How to Complete All Week 6 Challenges In MW3 Season 2?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is a video game released in 2023. It is the sequel to “Modern Warfare II” and the twentieth game in the “Call of Duty” series. The game tells the story of Task Force 141 as they try to stop Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov from starting World War III.

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It features realistic graphics and includes multiplayer maps from the previous game as well as new maps added later. There is also a Zombies mode developed by Treyarch. The game received mixed reviews upon launch.

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How to complete all MW3 Season 2 Week 6 challenges?

To complete all Week 6 challenges in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2, follow these steps:

Review challenges:

  • Check out Week 6’s multiplayer, zombies, and Warzone challenges. XP rewards are provided upon completion of each challenge.

Multiplayer Challenges:

  • The goal is to complete various challenges such as salvo shooting with recommended assault rifles, double kills with submachine guns, and more.
  • Use recommended weapons and attachments to complete missions faster.
  • Provides tips for optimizing gameplay for specific challenges.

Zombie Challenge:

  • Enter zombie mode to take on challenges like killing enemies with recommended weapons and heavy-hitting upgrades.
  • Prioritize objectives like critical kills and eliminating special zombies.
  • Complete challenges faster with Pack-A-Punch crystals and epic rare upgrades.

Warzone Challenge:

  • Dive into Warzone mode and face challenges tailored for the battlefield.
  • Complete objectives such as getting a kill or assist using recommended weapons, opening loot caches in specific areas of Castle Fortune, and fulfilling contracts.
  • Play strategically and utilize loot mode to efficiently collect loot caches.

Follow the suggestions:

  • Identify recommended weapons marked with a flame icon in the “Create A-Class” menu.
  • Use these weapons and related attachments to maximize efficiency and complete challenges quickly.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III gameplay

In Modern Warfare III, you command a soldier and execute objectives. Use various weapons, aim and shoot your enemies. Sometimes you’ll work with colleagues to achieve your goals. You can play against other players online. To win the game, your goal is to eliminate your opponents and complete the mission.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” trailer

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