Is Hunt Showdown Down? How To Check Hunt Showdown Server Status? Hunt Showdown Update 1.14 And Tide Of Corruption

Is Hunter showing off?

PC servers were temporarily offline for approximately 3 hours at 9am (CEST) on October 4th to deploy Tide of Corruption and update 1.14. If you’re wondering if Hunt: Showdown isn’t running or “fails,” it means you might be having issues playing the game. Sometimes, issues can arise that prevent you from logging into the game, and you’re not the only one facing these issues.

It’s like when you want to go on an adventure in a game, but something goes wrong and you can’t get in. The problem could be because of the scary monsters in the game or a problem with the game server. Unfortunately, the official Hunt: Showdown website may not have the information you need to figure out what’s going wrong. But there are ways to check if it’s not just you who is having the problem.

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How to check Hunt Showdown server status?

If there is an issue with the Hunt: Showdown game server, you can follow these steps:

Use third-party websites

  • Visit a website that collects player reports of game problems. So if a lot of people say they can’t play, it probably means the game’s servers are down.

Check Twitter

  • Check out the official Twitter page for Hunter: Showdown. Sometimes game developers use Twitter to indicate if they are aware of any issues. If they talk about the problem, it can help you understand what’s going on.

Basic troubleshooting

  • If you can’t find any problem reports, there are a few simple things you can try yourself:

  • Close and open the game again.

  • Restart your computer or game console.

  • Check your internet connection to make sure it is working well.

  • If none of this works, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

Verify game files (Steam)

Contact customer support

Keep in mind that if there are server issues, the game developers are probably working on fixing them. So, please be patient and soon when the server is back up and running smoothly you can enjoy your hunting adventure again.


Hunt: Showdown Update 1.14

Bug fixes


battle log

  • Fixed a visual issue showing health regeneration affecting incoming damage.

  • Fixed a visual issue that caused the death screen to become corrupted when trading kills.

  • Fixed a visual issue that displayed a corrupted death screen when dying in the Fountain Zone in Soul Survivor.

Quick play

shooting range

user interface

  • Fixed an issue with weapon charms not being equipped while in Prestige.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the 2-man team button to not be grayed out when queuing with a 3-man team.

  • Players will now receive the correct notification when unlocking a legendary skin for that weapon, receiving an instance of the weapon.

  • All Legendary Hunters are now correctly displayed in the “Recruiting – Legendary Hunters” tab.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Rotjaw bounty icon to disappear during and after viewing.

  • Fixed an issue that caused pings to appear when players were typing in text chat and using the ping keybinding.


  • Fixed an issue where weapon spread was too accurate when jumping.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the contraband status of weapons to be picked up to be lost under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed visual bug showing double shell ejection on LeMat Mark II UpperMat.

  • Fixed Nitro Rapid Rifle friendly fire damage reduction.

  • Fixed an issue causing lag when trying to reload Sparks LLR and variants immediately after shooting in ADS.

  • Fixed an issue that caused your equipped weapon to fall to the ground if the interaction to loot a weapon from a saddlebag was interrupted.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some projectiles to disappear if the hunter died during cooking.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the Bomb Lance waxed fragmentation charge being able to penetrate thin walls.

  • Fixed some incorrect weapon stats.

  • Fixed the exploding crossbow in Judgment “Hail for Defeat”.



  • Adjusted Rotjaw spawning behavior to ensure minimum distance from extraction points.

  • Fixed Rotjaw trace showing incorrect activity status after reconnecting.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the target Whisper to remain red if an enemy Hunter retreated into the radius.

  • Fixed a rare issue causing hold interactions to fail randomly.

  • Fixed an issue where new challenges were incorrectly displayed after reconnecting.

  • Fixed a visual issue causing partner loading information to be lost after reconnecting.

  • Fixed an issue that caused burned health blocks to not be removed correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect audio would play when reaching the top of a ladder.

stillwater bayou

  • Alice’s Farm: Enclosed the attic of a building, allowing hunters to see through the roof.

  • Blanchett Graves: Fixed visible black texture.

  • Church of the Black Madonna: Fixed the flickering asset in the basement.

  • Cypress Cabin: Fixed floating grass.

  • Cyprus Cottage: Updated path to Netball Crematorium.

  • Darrow Livestock: Adjusted one of the fence gates to prevent hunters from being pushed into the wall.

  • Lockbay Docks: Adjusted the location of large family chests.

  • Lockbay Docks: Fixed texture issue on basement floor.

  • Port Reeker: A hole has expanded to the south in the roof of a small cabin.

  • Reynard Mill & Lumber: Closed to unintentional access on the south side of the building.

  • Slaughterhouse: Fixed floating dead pig model.

  • Slaughterhouse: Adjusted collision around some haystacks.

