Ever Legion Tier List, What Are The Best Heroes In Ever Legion Tier?

Eternal Legion

An interesting mobile fantasy role-playing game is called Ever Legion. You can interact with players from all over the world, explore mysterious areas, and get various goodies. Learn about character specializations in Eternal Legion by reading this page on the Eternal Legion tier list to get free premium rune gacha keys, crystals, and other exclusive items. We provide you with a list of all character classes available in the game. You’ll fall in love with Ever Legion after witnessing an exciting battle in a 3D magical fantasy world. To receive all new rewards in Eternal Legion, complete all PVP battles and side missions.

Eternal Legion Tier List

Below is a list of Eternal Legion tiers featuring the best characters in the game.

S class

There is no doubt that the S-class heroes of Eternal Legion are the highest-ranked characters in the game. They have powerful magic and high attributes. Most characters in every Eternal Legion battle are S-class heroes. Never exclude them from an Eternal Legion battle. Upgrade your S-class heroes and equip them with the best weapons you can find to achieve the best results in the battle of the Eternal Legion.


  • Aranella
  • Catalina
  • Ruthven
  • Ulash
  • Donnis
  • Mawei
  • Leloken


  • Heinrich
  • Stanos
  • Kessel
  • Godfrey

A floor

The A-level heroes of the Eternal Legion are the best and most powerful gaming partners after the S-level heroes. Although A-level heroes lack many magical abilities, they are excellent due to their incredible damage and attack power statistics. If your S-class character cannot fight in Eternal Legion, you can deploy an A-class character.



  • constanza
  • Sethman
  • ahaswil
  • Razul




  • Chaos Shaman
  • forest guardian

Class B

B-level heroes are distinguished by their magical powers. Compared to other heroes in Eternal Legion, their base damage and attack power, as well as their health, are not particularly high. For the easier challenges in the game, you can still use B-tier heroes.


  • forest spirit
  • forest guardian





Class C

C-level heroes are weak and lack abilities. Eternal Legion’s C-level characters have pretty good magical abilities, but very poor base stats. These C-level heroes in Eternal Legion can be ignored.





Eternal Legion Specialization

Mobile devices running iOS and Android can be used to play Ever Legion. Ever Legion is a wonderful idle RPG where you must build your army of heroes. Fight against the demons responsible for Nevria’s ongoing terror and curse. Be the one to save your family in trouble from the Eternal Legion monsters. You now have all the information you need to know about the Eternal Legion tier list and characters. You should know that this list is based on subjective judgment. All characters can be used in the game if you can come up with the right plan. We’ll be back with more Eternal Legion guides and updates soon.

Eternal Legion Guide

After reaching Chapter 16, you can enter the tavern’s Stargazing Room. Here, specific heroes can be purchased at a high cost.Stargazing Guide

  • Observe only the celestial or subterranean sphere.
  • Stargazing with diamonds can only be achieved after reaching at least 10 Ascended Heroes.

Watch the promotion of Lucretia or Alna after these 4 people. It all depends on your goals and preferences, as both would make excellent additions to any roster. Whatever you build, borrow it from a friend.


Set your wish list for these heroes in the Noble Tavern. Only use diamonds for 1OX summons since they are cheaper. Use slot 5 on your wish list to buy a copy of these heroes (but first, get 1OX, the same as Laika). In Graveburn, use all your faction cards and scrolls.

Before level 160

When a hero upgrades, he needs the hero of the same camp represented by the helmet on the right and a copy of that hero. You only want to sacrifice material when copies are not needed. People fall into the trap of promoting heroes to legends when they don’t have a copy of LL. If you do this, your hero may get stuck at level 140, and you’ll run out of materials.

After level 160

The highest level of a fodder hero is level 160, and the next step is to upgrade 4 skill heroes. You should upgrade 1-2 heroes from each faction, as you need 5 upgraded heroes to reach level 240+. Ideally, you have copies and they are all powerful.

ideal ascension

One of the first heroes you level up should be a carry, as your carry needs leveling up, and supports and tanks (Brutus) can work on E+. These are some of the best first boosts, although what you build depends heavily on the copy you pull. The red highlight is the sign of a hero. Damon is the best carry if you can get him.

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