Lies of P Level Up Guide, How to Level Up in Lies of P?

P’s lie

“P’s Lie” is a new video game that, while difficult, is exciting to play. The smart people at Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio worked hard to make it happen. It’s like a special adventure that you can play starting September 19, 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game is a bit like a modern version of an old story: The Adventures of Pinocchio in Italy, written in 1883.

When game experts played “P’s Lie”, they were full of praise for it. They like the challenge and the feeling of playing games. It’s always nice when people enjoy what others have worked so hard to do!

P Level Upgrade Guide Lies

In the game “P’s Lie”, you can make your character stronger and better in different ways. You can make your weapons stronger, improve your special legion arms, gain new abilities from your P-organs, and enhance your own abilities. When your base abilities are better, you can hit enemies harder, take more hits, and use your gear in smarter ways.

Like many other challenging games, such as Dark Souls, you must enhance your skills to become a tougher fighter. But it may not be clear at first how to do this. So if you’re wondering how to make your character stronger in Lies of P, we’ve got some tips to help you out.

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How to level up in P’s Lie?

In order to become stronger in P’s lies, you need something called Ergo. Just like the money you use in the game. You can obtain Ergs by defeating golem enemies, defeating big bosses, or selling items you find. Sometimes, you can also find special Ergo items that give you more Ergo when used. It’s a bit like how you collect coins or points in other games.

With basic ergs, you can make your character better or buy things you need. You’ll also find the rare Ergo dropped by tough bosses, which is pretty special. It’s a good idea to take good care of this rare Ergo. In this game, when you lose a battle and die, you lose the Ergo you were carrying.

But if you can return to where you died without being defeated again, you can pick up your lost ergs. Just be careful, if you get defeated again before picking it up, you’ll lose it forever. So, once you have Ergo, where can you go to make your character stronger?

Where does P’s lie escalate?

As you explore the city in P’s Lies, you’ll discover broken machines known as Stargazers. But if you touch them, a character named P can repair them, which helps him feel better and fills up his health bottle. It’s like finding a special place to become stronger, right? Well, that’s almost it. This is where Lies of P does something a little different.

First, you can make yourself stronger at the first observatory outside the station. But once you defeat the first big boss and enter the Clutter Hotel, you can no longer level up at the Stargazer. Instead, you need to talk to a person named Sophia in the Clutter Hotel to become stronger. She greets you when you first arrive at the hotel and usually stays near a large observatory, the one located on a golden platform, but sometimes she moves.

Stargazer also works like a teleporter. So, to level up, you must first teleport back to Hotel Kratt and then talk to Sophia. Lies of P may have some new surprises in store for us when we reach the ending, but for most of the game you’ll be teleporting back to the Clutter Hotel to grow stronger with Sofia. The stronger you want to become, the more special money you need each time.

There’s also something akin to leveling up, but not quite when you rescue a character named Geppetto. You can sit on the chair in his room, which will help strengthen your P organ. If you have enough special crystals, you can increase the power of your pulse cells and more.

Which stats should you upgrade first in P’s Lies?

In P’s Lie, you can enhance six attributes. These statistics can help you get better at different aspects of the game. Let’s talk about each one and what they do, and then we’ll discuss which one you should try to make stronger first.

  1. Vitality: This makes you stronger, gives you more health (like your health bar), and helps you regenerate your Guard better (Guard is like a shield that protects you).

  2. Vitality: This helps you have more stamina (like energy) and increases your defense so you can take fewer hits.

  3. Capacity: This allows you to carry more stuff without being slowed down, and also increases the number of special items you can use in the game.

  4. Power: This will make you stronger when using heavy weapons, and will also make your defense a little better.

  5. Technique: This will make you stronger when using fast weapons and will also increase your defense slightly.

  6. Advanced: This increases your strength when you throw things or use Legion Arms (special arms in the game).

Now, deciding which one to power up first depends on how you like to play the game and what weapons or techniques you prefer. It’s like choosing the best tool for the job!

P’s Lie gameplay

In the game “P’s Lie” you control a character named Pinocchio. You can see Pinocchio and the world around him from behind, just like watching a movie. Pinocchio walked around the city of Crater on his feet and did a lot of exploring. During the course of his adventure, Pinocchio battles strange enemies that are half machine, half creature.

To fight these enemies, Pinocchio has cool weapons like swords and axes. He can also dodge their attacks or defend to stay safe. One special feature of Pinocchio is his mechanical arm. It can do some neat things, like grab enemies with a grappling hook or shoot with a flamethrower. In this game, you can create or craft 30 different weapons by combining different parts.

Your decisions in certain parts of the game can change what happens next, leading to three different endings. Some people say that playing this game is a bit like playing other challenging games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Sekiro. It’s not easy, but it’s fun!

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