Lies of P Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Speech Bubble, How to Find Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance in Lies of P?

P Rosa Lies with speech bubble at the entrance to Isabel Street

The “Rosa Isabel Street Entrance Speech Bubble” in the game “P’s Lie” is a special place that players are looking for. In this game, Rosa Isabel Street was once a happy and beautiful place until it was attacked by dangerous puppets. Now, the town is filled with the remains of these puppets. This entrance is an important part of the game as it leads to Rosa Isabel Street and the player is trying to find it.

To find the key to Rosa Isabel Street in Lies of P, players need to follow specific steps. They must first complete the Marum District and reach the road leading to the Clutter Hotel. They will then need to speak to a character named Geppetto, who will guide them to Lady Antonia. After speaking with Lady Antonia, players will receive the Rosa Isabel Street Key, which they can use to enter the entrance and continue their journey in the game.

In P’s Lies, completing the Rosa Isabel Street Key involves exploring various areas, interacting with characters, and collecting items. Players will encounter various challenges such as repairing stargazers, finding special items, and helping characters.This mission adds depth to the game and makes it more engaging for players

How to find the Rosa Isabel Street entrance in P’s Lies?

Here is a step-by-step guide on “How to Find the Rosa Isabel Street Entrance in P’s Lies”:

Departing from The Kratt Hotel:

  • Depart from Hotel Krat and head to Rosa Isabelle Street.

Entering Rosa Isabel Street:

  • Once you reach Rosa Isabel Street, enter the area through the open gate.

Fix Stargazer:

  • As you follow the straight path, keep an eye out for the stargazer and fix it.

Defeat the Golem:

  • As you progress along the streets, you’ll encounter puppet enemies. Defeat them as you progress.

Barrel breakage:

  • When you come to the slightly larger area, turn left and go up the stairs. At the top, break the barrel to find 1x Fable Catalyst.

Collect the radiant fragments of Ergo:

  • After getting the Fable Catalyst, turn right and go up another set of stairs to reach a higher floor. Here you’ll find another Marionette and 1x Fallout Ergo Fragment.

Pick up the cluster grenade:

  • Return to the stairs and follow the path. Slide down the stairs to the left to pick up 1x Cluster Grenade.

Gather collectibles:

  • Return to the stairs and circle around to pick up the collectibles “Witch Tower” and “Princess Poster”. Then jump down and continue walking along the path.

Find Venigni’s emergency repair tool:

  • Continue forward and turn right at the box. Dodge and roll over, and you’ll find 1x Venini’s Emergency Repair Tool behind the carriage.


  • At the far end of the large area, you’ll find 1x Crescent Stone on top of a tree trunk.

Explore the alleys:

  • Turn around and follow the path that leads to a series of alleys.

Find graffiti by artists:

  • At the end of one of the paths you’ll find “Artist’s Graffiti.”

Beware of suicidal enemies:

  • Be careful as you explore the wooden bridge leading to the house. Watch out for the puppets that look like Harley Quinn, they will charge forward and explode on impact. Treat them with care. There is also a maid puppet inside.

Lower the ladder:

  • After clearing the enemies, press the button opposite to lower the ladder to the bottom floor. Don’t step off the ladder just yet, though.

Special Report:

  • Return to the house and turn left. Descend to the lower level and collect “Special Report! Confessions of a Foreigner” from the bed.

New enemies:

  • When you get out, you’ll encounter new enemies, like possessed babies. Be prepared to take them down.

Vivid Ergo clips:

  • You’ll find 1x Vivid Ergo Fragment where you first fought the baby.

Unlock a door:

  • Go up the stairs and open a door that connects back to an earlier part of the house. There is also a safe here, which contains 1 Legion Plug.

Search items:

  • Head to the first floor, deal with more maid puppets, and get the 1x Saw Blade behind the bar.
  • Resplendent Ergo Shard: Outside, turn right and circle around the carriage to find 1x Resplendent Ergo Shard.

Beware of projectiles:

  • Continue down the street, but be careful as new projectile enemies will appear, including bomb-throwing static puppets and rifle-firing soldiers.

Property Purification Ampoule:

  • Look behind a bomb golem on the left to find a 1x Attribute Purification Ampoule.

Optional chest:

  • Consider exploring the door in the background as it leads to a chest containing 1x Dancer’s Curved Blade and 1x Dancer’s Curved Hilt.

These steps should help you find the Rosa Isabel Street entrance speech bubble in P’s Lie.


What is P’s lie?

“Lies of P” is a video game in which you play as a character named Pinocchio. Pinocchio is not an ordinary character; he is a robot or a “puppet”. The game is set in a city called Krat, where most of the work is done by these robot puppets. But there’s a problem: the puppets are turning against humans, and Pinocchio must find out why and stop them.

In this game, you will explore Krat, fight various enemies, and use different weapons such as swords and axes. Pinocchio has a unique robotic arm complete with gadgets like a grappling hook and a flamethrower. Interestingly, your choices in the game will affect the unfolding of the story, leading to different endings. So, it’s not just about fighting enemies; it’s about making decisions that determine the outcome of the game.

Overall, Lies of P is an action-packed adventure game with a twist of mystery and decision-making. You’ll follow Pinocchio’s journey as he uncovers the secrets behind the Golem’s rebellion and the strange disease affecting the city of Crater. It’s a game that combines action, storytelling, and choice to create an exciting gaming experience.

P’s Lie gameplay

In the gameplay of “P’s Lie”, you will play the protagonist Pinocchio and control him from a third-person perspective. This means you can see him from behind as he moves around the game world. Pinocchio explores the city of Crater, filled with danger and mystery. As you guide Pinocchio, you’ll encounter a variety of biomechanical enemies that you must fight using weapons such as swords and axes. Combat is challenging, and you can also use Pinocchio’s robotic arm, which has special devices like a grappling hook and a flamethrower to help you fight.

A major feature of the game is the “lying system”. This means that the choices you make in certain parts of the game affect what happens next. It’s a bit like lying or telling the truth, your decision can lead to different endings to the game. So, it’s not just a fight; It’s also about making choices that shape the story.

Overall, Lies of P offers action-packed gameplay in which you battle enemies, explore a fascinating world, and make important decisions that affect the outcome of the game. It’s a game that combines combat, exploration, and storytelling to create an engaging, immersive gaming experience.

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