How to Solve the Mindgames Puzzles in Ghostrunner 2?

How to solve the mind game puzzles in Ghostrunner 2?

In the game Ghostrunner 2, the Mindgames chapter contains tricky puzzles involving purple and orange crystals. Solve them:

The first stage:

  • Break the two purple crystals on the right.

  • Use the vent to reach the upper platform.

  • Break the first purple crystal, then go through the walkable wall and break the second one.

  • Go left and drop down to break the orange crystal.

  • The last purple crystal is near the orange crystal; use the grapple gun to reach it.

second stage:

  • Start by breaking the purple crystal near the hologram.

  • Quickly run towards the nearby orange crystal.

  • Drop and break the two purple crystals at the entrance to the stage.

  • Use your sprint ability to save time.

  • Finish by breaking the last orange crystal on the walkable wall.

The third phase:

  • Start with the orange crystal on the upper platform.

  • Wait for the platform with the purple crystal to come over.

  • Break the orange crystal, then jump to the platform and break the purple crystal.

  • Jump to the vent to reach the second purple crystal.

  • Break it and then jump to the pillar to break the last orange crystal.

The fourth stage:

  • In this stage you will use the portal to teleport.

  • Start by breaking the two purple crystals on the upper platform.

  • Enter the portal on the left at the appropriate moment.

  • Break the crystal inside to reach the second purple crystal.

  • Drop and break the orange crystal.

  • Drop again and break the purple crystal in the middle.

  • Wait for the exhaust port on the rotating platform below to reach the last crystal.

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Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 is a video game produced by One More Level and published by 505 Games. It follows the launch of the first Ghostrunner game in 2020. The action-themed game was released on October 26, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

In Ghostrunner 2, players will experience intense action and challenges throughout the game. The sequel continues the story and gameplay of the first Ghostrunner game, providing players with a thrilling action experience.


“Ghostrunner 2” gameplay

In Ghostrunner 2, you play as a character named Jack from a first-person perspective. Jack is extremely agile and can dash, jump, wall-run, slide, and more through dangerous places. He can also swing around using a grappling hook and use a special ability called “sensory enhancement” to briefly slow down time, making it easier to move through the air.

Jack’s stamina meter limits how often he can sprint and deflect attacks. His primary weapon is a sword, but he also has special abilities, such as throwing electric stars called “shurikens” to stun enemies and activate switches. Both Jack and his enemies have very low health, and it only takes one hit to defeat them.

In the game, Jack needs to leave Damo Tower and fight against an aggressive cyber-ninja artificial intelligence cult. Some levels in Ghostrunner 2 include motorcycle combat, where Jack rides a motorcycle to fight enemies and avoid obstacles. The game provides more open levels, allowing players to plan their own route before facing the enemy. As players progress, they can purchase upgrades to make Jack more powerful, although the motorcycle cannot be upgraded.

“Ghostwalker 2” trailer

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