How to Build Every Aristobot Building in Steamworld Build? Aristobot Building Steamworld Build

Steam world building

SteamWorld Build is a fun video game in which you build a city and explore dungeons. It is produced by The Station and published by Thunderful Publishing.

You can play the game on Computer (Windows PC), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. The game is released in December 2023. It is part of the SteamWorld series and is all about creating a city while also having exciting adventures in dungeons.


Steam world building




Xunlei Publishing


Adam Vasey


steam world


Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S


December 1, 2023


City construction, underground city exploration


single player

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Aristobot ArchitectureSteamworld Construction

In the game “SteamWorld Build”, Aristobot Buildings are the top buildings that players can create. To unlock them, players need to reach a high level of milestone progress. Although they are expensive to construct compared to worker or engineer buildings, Aristo robot buildings bring significant advantages.

These structures increase productivity, increase the happiness of game characters, and generate higher taxes. Simply put, they are the most advanced and beneficial buildings in the game, making them a valuable investment for players looking to maximize their success in the game.


How to build each Aristobot building in Steamworld Build?

In the game “Steamworld Build”, when you reach milestone 10, you will enter the Aristobot stage, where you will deal with more expensive buildings and complex production chains. This higher level introduces the Aristo robot building, which brings more wealth, resources, and tax revenue. Let’s break down how each Aristobot building is constructed:

  • Aristobot House:

    • Cost: $7,500, 6 panels, 4 metal panels, 3 plastic
    • Maintenance costs: Varies
    • Product: Up to $150 and 30 Aristobots
    • NOTE: Generates tax and grows with satisfaction needs. Upgrade from Engineer House.
  • Aggregation plant:

    • Cost: $6,400, 8 tools, 15 plates, 10 metal plates
    • Maintenance cost: $23 for 20 Aristobots
    • Function: Convert plastic chambers into the plastic needed for upgrades.
  • Waxing shop:

    • Cost: $3,800, 14 tools, 30 plates, 12 metal plates
    • Maintenance fee: $114
    • Purpose: To serve as a service building to provide Aristobot satisfaction.
  • Sheriff’s Office:

    • Cost: $8,200, 8 tools, 32 plates, 24 metal plates, 18 plastic
    • Maintenance fee: $114
    • Purpose: Another service building that provides Aristobot satisfaction.
  • Refinery:

    • Cost: $6,700, 8 panels, 10 metal panels, 13 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $21 for 20 Aristobots
    • Function: Convert crude oil into important resource oil.
  • Diesel plant:

    • Cost: $11,000, 15 tools, 12 sheet metal, 15 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $23 for 35 Aristobots
    • Use: Convert plastic chambers and oil into diesel to make Aristobot happy.
  • Glass wool spinning machine:

    • Cost: $4,500, 15 circuit boards, 10 metal plates
    • Maintenance cost: $21 for 20 Aristobots
    • Function: Convert sand into glass wool, the required resource.
  • Hatmaker:

    • Cost: $7,500, 8 tools, 15 plates, 8 metal plates, 15 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $23 for 35 Aristobots
    • Purpose: Convert glass wool into a hat to satisfy Aristobot.
  • Steam oven:

    • Cost: $9,000, 25 tools, 25 plates, 12 metal plates, 8 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $11 for 15 Aristobots
    • Use: Increases the efficiency of nearby refinery buildings.
  • Carburizing plant:

    • Cost: $18,000, 14 tools, 12 plates, 16 metal plates, 15 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $23 for 35 Aristobots
    • Function: Convert oil and iron into carbide drill bits for exploration.
  • Fine dining restaurants:

    • Cost: $8,500, 8 tools, 40 plates, 18 metal plates, 20 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $91 for 30 Aristobots
    • Use: Convert oil and robot steak into robot gourmet treats for satisfying satisfaction.
  • casino:

    • Cost: $5,500, 8 tools, 38 plates, 26 metal plates, 10 plastic
    • Maintenance fee: $114
    • Purpose: To satisfy Aristobot.
  • Sulfur distillery:

    • Cost: $9,200, 15 panels, 10 metal panels, 5 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $21 for 25 Aristobots
    • Function: Convert gas into sulfur, a resource required for crafting.
  • Black powder making machine:

    • Cost: $8,000, 10 panels, 10 metal panels, 5 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $21 for 25 Aristobots
    • Use: Convert sulfur and charcoal into black powder for crafting.
  • Gunsmith:

    • Cost: $11,000, 30 tools, 15 wood panels, 10 metal panels, 15 plastic
    • Maintenance cost: $34 for 35 Aristobots
    • Function: Convert scrap and black powder into guns, a key resource for Aristobot satisfaction.

These buildings create a complex network, but with strategic planning, you will thrive in Aristobot stages and increase your success in the game.

steam world game

SteamWorld Build is a game that combines different types of games. First, players must create and manage a mining town on a strange planet. They build roads, houses and other things for the people in the town. It is important to meet residents’ needs to ensure they are satisfied. As players continue, they unlock new buildings and technologies and can make their workers better. The town’s success is measured by achieving targets based on total population.

Once the player has collected enough materials to repair the mine, the second part of the game begins. In this installment, players not only build a working mine, but also recruit miners to explore an old, abandoned mine. The goal is to find ancient technology that might help them leave Earth.

Along the way, players must collect ores and resources to expand their town. Miners need weapons to face the monsters in the mines. As a town gets larger, it attracts more engineers, allowing the player to recruit more miners and increase the town’s mining capabilities.

Steam World Build Trailer

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