How to Defeat the First Boss in Witchfire? Witchfire First Boss Fight Guide

Witch fire

Witchfire is an exciting first-person shooter developed and published by The Astronauts. It will be available in early access on Windows PC starting September 20, 2023, giving players a sneak peek. The game immerses players in a single-player adventure filled with intense action and shooting.

Under the direction of director Adrian Chmielarz and utilizing the impressive Unreal Engine 4, Witchfire combines stunning visuals with fast-paced gameplay. While it’s still in early access, meaning it’s not yet final, players can already dive into the fascinating Witchfire universe. Early Access allows developers to gather player feedback and make important improvements to ensure the final product is polished.

In Witchfire, you’ll find yourself in a dark fantasy world where witches and witch hunters are fighting an epic battle for dominance. Expect exciting combat and a combination of intense combat and magical powers as you explore this promising first-person shooter.

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How to defeat the first boss in Witchfire?

To defeat the first boss in Witchfire, you must first jump into the glowing chasm to find the boss in the Crimson Shores level. When the Iron Gate Castle boss attempts a ground attack, either jump over it or dash underneath.

While in mid-air, weapons that fire at you deal extra damage. Consider using the Iron Cross heavy spell to restrain the boss. Avoid getting too close to the edge of the cliff, as falling means death. Witchfire is in early access, so game details may change based on player feedback.


Witchfire First Boss Battle Guide

Witchfire is a game full of action and magic. To help you defeat the first boss, here’s a simple guide:

Find a boss:

In the Blood Coast level, you need to find the first boss. Look for the glowing crack and jump in to face the boss.

Avoid attacks:

When the boss of Iron Gate Castle attempts to smash the ground, you have two options. You can jump over the attack or quickly dash under it. While in the air, shoot your weapon or use magic to damage the boss.

Use magic spells:

Try using the Iron Cross heavy spell. It will pull the boss away from you and trap it for a while. This gives you the chance to do more damage.

Beware of cliffs:

Don’t let your boss push you too far over the edge. Falling will make you lost.

Witchfire gameplay

Witchfire’s gameplay promises an action-packed and skill-driven experience. It’s a first-person shooter that focuses on action without the distraction of cutscenes. This means you’ll always be at the center of the action.

One of the interesting things about Witchfire is that it incorporates elements commonly found in roguelike games. In simple terms, this means that games may have features such as randomized levels or difficult challenges to make each playthrough unique. You won’t always face the same thing, which adds a layer of excitement and unpredictability to the game.

So in Witchfire, get ready to dive into intense combat, use your skills to overcome challenges, and experience fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay without any interruptions in the action. Plus, the roguelike elements keep you on your toes because you never know what’s going to happen. It all depends on your shooting skills and quick thinking.

Witchfire trailer

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