Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Achievements Guide



How to unlock

unlimited wealth

Collect all trophies to gain unlimited wealth.

Win all trophies to unlock unlimited wealth achievements.

return to action

Complete Chapter 1 in the game.

Complete the events of Chapter 1.

fish out of water

Successfully complete Chapter 2.

Meet the challenges in Chapter 2.

Times are moving forward

Complete Chapter 3.

Work your way through Chapter 3.


Complete the tasks in Chapter 4.

Successfully complete Chapter 4 of the game.


Complete all objectives in Chapter 5.

Successfully complete the Chapter 5 mission.

Hidden in plain sight

Successfully ended Chapter 6.

Complete all missions and events in Chapter 6.

part ways

Complete Chapter 7 of the game.

Reach the conclusion of all events in Chapter 7.

Layers of lies

Complete all missions in Chapter 8.

Successfully complete all objectives in Chapter 8.

found and lost

Successfully complete Chapter 9.

Complete all events and tasks in Chapter 9.

endangered species

Complete Chapter 10.

Complete Chapter 10 successfully.


Complete Chapter 11 in the game.

Successfully complete all events in Chapter 11.

hold the line

Successfully complete Chapter 12.

Successfully complete all events and missions in Chapter 12.

Turn the tide

Complete Chapter 13.

Complete Chapter 13 successfully.

man who regained his reputation

Complete the final chapter of the game.

Successfully complete the events of the final chapter.

Touch lives

Complete the 10 sub-stories of the entire story.

Participate in and successfully complete 10 optional side stories.

save life

Successfully complete 20 sub-stories.

Participate in and complete a total of 20 optional side stories.

Live your best life

Complete a total of 40 sub-stories in the game.

Participate in and successfully complete 40 optional side stories.


Connect with Nanba to unlock all drink links.

Strengthen your bond with Nanba and unlock and experience all of his drink links.

No regrets

Experience all of Adachi’s drink links.

Successfully participate and complete all drink links in Adachi.

missing word

Enjoy all of Saeko’s drink links.

Participate and successfully complete all of Saeko’s drink links.

break free

Participate and complete all of Joongi’s drink links.

Successfully experience all of Jonkey’s drink links.

A fresh start

Participate and complete all of Zhao’s drinking links.

Successfully participate in and complete all of Zhao’s drinking links.

rest assured

Experience all the drink links in Chitose.

Successfully participate and complete all drink links in Chitose.


End all drink links in Tomizawa.

Successfully participate in and complete all of Fuze’s drinking links.

earn respect

Participate and complete all of Seonhee’s drink links.

Successfully experience all of Seonhee’s drink links.

Wandering Dragon

Reach level 10 with Kasuga by gaining experience points in battle.

Progress and gain experience points through battles with Kasuga, eventually reaching level 10.

Fortitude Dragon

Reach level 30 with Haruhi.

Continue to earn experience points in battle and reach level 30 with Kasuga.

Peak Dragon

Reach level 50 with Haruhi.

Continue to earn experience points in battles and reach level 50 with Kasuga.

legendary dragon

Reach level 70 with Haruhi.

Continue to earn experience points in battle and reach level 70 with Kasuga.


Maximize one of Kasuga’s character statistics by making a choice.

Throughout the game, make choices that increase one of Kasuga’s personality statistics to the maximum.

super human

Maximize all of Kasuga’s character statistics.

Similar to Superman, but increases all of Kasuga’s personality attributes to the maximum.

updated target

Successfully complete all life links.

Complete all of Kiryu’s side stories to update your goals.

precious memory

Collect 30 Dragon Memoirs scattered in different areas.

Find and collect 30 scattered memories located in various areas of the game.

rich memories

Collect 70 Dragon Memoirs.

Similar to Precious Memories, but find and collect a total of 70 scattered memories.

The funk continues

Maximize one of Kiryu’s Soul, Tech, or Body stats.

Focus on and maximize one of Kiryu’s three attributes: Soul, Technology, or Body.

