How to Craft the Glider in Enshrouded? Ways to Make Glider in Enshrouded

A shrouded glider

In Enshrouded or similar open world games, a glider is a device or tool that allows the player to glide through the air over long distances.

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Gliders are often used for traversal and exploration purposes, providing players with an aerial perspective of the game world and allowing them access to otherwise inaccessible areas.

Gliders typically require players to jump from a high location, such as a cliff or tall building, to activate them, after which they can control their descent and direction to glide smoothly through the air. Gliders are a valuable asset in games like Enshrouded, where large open environments encourage exploration and discovery.

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How to make a shrouded glider?

Obtain 8 pieces of Shroud Wood:

  • Shroud wood is unique to the Shroud region.
  • Identify a tree that is completely inside the Shroud and chop it down with the axe.
  • Shroud wood has a unique appearance – grayer and more twisted than regular wood.

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Collect 2 animal pelts:

  • Defeat the goats and wolves on the surface to obtain animal pelts.
  • These creatures drop pelts as loot when encountered.

Craft 2 String:

  • Strings can be crafted manually without a workbench.
  • Utilizes 2 types of plant fibers, which can be found everywhere in the game world.

Collect 2 Shroud Spores:

  • Hunt evil humanoid creatures in the Shroud, especially at night outside of the Altar of Fire’s reach.
  • When Phil is defeated, they drop Shroud Spores, which are required for various crafting recipes.

How to make an advanced glider in cover?

Harvest 6 Shroud Timbers:

  • Find the trees in the Shroud biome.
  • Use the ax to chop down the shroud tree and collect the unique gray and twisted shroud wood.

Create 4 strips of linen:

  • Enter the hunter’s hand axis.
  • Use 2 flax plants per flax unit.
  • Look for flax, a purple flower that abounds in the northern Carnival Forest biome.

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Craft 4 Strings:

  • Manually craft rope, a versatile material in Enshrouded.

Obtain 8 body bags:

  • In the Carnival Forest biome, find the spitting plant.
  • Collect poison bags from regular, purple and orange poison-spitting plants.
  • Inside the Shroud, similar glowing blue plants are found; defeating them yields the valuable Shroud Sack.

How to make a great glider in a cage?

Collect 4 Shroud Timbers:

  • Explore the Shroud biome and find trees in this unique environment.
  • Use the ax to chop down the Shroud tree and collect the unique Shroud wood.

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Get 2 pieces of leather:

  • Use the Hunter’s Tanning Station to craft leather.
  • Mix together 10 Dry Pelts, 20 Salts, and 2 Ammonia Glands.
  • Ammonia glands are obtained by defeating the red walking mushroom in the Nomadic Highlands northeast of the starting point.

Collect 2 linens:

  • Linen cloth is obtained by crafting linen cloth on a hunter’s hand spindle.
  • Use flax, a purple flower commonly found in the northern Revelwood biome.

Create 4 alchemy bases:

  • Use the Alchemy Station to create an Alchemy Base.
  • Mix 1 Shroud Liquid, 1 Mycelium, 1 Water, and 1 Shroud Spore.
  • Enhance your crafting abilities by mastering alchemy.


In Enshrouded, players will immerse themselves in a vast open-world survival RPG set in the dangerous realm of Embervale. The once thriving world now struggles with the ominous presence of the Deadly Shroud, which looms over everything in its path.

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As the protagonist, you play the role of the Son of Fire, shouldering the important responsibility of awakening fellow survivors and fighting the corrosive threat of the evil fog.

Your mission unfolds in a dynamic and challenging environment where strategic decision-making and resource management are crucial for survival. Navigating the eerie landscape of Amberville, you must uncover the secrets behind the Shroud, face environmental hazards and hostile entities, and wrest the world from its destructive grasp.

As a Son of Fire, your journey through the Shroud is as much about individual survival as it is about a collective effort to free the world from the oppressive Shroud. The game weaves a compelling narrative that urges players to explore, strategize, and engage in a detailed open-world environment.

Enshrouded blends survival elements and RPG mechanics to provide an immersive experience in which players must face the challenges of Embervale, gradually uncover the secrets that shroud the world, and work to repair it.

Hidden gameplay

Enshrouded is a video game where you survive and play a character and see everything from the side. Up to 16 people can play at the same time. The game takes place in a place called Embervale, which is a huge open world that players can freely explore. In the main world, players can build their base, obtain what they need, and craft new tools and equipment.

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Players can bring friendly characters to their base, providing them with new crafting ideas and tasks. There are also areas covered in fog called “Shrouds” where players can find good loot and treasure chests, but are dangerous due to the powerful monsters and players can only stay there for a short time before the character dies. time.

Like other survival games, players need to make sure they have enough food and water. But in this game, hunger and thirst only affect the player’s ability to fight. Drinking water makes players stronger, and eating food makes them stronger. Players can use different weapons to defeat enemies and avoid or block attacks.

As players play more, they get better at combat and choose to be a Trickster, Battle Mage, or Survivor. They will also get a glider and grappling hook to move around the game world. If the player’s character dies, they keep their gear and items but lose the raw materials they collected.


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