  • Stillwater Bend: Encloses the attic of a building, allowing hunters to see through the roof.

lawson delta

  • Arden Parish: Fixed a scrap Beak Boss Target dressing sticking out of the roof.

  • Parish of Arden: Fixed door frames de-rendering at short distances.

  • Arden Parish: A one-way peeking crack closed.

  • Blanc Brinery: Fixed the floating extraction cart on the north side.

  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Moved some crows to different locations.

  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Closed area to inadvertent access.

  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Fixed LOD on ramps.

  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: Adjusted collision around wing doors.

  • C&A Lumber: Area closed to inadvertent access.

  • Goddard’s Dock: Fixed some floating vegetation and objects towards the Gastric Turret.

  • Godard Quay: Fixed AI navigation area.

  • Lawson Station: Fixed some floating vegetation and objects in construction site buildings.

  • Lawson Station: Moved some trees in the eastern forest.

  • Stomach Battery: Fixed some misaligned spider boss dressings.

  • Stomach Battery: Fixed some flickering walls.

  • Nichols Prison: Fixed an issue that caused some crows to get caught on the railings when Scrapmouth appears.

  • Nichols Prison: A misplaced light was turned off.

  • Nichols Prison: Area closed to inadvertent access.

  • Salter’s Pork: Fixed duplicate wall.

  • Salter’s Pork: Fixed some floating grass.

  • Windy Run: Makes roof entrances smoother.

  • Windy Run: Blocks off an area where you can get trapped on one side of a building.


  • Darling Shipyards: Blocked off an area where you could be trapped.

  • First Witness Church: Fixed some floating assets.

  • First Witness Church: Moved a sledgehammer that could not be picked up.

  • Fort Bolden: Added a missing ladder.

  • Fort Bolden: Blocked off the area where you might be trapped.

  • King Snake Mine: Blocks off areas where hunters can pass through rooftops.

  • King Snake Mine: Fixed unexpected line of sight.

  • Lower Desal: Smoothed out some vault points.

  • Pearl Plantation: Moved some saddle posts.

  • Pearl Plantation: Fixed some floating vegetation.

  • Reeves Quarry: Fixed a red barrel going through the ground.

  • Seven Sisters Manor: Fixed some broken glass on the roof.

  • Seven Sisters Manor: Fixed some visual errors on the ground.

  • Stanley Coal Company: Blocked off areas where you could be trapped.

  • Upper DeSalle: Removed some invisible colliders on top of walls around the bank building.

  • Crying Stone Mill: When the elevator is on the ground, you can squat down to get off the elevator.

  • Crying Stonemill: Adjusted the LOD on the cart.

wave of corruption

Event date/time

Event start time: 9am CEST on October 4, 2023 Event end time: 9am CEST on November 29, 2023

Game features

hunter effect

  • Hunters take fire damage when they get too close to fire.

  • However, hunters who join the Infernal Pact gain the Fire trait, which prevents them from catching fire. They can also heal themselves in the flames!


  • Parts of all maps will be on fire, as seen in the original Hell wildcard condition.

  • The immolated are immune to fire.

  • Some consumables, such as dynamite, will burn faster when thrown into a fire.

  • While the audio is quieter than the original Hell, it still puts a damper on the footsteps of other hunters who want to take you out.

For more details about Tide of Corruption, check out the official website.

Hunt: Showdown game information

Hunt: Showdown is a video game in which you become a bounty hunter. The game is produced by Crytek and runs on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. It was first released on PC in August 2019. In the game, you’re in a world filled with terrifying monsters, and your job is to hunt them down. But it’s not just about hunting; You also need to survive against other players trying to do the same thing.

The game was originally made in the United States under a different title, but they ran into some funding issues and moved development to Germany. At the time it was called Hunt: Showdown and became a competitive multiplayer game.

Players explore a large map, looking for clues to where monsters are, and use different weapons and tools to destroy them. There are also two modes: one where you hunt monsters for bounties, and another where you compete in a battle royale-style game. The Hunt: Showdown has received critical acclaim for its unique gameplay.

Hunt: Showdown Gameplay

In The Hunt: Showdown, you take on the role of a bounty hunter. There are two main ways to play. The first is Bounty Hunting, where you can work alone or with up to two other players. Your job is to hunt down fearsome bosses and earn bounties for killing them. To find these bosses, you must collect clues in a large open map full of hazards and other enemies. You can use various weapons such as shotguns and traps to defeat bosses and survive until you leave the map.

The second way to play is called “Soul Survivor”, formerly known as “Quickplay”. It’s like a battle royale. You start with minimal equipment and need to find something on the map. The goal is to become a source carrier and defend against other players by activating the fourth rift.

If you win, you can take your character and all of his items into Bounty Hunting mode. The game supports up to 12 players per match. Hunt: Showdown is known for its combination of monster hunting and player-versus-player action, making it a unique and exciting game.

The Hunt: Against the Tides of Corruption trailer

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