainteasers will improve your thinking, listening and creativity. Detox your body with these brain teasers as they are the best stress boosters.

So are you all set to solve this puzzle?

In general, as in all brainteasers, we need to find the answer from the puzzle given in this picture. Few people have the answer, but some may still find it difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve provided a picture of the solution below. If the answer hasn’t been clicked yet, then you can check out the answer below.

1×2=05 1+2² = 05

2×3=11 2+3²=11

3×4=19 3+4²=19

7×8=? 7+8²=71

Brain teaser: If 1x2=05, 2x3=11, 3x4=19, what is 7x8=?

Similar to brain exercises, brain teasers promote healthy mental health. It helps improve a person’s IQ level. Puzzles and brain teasers improve critical thinking and analytical skills. They make our brains work in ways that enhance focus and patience.

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