How to Beat the Main Story in Palworld? Boss Encounters and Strategies

How to clear the main story of Palworld?

To conquer Palworld’s main story, you’ll need strategy, strength, and a group of trustworthy companions by your side. Here’s a step-by-step guide to defeating each boss in the correct order, including recommended levels and friend composition:

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  1. start:

    • Before venturing into the wilderness, make sure you’ve stocked up on essentials like food, potions, and ammunition.

    • Upgrade your character by completing basic missions and capturing wild companions to strengthen your team.

  2. The first boss: Forest Guardian

    • Location: Deep in the forest biome.

    • Recommended level: 10-15.

    • Recommend a friend: Bring a friend with an elemental advantage over the forest guardian (such as fire or flying).

    • Strategy: Use ranged attacks and keep a safe distance from the boss. Be aware of attacks within their area of ​​effect and dodge accordingly.

  3. The second boss: Volcano Drake

    • Location: In the center of the Volcano biome.

    • Recommended level: 20-25.

    • Recommended friends: Fire-type friends are essential here. Additionally, water-type friends can provide strategic advantages.

    • Strategy: Be careful of the volcanic environment and the boss’s fire attack. Use water attacks to exploit its weaknesses and dodge its powerful breath attacks.

  4. The third boss: Frost Behemoth

    • Location: Deep in the frozen tundra biome.

    • Recommended level: 30-35.

    • Recommended friends: Friends with fire attributes and fighting attributes are crucial here. Ice friends are also effective.

    • Strategy: Although the Frost Behemoth is powerful, it is weak against fire attacks. Use fast-paced tactics to avoid its freezing attacks while dealing consistent damage with fire-based moves.

  5. The fourth boss: Storm Leviathan

    • Location: Roam the Stormy Sea biome.

    • Recommended level: 40-45.

    • Recommended friends: Electric and rock-type friends are your best choices. Ground-type companions also provide immunity to electrical attacks.

    • Strategy: Navigate treacherous waters and dodge Leviathan’s lightning strikes. Use your Electric-type companion to exploit their weaknesses and cause significant damage.

  6. Final Boss: Palworld Overlord

    • Location: Revealed after defeating the previous boss and unlocking the final area.

    • Recommended level: 50+.

    • Recommended Friends: A diverse team with strong elemental coverage and high-level friends.

    • Strategy: Palworld Overlord is the ultimate challenge that requires all your skills and resources. Adapt your strategy to its attacks, exploit weaknesses, and remain resilient until victory is achieved.

Remember to keep upgrading your characters and friends, exploring the world to find valuable resources, and adjusting your strategy as the story progresses. Good luck on your epic journey to Palworld!

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Boss encounters and strategies

Boss encounters in Palworld present significant challenges that require careful planning and strategic execution to achieve victory. Here’s a detailed exploration of effective strategies for dealing with these powerful foes:

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  1. Understand the Boss mechanism:

    • Before engaging a boss, take some time to observe its behavior, attack patterns, and weaknesses. Understanding these mechanisms is critical to developing a successful strategy.

    • Be aware of any environmental hazards or special abilities the boss has, as these will greatly affect the way you fight.

  2. Team composition and element advantages:

    • Build a diverse team of friends of various elemental types to exploit the boss’s weaknesses. Elemental Advantage can significantly increase your damage output and survivability.

    • Prioritize friends with abilities or moves that complement your strategy and counter the boss’s strengths. For example, bringing a water-type friend to a fire-type boss fight can provide a significant advantage.

  3. Take advantage of your partner’s abilities and actions:

    • Each partner has unique abilities and moves that can turn the tide of battle. Use these abilities to inflict status effects, heal allies, or deal massive damage to bosses.

    • Experiment with different partner combinations and moves to discover synergies and maximize your team’s effectiveness against each boss.

  4. Avoidance and positioning:

    • Mastering dodge and positioning is crucial to surviving boss encounters. Understand the timing and patterns of Boss attacks to effectively avoid incoming damage.

    • Place your friends strategically to avoid area attacks and maximize your damage output. Keep ranged attackers at a safe distance while melee warriors engage at close quarters.

  5. Adapt to changing conditions:

    • Boss battles in Palworld can be dynamic, with the boss changing tactics or summoning more enemies as the battle progresses. Stay flexible and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    • Be prepared to switch friends mid-battle if they become incapacitated or if another friend is better suited to the situation.

  6. Persistence and Patience:

    • Boss encounters can take several attempts to master, especially on higher difficulties. Persevere, learn from each failure, and adapt your strategy with each subsequent attempt.

    • Don’t be discouraged by setbacks; with determination and perseverance, you will eventually defeat the most powerful boss in Palworld.

By implementing these strategies and approaching boss encounters with careful planning and adaptability, you’ll increase your chances of success and progress further in Palworld’s main story.

friend world

Palworld is an upcoming game developed by Pocketpair for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. It’s a fascinating blend of single-player and multiplayer experiences, with gameplay reminiscent of Pokémon.

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Set in an open world environment, players embark on an adventure on the island of Palpagos, where they can meet and collect mysterious creatures known as “Pals”. Palworld is scheduled to launch on January 19, 2024, offering a unique combination of survival, crafting, and multiplayer elements.

In Palworld, players can not only explore the vast open world, but also participate in activities such as fighting, building, farming, and operating factories with their partners. These creatures are not just companions; As you work with them to tackle the game’s challenges, they become an integral part of your journey.

Friends world gameplay

Palworld’s gameplay revolves around the thrilling challenges of survival, exploration, and teaming up with unique creatures called “Pals.” In this open-world adventure, players must deal with a variety of dangers, such as food shortages, harsh weather, and the threat of illegal poachers. To survive, you need to adapt and sometimes even consume your friends.

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The game offers a variety of activities, including exploring land, sea, and sky while riding a companion, constructing buildings with the help of your companions, and improving yourself by collecting valuable creatures to perform tasks such as making fire, generating electricity, and mining minerals. life.

Additionally, Palworld introduces engaging features like farming, with different Pals adept at tasks like sowing, watering, and harvesting. Players can work with their friends to create attractive farms and orchards, including those that replicate themselves when planted.

Automation plays a crucial role in the game, as players can build factories and hire companions to perform manual work. With multiplayer support, players can invite friends to adventure together, battle each other, and trade in this vibrant game world.

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Friends World Overview

release date

January 19, 2024


Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


Shooter, RPG Video Game, Indie Game, Fighting Game, Early Access


pocket to company


pocket to company


Unreal Engine 5

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Parr World Trailer

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