Brain Teaser Math Puzzle: Can You Find The Missing Number?

Can you find the lost number?math puzzle

Brain teasers are a fun form of puzzles that require thinking to solve. Brainteasers allow you to think outside the box and tap into all the potential of your mind. One of the brainteasers that has been trending on social media lately and has left many people confused is ‘Can you find the lost number?’.

Let’s first see what the puzzle is.

Brainteaser Math Puzzle: Can you find the missing numbers?

In this brainteaser, you have to find the missing numbers in the series. Now let’s see the answer to this brain teaser – Can you find the missing number?

Answer the “Can you find the lost number?” math puzzle

If you still want to find the answer to this question, we have a tip for you, there are several different solutions and all you need to know is basic math to get the correct equation. Now let’s look at the solution.

The missing number in the image is 26.

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