Alo – be as happy as possible

Experience all 8 activities offered by Alo-Happy Tours.

Pay a specific amount to unlock Alo-Happy Tours and participate in all eight activities. This also unlocks new job opportunities for party members.


Level up a class to level 30 by using it in combat.

Use actively in battle to increase career level to level 30.

crazy noise

Upgrade 3 professions to level 30.

Similar to Side Job, but raises the levels of three professions to level 30.

ultimate hustle

Improved 7 positions to No. 30.

Similar to Side Hustle, but level up 7 professions to level 30.


Call Poundmates 30 times.

Complete the storyline to unlock Pound Mates and summon them 30 times in battle.

From scratch

Craft 10 pieces of gear at Julie’s Gearworks.

After unlocking Julie’s Equipment Factory, craft a total of 10 pieces of equipment.

Invest in the future

Successfully complete all of Julie’s investments.

Crafting and upgrading gears at Julie’s Gear Factory counts towards investment levels.


By defeating 100 Muscle Beasts in battle, register them into the Muscle Atlas.

Defeat a total of 100 Muscle Beasts in battle and register them in the Muscle Plate.


Register 200 Sujimon to Sujidex.

Defeat a total of 200 Muscle Beasts in battle and register them in the Muscle Plate.

dungeon sweeper

Complete all levels and conquer the Yokohama subway.

Unlock this dungeon and complete all levels during the storyline to earn the trophy.

Hooligans beware

Conquer the Hawaii haunted house by clearing all levels.

After unlocking the dungeon, clear all levels in the Hawaii Haunted Mansion.

Come apart!

Defeat Sujimon Raids and win 20 raids.

Defeat Sujimon Raid 20 times in total to win the trophy.

Sugi League Champion

Successfully complete all side stories related to Muscle Beast.

This trophy can be collected by completing the Muscle Beast questline.

Sujimon Snag ‘Em

Use gifts to recruit 10 Muscle Beasts from battle.

After defeating the Muscle Beast in battle, capture the Muscle Beast by giving a gift.

professional boxer

Maximize Sujimon’s level and friendship.

Increase the level and favorability of a single muscle beast to the maximum.

Craft fanatic

Make 100 different pieces of DIY furniture.

Craft a total of 100 unique items using the crafting station on Dondoko Island.

Island Treats

Welcoming 100 guests to Dondoko Island.

Ensure that a total of 100 guests visit Dondoko Island.

Todoko A-Go-Go!

TV commercials on Dondoko Island.

Completing the Dondoko Island quest line unlocks the option to place ads.

bathed in glory

Transform Dondoko Island into a four-star resort.

Complete various tasks in Dondoko Island to upgrade it to a four-star resort.

Dundoko ending

Successfully complete the Dondoko Island story.

Completing the entire Dondoko Island questline will conclude its story.

Still having fun

Play 10 different mini-games.

Play 10 different mini-games throughout the game.

Skill license

Obtained 10 certificates from Onahara Vocational School.

Successfully complete 10 tests to receive a certificate from Onahara Vocational School.

30 minutes or free

Complete all Crazy Delivery courses.

Unlock the crazy delivery mini-game and complete all courses within the time limit.

sico stopper

Complete all Sicko Snap lessons.

Take photos of wacky characters in all Sicko Snap mini-game sessions.

photo hunter

Take 30 different photos for the photo contest.

A total of 30 unique photos were taken at different locations for the photo rally.

aloha spirit

Become friends with 50 people through Aloha Links.

Once you unlock this mechanic, you can interact with NPCs, greet them, feed them, and provide items to others, making you friends with a total of 50 people through Aloha Links.

Don’t hate players

Meet the 5 members of Miss Match.

Chat with five potential romance candidates and meet them in person with the Miss Match feature.

Not a complete waste

Obtain items from the toilet.

Just find an item in the toilet in the game.

somewhere over the rainbow

Photograph a rainbow in the Hawaiian sky.

Use the camera on your phone to take photos of the rainbow in the Hawaiian sky after a rainstorm.

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