How to Remove Tree Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley, A Step by step Guide

Disney Dream Valley

Disney Dream Valley is a 2023 video game in which players take care of a magical valley inhabited by Disney and Pixar characters who have lost their memories due to a curse. Developed by Gameloft Montréal, it will be released in early access on various platforms in September 2022 and will be fully launched on December 5, 2023. Originally planned as a free-to-play game, it was later converted to a paid model that required a “Founder’s Pack” or Xbox Game Pass Early Access. The game includes the first expansion pack, A Crack in Time, released alongside the full release.

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How to Remove Tree Stumps at Disneyland’s Dreamland

Complete Anna’s Frozen-themed questline:

  • Unlock the Frozen Kingdom and complete Princess Anna’s quests to build a friendship with her.
  • Reaching friendship level 2 unlocks the “Icy Invitation” quest.

Visit Anna’s House:

  • Find Anna’s house in Brave Forest.
  • Pulling out a book about mysterious plants from her library table.

Get Blade Upgrades:

  • Return to Anna with the book and she will suggest a shovel upgrade.
  • Collect 10 softwood, 4 hardwood, 4 iron ingots and 3 patching parts for upgrades.

Gather the required materials:

  • Cork: Found in trees near the Plaza, Peace Meadow, and Courage Forest.
  • Hardwood: Found on the forest floor in the Forest of Courage (darker than softwood).
  • Iron Ingot: Crafted at the Crafting Station using 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal (mined from cliffside rocks in the Forest of Courage).
  • Repair Parts: Crafted from 2 Iron Ingots at the Crafting Station.

Upgrade your shovel with a shovel blade:

  • Use the collected materials to craft a shovel blade.
  • This upgrade allows you to remove tree stumps and other obstructions.

Use a shovel to remove a tree stump:

  • Once you have the Shovel Blade, you can access tree stumps in various areas and biomes, including squares and peaceful meadows.
  • Use your upgraded shovel to interact with tree stumps to clear them from the landscape.

Make sure you follow the quest lines, collect the necessary materials, and upgrade your shovel to a shovel blade to effectively remove tree stumps and enhance your gaming experience in Disney’s Dreamland.


A guide to all the hidden quests in Disneyland of Dreams

Very magical Minnie:

  • Find the magic book east of the wishing well in the square.
  • Collect the book to automatically start the mission.
  • Follow the mission instructions to complete the objectives.

Three courses thank you:

  • Sparkling bags are found in the Forest of Courage biome.
  • Pick up the bag to trigger the mission.
  • Follow the instructions to complete mission tasks.

Secrets and Plans:

  • Find the Sparkling Broken Tablet Fragment near the pond in the Trust Woodland biome.
  • Collect tablet fragments to start the mission.
  • Complete tasks by meeting requirements.

Broken Memories (WALL-E):

  • Make sure your friendship with Wall-E reaches level 6.
  • Clear Nightthorn in any biome to obtain WALL-E’s Memory Fragment.
  • Collect memory fragments to start the mission.
  • Complete tasks according to assigned goals.

Embark on these hidden quests in Disney’s Valley of Dreams by exploring biomes and collecting magical items associated with each quest.

Disney Dream Valley Trailer

Disney Dream Valley gameplay

Disneyland Dreams is a 2023 video game in which players travel to the Magic Valley with Disney and Pixar characters who have lost their memories due to a curse. In this non-linear game similar to Animal Crossing, players explore valleys, scavenge magical plants, and engage in activities such as cooking and crafting.

The game includes real-time elements that are synchronized with the player’s console time. Players use magic tools, earn currency (star coins), and interact with villagers to build friendships with them by chatting, giving gifts, doing activities, etc. The goal is to enhance your valley, unlock new features and enjoy various in-game rewards.

Disney Dream Valley plot

The game tells the story of the player returning to his childhood rural hometown and entering a dream world called “Dream Light Valley”. Under Merlin’s guidance, they discovered that the villagers in the valley had lost their memories due to night thorns. With the help of dreamlight magic, players work hard to clear thorns, restore the valley, and help villagers from different areas.

Along the way, they uncover their own pasts as former rulers left behind, leading to the valley’s decline. The story unfolds as players face dark forces, the Forsaken, and their inner child corrupted by negative emotions. Through understanding and forgiveness, players and the Forsaken work together to save Dreamlight Valley from destruction.

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