Genshin Impact the Fountain Flows Again Quest Guide, Genshin Impact Gameplay and More

Genshin Impact Fountain Flows Again Mission Guide

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to the “Fountains Flow Again” quest in Genshin Impact:

The Fountains Flow Again Mission Guide

1. Unlock tasks:

To unlock the “Fountains Flow Again” quest, you need to complete Archon Quest Chapter 4: Act II, specifically the quest “A light rain falls for no reason.”

2. Start the task:

The “Fountains Flow Again” quest marker may not appear on the map after completing the required Archon quest. To start a task, follow these steps:

Head to the Fontaine Fountain location.

Interact with the fountain to trigger the quest.

3. Mission strategy:

After starting the task, follow these steps to complete the task:

Step One: Interact with the Fountain

After interacting with the fountain, the mission begins.

Step 2: Talk to Edel

Find and talk to the character Edel near the fountain. She will provide you with mission-related information.

Step 3: Talk to Estelle

After talking to Edel, find Estelle nearby and have a conversation. She will provide further background information for the mission.

Step 4: Give Estelle 3 iron blocks

Estelle will ask you for 3 iron blocks. These can be obtained by mining Iron Ore nodes throughout the game world.

Once you have the required iron block, return to Estelle and give it to her.

5.Task rewards:

After completing the “The Fountains Flow Again” mission, you will receive the following rewards:

Hero’s Wisdom x 3

Mora x 21,500

6. Additional information:

“The Fountain Flows Again” is a world quest in Genshin Impact that allows you to explore the fountain area and interact with various characters. It provides an opportunity to learn more about the game’s background and immerse itself in the storyline.

7. Task availability:

This mission becomes available after completing the assigned Archon mission. Keep in mind that the world of Genshin Impact is dynamic and certain quests may be available at different adventure levels or after completing certain prerequisites.

8. Explore Fontaine:

While completing the “Fountains Flow Again” quest, take some time to explore the Fontaine area. You may find hidden chests, resource nodes, and other quests that contribute to your overall gaming experience.

Keep in mind that Genshin Impact is frequently updated with new content and events, so there’s always something to discover in the game.

in conclusion:

The “Fountains Flow Again” mission is part of the Genshin Impact storyline and provides players with the opportunity to interact with characters, explore the world, and earn rewards. By following this guide, you’ll be able to successfully launch, advance, and complete your mission. Have a nice trip to Teyvat!

How does Genshin Impact start the “Spring Flows Again” mission?

To trigger the “Fountains Flow Again” quest in Genshin Impact, players must first ensure they have completed the Archon quest “A Light Rain Falls for No Reason.” This prerequisite is crucial for the usability of the task. Once you successfully complete this previous mission, players will need to travel to the area near the Broken Fountain located near Marcotte Station. By approaching and interacting with the broken fountain, they initiate the “Fountain Flows Again” mission.

It’s worth noting that attempting to trigger this quest without completing the required Archon quest will yield no results. This mission immerses players in uncovering the mystery behind the Broken Fountain and delving into the intricate story of the Fontaine region. Through meticulous exploration, engaging interactions, and unraveling stories, players embark on a journey to restore the flow of the fountain and uncover the intertwined secrets of the Genshin Impact universe.


What are the steps to complete the “Fountains Flow Again” quest in Genshin Impact?

To successfully complete the “Fountains Flow Again” mission in Genshin Impact, follow these steps:

Unlock Archon missions:

Before attempting the “The Fountains Flow Again” quest, make sure you have completed the Archon quest titled “A Little Rain Falls for No Reason.”

Find the broken fountain:

Go east of Marcotte Station. You’ll find a broken fountain there. Interact with the Broken Fountain to start the quest.

Talk to Remodie:

After interacting with the Broken Fountain, you will be approached by a character named Remudier. Listen to his explanation of what happened.

Meet Edel:

Follow Remodier’s lead to find Edel, another character involved in the mission. Edel will explain the problem with the fountain valve.

Visit Estelle’s store:

Edel will take you to Estelle’s shop. There you will learn that the valve has been given to an important customer and a replacement has been promised.

Provide iron blocks:

Obtain three iron nuggets and give them to Estelle to help craft a replacement valve.

Waiting for valve production:

After providing the iron block, wait for Estelle to finish making the new valve.

Return to the fountain:

Once the valve is ready, Edel will return to the location of the damaged fountain with Estelle.

Repair the fountain:

Edel and Estelle worked together to repair the damaged fountain using elaborate valves.


After the fountain was repaired, the water started flowing again. Remodie is relieved, but a humorous twist comes when his sister appears and jokingly prompts him to perform the “magic” again.

By following these steps, you will successfully complete the “The Fountain Flows Again” mission in Genshin Impact, contribute to the fountain’s restoration and enjoy the mission’s narrative twists.

Genshin Impact

“Genshin Impact” is an action role-playing game carefully produced and published by miHoYo, which immerses players in a charming anime open world adventure. It originally launched in 2020 across Android, iOS, PS4, and Windows platforms, and later expanded its coverage to PS5 in 2021, with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon.

The game introduces players to complex combat dynamics, incorporating elemental magic and seamless character switching mechanics. The story takes place in the mesmerizing kingdom of Teyvat, which is divided into seven distinct nations, each monitored by a divine entity. Players take on the role of a traveler, accompanied by the charming companion Paimon, and embark on a journey to reunite with their lost brothers.

In this vast world, players indulge in exploration, forming relationships with a series of multi-faceted characters, uncovering hidden truths, and navigating a complex political landscape. The game draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, effortlessly weaving together anime aesthetics and influences from global mythology.

Genshin Impact uses a profit model based on the gacha system, and its revenue as of September 2022 is nearly $3.6 billion, proving its huge success. This achievement firmly cements its status as a landmark and influential figure in gaming.

Genshin Impact gameplay

At its core, Genshin Impact is an expansive open-world action RPG experience. Players control different characters and form a team that can rotate seamlessly during battle to unleash a variety of skills and attacks. Developing these characters requires leveling up and equipping them with artifacts and weapons to enhance their abilities.

The game’s vast landscape is filled with challenges and powerful bosses scattered across the vast terrain. These efforts promise coveted rewards using Raw Resin, a supplementary in-game currency. As players advance through adventure levels by conquering challenges, new quests will appear and the world level will increase, affecting the difficulty of enemies and the rarity of rewards.

Controlling the character involves a series of actions such as sprinting, climbing cliffs, swimming through bodies of water, and gliding through the sky, all of which rely on reserves of stamina. Certain characters have the ability to reshape the environment, facilitating traversal and exploration. The world features fast travel points and seven-person statues that provide beneficial perks such as character healing and increased stamina.

Gathering resources involves hunting creatures, gathering ingredients, and mining ores, with enemies and treasure chests yielding materials critical to enhancing your character. By using collected ingredients to create meals, players can gain beneficial effects. Multiplayer modes encourage cooperative play in open worlds and areas, ensuring compatibility between different gaming platforms.

Characters are acquired through quests, events, and the “Wish” gacha system, which costs premium in-game currency. A guarantee mechanism guarantees valuable items after a certain number of draws. Genshin Impact’s intricate, multi-layered gameplay weaves exploration, combat, tactical planning, and character development into a captivating adventure.

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