Fortnite Weapon Tier List, Best Weapons Ranked 2023


Fortnite, developed by Epic Games and released in 2017, is a free-to-play battle royale game loved by millions of players around the world. Fortnite is available on a variety of platforms, including PC, consoles and mobile devices, providing players with a fast-paced and action-packed experience as they compete to be the last man standing.

The game’s appeal lies in its dynamic gameplay, with a variety of weapons and items that players can use strategically to defeat their opponents. In addition, Fortnite introduces a unique building mechanic that allows players to construct structures for defensive purposes or to gain a tactical advantage. With its cross-platform play, social features, and stunning graphics, Fortnite has earned critical acclaim and commercial success, amassing billions of dollars in revenue. If you’re looking for an engaging and addictive gaming experience, Fortnite is definitely worth a try.

Fortnite weapon tier list




Cobra DMR

combat submachine gun

heavy sniper rifle

heavy shotgun


assault rifle

shock wave launcher

automatic shotgun

dual pistols



sniper rifle


repeating assault rifle

tactical shotgun

Explosive Bow


machine pistol

hunting rifle



grenade launcher

rocket launcher

stink bomb


Fortnite Best Weapon Tier List

In Fortnite, the following weapon tier list outlines the different weapon classes and their effectiveness in combat. The list classifies weapons into S, A, B, C, and D classes based on their performance and suitability for various situations. Keep in mind that the choice of the best weapon ultimately depends on your playstyle and specific situation.

S-Class: Versatile and powerful weapon

An all-round weapon suitable for close and mid-range combat, known for its high rate of fire and damage output.

Ideal for close combat due to its high rate of fire and damage output.

One hit to the head kills from a distance, making it a reliable choice for taking out enemies and buildings.

With its high damage output and longer range, this shotgun is ideal for close-range engagements.

Tier A: A reliable and effective choice

Or its high rate of fire and damage output.

Provides mobility and crowd control by launching players or enemies into the air.

A close range weapon with a high rate of fire and decent range for quick kills.

These pistols are great for close combat, with a high rate of fire and decent damage output.

Grade B: A reliable and balanced choice

Suitable for close encounters, providing a high rate of fire and decent damage output.

A one-hit kill to the head from a distance, making it effective against enemies and buildings.

High damage output and decent range provide an advantage in close combat.

It has high damage output and a decent rate of fire, making it ideal for mid-range combat.

  • Tactical Shotgun: Provides high damage output and decent range, perfect for close combat.

  • Explosive Bow: Control crowds by exploding structures or knocking enemies back.

Grade C: Average performance

Very effective in close combat with its high rate of fire and decent damage output.

A rifle suitable for long-range combat, with high damage output and a decent rate of fire.

Provides high damage output and decent range for close combat.

Tier D: A less popular option

Suitable for the purpose of crowd control by exploding buildings or fighting off enemies.

A weapon primarily used for crowd control, capable of exploding buildings or knocking back enemies.

Effectively control crowds by slowing down enemies or knocking them back.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Best Weapon Tiers List

SS level (advanced):

This version of the dual-magazine submachine gun features a rapid rate of fire, two quickly reloading magazines, and a zero-point sprint effect after reloading.

Deals high damage at close range, reloads while sprinting, and is easy to use.

Same as the Mythic version of the regular Havoc pump shotgun.

S level (strong):

Very effective at short range, and becomes even more deadly with Force powers, allowing players to manipulate objects and enemies while attacking.

Slow shotgun, great damage, best suited for close combat.

A melee weapon that serves as a close-range shotgun alternative, providing rapid strikes and knockback slashes for increased mobility.

A hybrid of a shotgun and a submachine gun with mid-range capabilities and a higher rate of fire per shot.

Accurate and fast at medium and long range, but more suitable for players who are good at first-person combat.

Rapid-fire weapon with two magazines for faster reloading.

It functions like a submachine gun, but retains the benefits of a pistol, including the light-finger enhancement.

A slow but powerful sniper rifle, good at destroying buildings and taking out vehicles.

  • Gokard’s Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle (Mythical):

The Mythic version of the Havoc Suppressed Rifle, offering the best version of a mid-range suppressed weapon with reduced damage and no red blob on the compass when fired.

  • Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle:

Sacrifice damage for a silence effect, making it suitable for stealthy mid-range combat.

Grade A (good):

Allows for faster firing from the hip and more damage when aiming downwards, best suited for players with good aim and long-range encounters.

Fires a bullet, making it effective at medium to long range, but not recommended as a primary ranged weapon.

Long-range shots require precise aim and deliver high damage, but are limited to one shot before reloading.

Powerful, but challenging to use accurately and has slow reload times.

It has a fast rate of fire and is suitable for short-range combat and destroying buildings.

Assault rifle-type weapon with unlimited ammunition, good at medium and long-range combat.

Offers a fast rate of fire and scope, but falls short compared to the Red Eye Assault Rifle in terms of damage and scope quality.

Marks enemies after a hit, useful in team mode.

Even at mid-range, the rate of fire is fast and the damage is decent.

Similar to shotgun:

need c

Combat Shotgun, allowing players with lower accuracy due to recovery time between shots.

Can deal maximum damage, but can be a disadvantage in close combat.

Effective against opponents hidden in bushes

“Fortnite” gameplay

Fortnite is a popular video game that belongs to the survival, battle royale, and sandbox genres. It is developed by Epic Games and published by the same company. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, and Android.

The first version of Fortnite was “Fortnite: Save the World,” which originally entered Early Access on July 25, 2017. This version of the game focuses on cooperative play, with players working together to fight off hordes of monsters and defend objectives. It combines survival and exploration elements in a dynamic environment.

Another important release in the Fortnite universe is “Fortnite Creative”, which launched on December 6, 2018. This mode allows players to unleash their creativity and build unique structures, worlds, and game modes using the game’s assets and tools. It provides a sandbox-like experience where players can design and share their creations with others.

Fortnite has gained huge popularity and a large player base due to its engaging gameplay and regular updates. The game’s battle royale mode, in particular, has become a global phenomenon, with players competing against each other in a fast-paced, last-man-standing format.

Overall, Fortnite offers a diverse and dynamic gaming experience across platforms that appeals to a wide range of players, allowing them to explore different modes, unleash their creativity, and compete with friends or around the world engage in exciting battles with other players.

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