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Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing video game produced by Hexworks and brought to players by CI Games. The successor to the 2014 version of the same name, this exciting game launches on PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S on October 13, 2023. The game’s development and design, led by Cezar Virtosu, leverages the power of Unreal Engine 5 to deliver a compelling visual experience.

Players can immerse themselves in single-player and multiplayer modes, immersing themselves in an adventurous world full of intense combat and role-playing elements.

Lord of the Fallen Monastery of the Holy Sisters

The Monastery of the Holy Sisters is an important location in the action role-playing game Lords of the Fallen. This corresponds to the “House of the Holy Brothers” and is the residence of the female members of the Holy Sentinels. There are strict rules prohibiting interactions between sisters and brothers in this divine order until some important event involving the Rune of Adil occurs.

In the world of Lords of the Fallen, players embark on an adventure across a vast and interconnected realm that spans the living and the dead. In this game location, we’ll guide you through a detailed walkthrough and provide valuable tips to help you tackle and overcome the challenges in the Monastery of the Holy Sisters. So get ready to embark on an epic journey in this fun and sometimes daunting environment.


Guide to the Monastery of the Holy Sisters

Lord of the Fallen Full Walkthrough – Monastery of the Holy Sisters

1. Break the rules

After completing the Tower of Confession, return to the Holy Brothers’ Mansion and head to the small garden. You will meet Captain Stormont of the Loyalty. If you haven’t talked to him before, he will mention that men are not allowed to enter the Monastery of the Holy Sisters. Due to the ongoing chaos in Mornsted, Stormond was willing to break these rules, believing Judge Cleric was unaware of the Sacred Sentinel’s sacrilege. As a male character, you have the same path.

2. The road to the monastery

Go upstairs to a broken bridge, then go through a tunnel. As you exit the tunnel, you’ll encounter the Sin Impaler and her radiant hounds. At the end of the path is a Boiling Vitality Skull. There is a stigmata to the left that you can interact with if you switch to Shadow Form. You’ll see a sentry denying someone entry in the name of Judge Cleric.

3. Rejected by Ursula, the abbess

You will find yourself in a large courtyard guarded by Ursuline Abbess. She will immediately attack with her radiant laser, so get close quickly to engage her and avoid her ranged attacks. Abbess Ursula also uses melee attacks and radiant thorns, so avoid her thorns and attack when you have an opening. Defeating her will reward you with the Dean’s Staff, the Weeping Dean’s Crown, and the Relic Seed.

4. Further improvements

Continue upstairs and, if necessary, transform into shadow form to deal with the empowered Spirit of Accusation. You’ll find some valuable items, such as large mana stone clusters and ammo packs. You’ll also find hidden shortcuts for easier navigation.

5. Reveal secrets

As you progress deeper into the monastery, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges, enemies, and hidden items. Watch out for your shadow form, participate in puzzles involving activated platforms, and uncover the secrets hidden within the monastery.

6. Runes of Adil: A Confrontation Awaits

Upon reaching a hall, you’ll find the Rune of Adil, which triggers a boss fight with the powerful Huntress of Dusk Rapture. This battle requires precise tactics to defeat this challenging opponent.

7. Two-on-one with the ecstatic Huntress

The fight against the Rapture Huntress is relatively simple. She has a variety of spear and shield attacks. You can interrupt her attacks with well-timed attacks. When her health drops to around 60%, she will gain radiance, increasing her attack power. Continue to stun her and take advantage of opportunities to deal damage. If you complete the Iron Traveler quest line, he may join your fight.

8. Go to the Nine Heavens Kingdom

Explore the upper levels of the hall and pick up items, including the Tear Weapon spell. Head outside to face more enemies, and don’t forget to use Shadow Form to interact with the Stigmata. You’ll encounter Pieta and a sentinel, who are discussing the impact of corruption on Mornsted. Finally, enter the lower level of Jiutian Tower.

Follow the steps below to browse the Abbey of the Holy Sisters in Lords of the Fallen. Good luck!

Lord of the Fallen gameplay

Lords of the Fallen is an action-packed role-playing video game that immerses you in a third-person perspective. Like its predecessor, it offers a choice between melee weapons and magic to fight opponents, drawing inspiration from the challenging combat in Souls-like games. You can even team up with friends to tackle the game’s campaign and engage in player-versus-player multiplayer battles for extra excitement.

As you begin your adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of character classes to create your own unique character. The game world is vast, much larger than the 2014 version, and particularly interesting because it combines two realms: Axiom (the realm of the living) and Umbral (the realm of the dead), which you can traverse using mysterious lanterns. Despite sharing the same space, the two worlds differ in accessibility, adding a layer of depth and strategy.

When your character dies, they find themselves in the Umbral and need to return to Axiom to regain their lost experience points. But if you die in the Umbra, you will restart at the last save point and lose all unused experience points. Each area has relatively few save points, but you can choose to craft your own using materials collected from shadow creatures, making your choices and strategy play a key role in this fascinating interconnected game world.

Lord of the Fallen Overview

game name

Lord of the Fallen


Hexagonal Factory


CI games


Ceza Vertosu


Unreal Engine 5


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox Series X/S


October 13, 2023


Action RPG


Single player, multiplayer

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