Kitsune Fruit Blox Fruits Release Date, When is the Kitsune Fruit Coming Out?

Kitsune Fruit Blox Fruits release date

Blox Fruits fans may be excited about Update 21, which will be released at the end of November. The game’s developers have teased a new feature in the game: the Flying Fox Fruit in One Piece. This fruit allows players to transform into a nine-tailed fox, similar to the character in Naruto.

While full details of its impact on Blox Fruits are unknown, it’s expected that it will allow players to disguise themselves as someone else, potentially aiding in Raid Boss battles. According to previous patterns, the release date may be November 25th. Kitsune Fruit is a cool new feature coming to Blox Fruits that allows players to transform into a special fox. Players can’t wait to see how this new fruit will change their gaming adventures!

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brox fruit

Blox Fruits, the popular Roblox game modeled after One Piece, has released its long-awaited Update 20, introducing key items like mammoth fruits and scrolls. The official announcement confirms the upcoming launch of Blox Fruits Update 21 in November, followed by Update 22 in December.

Given the success of its predecessor, attention is focused on what Update 21 will bring. A recent trailer released by the developer hinted at some exciting new additions, particularly One Piece’s Kitsune Fruit. The trailer is in line with the 2023 roadmap, which shows a fruit believed to be the Kitsune Fruit. While specific details about the update have yet to be revealed, the images accompanying the trailer may give players an idea of ​​what to expect when the fox fruit is introduced in the upcoming update.


Blox Fruit Game

In the world of Blox Fruits, gameplay revolves around four main ways of dealing damage: fighting styles, swords, guns, and the titular Blox Fruits. Mysterious and named for their unique powers, Blox Fruits are found throughout the game. Once consumed, these fruits impart supernatural abilities, each with its own unique power.

However, the user trades the ability to swim for newfound abilities and faces the risk of drowning if left underwater for too long. There are many ways to obtain Brox Fruit, from raiding factories and defending castles to defeating enemy brigades and collecting hourly spawns.

Players can also purchase fruits, trade, or participate in events to gain these abilities. There are also unconventional ways, such as buying permanent brox fruits or getting them as gifts. In Update 20, the game features 37 types of fruit, adding depth and strategy to the Blox Fruits gaming experience.

When will the fox demon fruit be released?

Kitsune Fruit makes its debut in Blox Fruits, with the highly anticipated Update 21 set to be released at the end of November. Inspired by the “One Piece” character, the fruit allows players to transform into a nine-tailed fox, somewhat like the “Naruto” character. While specific details on how it will work in Blox Fruits have yet to be revealed, it is expected to allow players to disguise themselves as someone else, which would be particularly useful when challenging Raid Boss fights.

Going by the game’s typical update schedule, the release date would likely be November. Players are looking forward to this new feature, which is expected to bring fresh and exciting elements to their gaming experience soon!

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