How to Create and Use Playlists in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth? A Complete Guide

How to create and use playlists in Dragon Warrior?

Chapter 1 Progress:

  • Players must have made sufficient progress in the first chapter of the main story before accessing the playlist feature.

Trigger substory 1 – “Radio active”:

  • The playlist mechanic is introduced to players in the not-to-be-missed substory 1, “Radio Active.”

Explore different modes:

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Listen to default and acquired tracks:

  • In these modes, players can listen to the default music tracks as well as any CDs they have acquired throughout the game.

Create a playlist on your smartphone:

  • Players can create playlists using the smartphone app, with the exception of After6Junction2 podcast episodes, which are more geared toward Japanese speakers.

Add tracks to playlist:

  • In the main menu, select tracks from the song list and add them to the playlist in the order you want.

Activate the music player:

  • Holding down the L1/LB button activates the note symbol in the lower left corner of the screen.

Navigate between tracks:

  • Pressing the corresponding directional input shuffles between tracks and plays the desired track on the music player.

Usage restrictions:

  • The music player cannot be used in safe houses, dungeons, or specific story segments in various chapters. However, the track will continue to play in the main menu.

Video demonstration:

  • A video demonstration is provided below showing the steps to create a playlist and use the music player on the go.

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How to get more music tracks?

Explore the game map:

  • Start by exploring the game map during gameplay.
  • Keep an eye out for music CDs scattered throughout various locations as collectibles.

Participate in extracurricular activities:

  • Participate in the many side activities available in the game.
  • Successfully complete these activities to earn points as rewards.

Accumulated points:

  • Accumulate points by performing well in side activities, missions or challenges.
  • Points are a valuable currency for earning rewards.

Redeem points for music CDs:

  • Find an in-game system or vendor that allows you to earn points through exchange.
  • Use accumulated points to purchase music CDs, a sure-fire way to expand your collection.

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Like a Dragon: Unlimited Wealth

“Yakuza: Infinite Fortune” is developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. It is the ninth part of the series. The game ventures into Hawaii, following Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu as they search for Kasuga’s mother amid Kiryu’s battle with cancer.

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The game was released on January 26, 2024 and received positive reviews for its engaging storyline and gameplay mechanics. Kasuga and Kiryu’s journey blends nostalgia for old fans with fresh adventure in new locations. “Caiyuan Guangjin” has been critically acclaimed since its launch, adding another fascinating chapter to everyone’s favorite “Leap of Dragons” series, attracting players with its immersive world and rich storyline.

“Yakuza: Infinite Fortune” gameplay

In Yakuza: Infinite Fortune, players guide Kasuga Ichiban, Kiryu Kazuma and their team through the Isezaki Ijincho district of Yokohama and the city of Honolulu, Hawaii. They can also explore the Kamurocho district from the early game. The game features turn-based combat, and characters can choose different “jobs” with unique abilities and styles.

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You’ll find classic mini-games like Karaoke and Mahjong, as well as new games like Crazy Delivery, Sujimon Battle, and Miss Match (Haruhi’s dating app). There’s also the happy resort Dondoko Island where Kasuga manages the resort, and Kiryu’s bucket list where he reunites with old friends.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Fortune plot

Four years after the Tojo-kai and Omi alliance collapsed, Kasuga Ichiban, now known as the “Hero of Yokohama,” helped the former yakuza find honest work. But VTuber Hisoka Tatara spread lies about Kasuga, which led to Kasuga and his friends Yu Nanba and Koichi Adachi being fired. They learned that the Qinglong clan was recruiting ex-yakuza members in large numbers. The clan’s acting leader, Ebina Masataka, revealed that he hired them for legitimate business.

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Kasuga travels to Hawaii with Kazuma Kiryu to find his mother, Akane. They face the gang and uncover a conspiracy involving Akane and a dangerous organization called Palekana. Kasuga and his party rescued Akane, but the conflict in Japan escalated. With help, they uncover the truth and stop a dangerous plan. Kasuga and Kiryu’s journey ends with hope for the future.

“Yakuza: Riches Are Infinite” trailer

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