How to Play Multiplayer in Enshrouded? Step by Step Guide

Is Enshroud a multiplayer game?

Enshrouded offers an immersive multiplayer experience for up to 16 players. The game offers multiple avenues for multiplayer interaction, allowing players to interact with friends in three main ways.

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First, players can create their own world, customize the game environment to their liking, and invite up to 16 friends to join the adventure.

Or, they can join a friend’s world and participate in the console gaming experience. For those looking for a persistent gaming environment that’s accessible even when the creator is offline, Enshrouded helps set up dedicated servers to provide a shared space for friends to explore and overcome challenges together.

Whether hosting, joining or opting for a dedicated server, Enshrouded emphasizes a powerful multiplayer framework that provides a collaborative and dynamic gaming experience for up to 16 players.

How to play multiplayer games in Enshrouded?

Launch envelope:

  • Open the Enshrouded game on your device.

Access the Play menu:

  • Navigate to the in-game Play menu.

Select “Host”:

  • Select the Host option from the Playback menu.

Select or create a world:

  • Choose a world to play with your friends or create a new one.

Make sure you are connected online:

  • Make sure you are online, as your friends will need an online connection to join the world of your choice.

Configure world settings:

  • Adjust the maximum number of players for the world of your choice.

Click “Play”:

  • Click the Play button for the selected world.

Set password (optional):

  • If necessary, set a password to restrict access and prevent strangers from joining.

Share with friends:

  • Share world details with your friends so they can find it.

Friends who joined:

  • Instruct your friend to search the world in the Join menu and enter a password (if you set one).

Dedicated server (optional):

  • If you want a persistent world regardless of the creator’s online status, consider setting up a dedicated server.

Check out the dedicated server setup guide:

  • If you choose a dedicated server, see our guide on how to set up a dedicated server in Enshrouded.

Join a dedicated server:

  • If your friend joins a dedicated server, the process remains the same: search for the world name in the Join menu and enter the password.

Friends-only world (optional):

  • You can choose to display only your friends’ worlds by selecting the appropriate option in the Join menu.

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In Enshrouded, players will immerse themselves in a vast open-world survival RPG set in the dangerous realm of Embervale. The once thriving world now struggles with the ominous presence of the Deadly Shroud, which looms over everything in its path.

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As the protagonist, you play the role of the Son of Fire, shouldering the important responsibility of awakening fellow survivors and fighting the corrosive threat of the evil fog.

Your mission unfolds in a dynamic and challenging environment where strategic decision-making and resource management are crucial for survival.

Traveling across the eerie landscape of Amberville, you must uncover the secrets behind the Shroud, face environmental hazards and hostile entities, and wrest the world from its destructive grasp.

As a Son of Fire, your journey through the Shroud is as much about individual survival as it is about a collective effort to free the world from the oppressive Shroud. The game weaves a compelling narrative that urges players to explore, strategize, and engage in a detailed open-world environment.

Enshrouded blends survival elements and RPG mechanics to provide an immersive experience in which players must face the challenges of Embervale, gradually uncover the secrets that shroud the world, and work to repair it.

Hidden gameplay

Enshrouded offers a captivating blend of exploration, combat, and teamwork in a vast and mysterious world. Surviving the remains of a great kingdom requires searching through the fog of corruption.

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The game stands out for its intense boss battles, supports up to 16 players on dedicated servers, and fosters a strong community spirit. Crafting and survival elements add depth, and players can create weapons and structures relevant to the storyline.

Drawing inspiration from Valheim and Minecraft, each session is a unique adventure filled with dark horror. Enshrouded is classified as an MMO, which features a block-based world and online multiplayer action role-playing gameplay. Server hosting will begin on January 24th at GTXGaming.


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