Enshrouded Join Dedicated Server, How to Join Dedicated Server?

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Setting up an Enshrouded dedicated server is a simple process, providing players with flexibility. Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or a newbie, the game offers options to customize your multiplayer experience. Having a dedicated server has proven essential for playing with specific friends, organizing challenges, or testing your survival skills against other players.

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While the game is in Early Access, the available server setup options cover everything you need to know. Keep in mind that Keen Games may introduce additional tweaks in future updates. Take the opportunity to shape your Enshrouded experience by exploring current server setup features.

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How to join a dedicated server?

  1. Set up your server:

  2. Create a custom server name:

    • Give your server a unique name. This will help you and others identify it in the game.
  3. Start the game:

    • Open the Enshrouded game on your device.
  4. Access server list:

    • Click “Start Game” in the game’s main menu.
    • Then, select Join to see a list of available servers.
  5. Search your server:

    • Look for an option like “Search server name” in the server list.
  6. Enter your server name:

    • Enter the custom server name you created.
    • Press “Enter” to find your server.
  7. Choose your server:

    • Once your server appears in the list, click on it to highlight it.
  8. Join the server:

    • Click the “Join” button to enter your dedicated server.
    • If you set a password for your server, enter it when prompted.
  9. Start playing:

    • You are now part of Enshrouded Dedicated Server. Explore, survive and enjoy the adventure with up to 16 players.


“Enshrouded is a survival-challenge survival game from Keen Games. It was originally released on January 24, 2024 exclusively for Windows PC, and is expected to launch later in 2024 for Windows PC, PlayStation 5 The full version of the game, as well as Xbox Series X/S. The game is directed by Antony Christoulakis, and you can choose to play solo or with friends in multiplayer mode.

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The essence of the game revolves around surviving and participating in a role-playing world, essentially living through a challenging narrative. Keen Games not only developed the game but also serves as its publisher. While the game is currently only available on Windows PC, it will soon be expanded to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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“Enshrouded is a game where you explore and survive in the huge open world of Embervale, observing everything from a third-person perspective. You can team up with up to 16 players for an exciting role-playing adventure. In the game , you’ll build a base, collect resources, and manufacture equipment in the main world. There is a mysterious landform called the “Shroud”, which is shrouded in fog and full of dangerous monsters. Players venture into these areas and discover Valuable loot and treasure chests.

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To be successful, you need to control hunger and thirst as they affect your ability to fight. Drinking water increases stamina, while food increases physical fitness. Combat involves using different weapons, dodging and parrying enemy attacks. As you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities and specialize in classes like Trickster, Battle Mage, or Survivor. You can also use tools like gliders and grappling hooks to help you explore the game world.

When your character dies, you keep the equipment you owned and the items you crafted, and only lose the original resources you collected. Enshrouded combines exploration, survival, and combat into an engaging and ever-changing gameplay experience. “

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