My Time at Sandrock Limestone Location, Where to Find Limestone in My Time at Sandrock?

My time in Sandstone

In the game My Sandstone Time, players can obtain limestone by quarrying in the Bend area. This raw material is crucial for crafting and gifting in the game. In order to craft items such as limestone bricks, players need to use limestone as a required ingredient in an industrial furnace.

Making the bricks takes 2 hours and 15 minutes and requires four blocks of limestone. Limestone can also be given as a gift to characters in the game. Overall, obtaining and using limestone plays a crucial role in various crafting activities in My Sandstone Time and in interacting with the game’s characters.

My time in sandy limestone locations

In My Sandstone Time, players must find limestone to craft and complete commissions. The Limestone Deposit is located in Bend, northwest of a bridge that can be accessed later in the game. Initially blocked by a broken bridge, players need to advance through the main storyline to gain access.

Using an iron or aluminum pickaxe is essential for mining limestone, a key material for making limestone bricks using an industrial furnace. The bricks play a vital role in delivering on the town council’s high-level commissions. Additionally, Limestone can be given as a gift to certain characters to gain Friendship Points.

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Where can I find limestone in My Sandrock Time?

In the game My Sandstone Time, finding limestone is crucial to crafting and completing commissions. The limestone site was initially inaccessible due to a broken bridge, but this guide will help you find where to find this important resource.

  • Unreachable Limestone: Originally, the limestone deposit was located in Bend, northwest of your home. Unfortunately, a broken bridge blocks access. The bridge can only be repaired after completing the “Portia’s Road” and “Far Bridge” missions, which are unlocked partway through the game’s main storyline.

  • Repair the bridge: To access Bend’s limestone deposits, you must first repair the bridge. This becomes possible after completing certain tasks, allowing you to advance in the game.

  • Required Pickaxe: Limestone cannot be effectively mined using a basic pickaxe. It is necessary to upgrade to an iron or aluminum pickaxe. When you get to The Bend, you may already have one of these upgrade tools.

  • Limestone Harvesting: After repairing the bridge and upgrading your pickaxe, you can harvest limestone from the sediments in Bend. Each deposit yields several blocks of limestone and the possibility of obtaining sulfur. Keep in mind that minerals will respawn after a few days in the game.

  • Exclusive Source: So far, limestone appears to have been available only from Bend’s deposits. You cannot purchase Limestone or Limestone Bricks from any in-game store.

  • Making Limestone Bricks: The main use of limestone is to make limestone bricks. You’ll need an industrial furnace to complete this process, and four blocks of limestone will yield one brick. If you haven’t crafted an industrial furnace when you get the limestone, you’ll need to exchange the 20 data discs for the diagram and collect additional resources.

  • Uses of Limestone Bricks: Limestone bricks became valuable to the high committee of the town council. They are currently used for advanced craft projects. Additionally, you can give Limestone as a neutral gift to certain characters, thereby gaining Friendship Points.

All in all, finding limestone in My Sandstone Time requires repairing the bridge to the bend, obtaining an upgraded pickaxe, and gathering resources from exclusive deposits. Craft bricks from limestone and complete high-level commissions to enhance your studio’s reputation and in-game relationships.

my time at sandstone

In My Time at Sandrock, players will immerse themselves in an engaging simulation game set in a healthy post-apocalyptic world, 300 years after the Day of Disaster that disrupted modern technology. As the game’s protagonists, they assume the role of Sandrock’s newest builders, tasked with reviving the rugged city-state.

Their journey unfolds as they use trusted tools to rebuild their community and restore it to its former glory. They gather necessary resources, build machines, form meaningful connections with local residents, and protect Sandrock from threatening monsters while dealing with economic challenges and preventing the town from falling into financial ruin.

The game is a wonderful blend of crafting, exploration, and community building, set against a backdrop of charming and slightly eccentric characters. It’s a heartwarming adventure that challenges players’ creativity and problem-solving skills while immersing them in a post-apocalyptic world filled with opportunities for growth, connection, and the satisfaction of seeing communities thrive under their care. .

My sandstone time gameplay

My Time at Sandrock provides players with an engaging and diverse gaming experience that seamlessly blends elements of crafting, exploration, storytelling, combat, and entertainment. In this game, players take on the role of a builder tasked with transforming a dilapidated workshop into a prosperous production center. They played a key role in the resurgence of the city-state of Sandrock by using an array of machines to process raw materials, craft components, and erect structures.

Exploration is an important aspect of the gameplay, and players will embark on an adventure across the vast desert, exploring ancient ruins in search of valuable artifacts while gathering necessary resources. In the city, they can connect with different residents, uncover their interesting backstories, and participate in numerous side quests that enrich the game’s narrative.

The game introduces dynamic combat mechanics that allow players to seamlessly switch between melee combat and third-person shooting, bringing an exciting dimension to the gameplay. Players can try out new weapons and defensive strategies, providing tactical depth to their combat encounters.

In addition, players will have the opportunity to participate in various mini-games that provide both entertainment and a way to interact with the residents of Sandstone. All in all, My Time at Sandrock offers a multi-faceted gameplay experience that encourages creativity, embarks on thrilling adventures, and cultivates meaningful relationships in a charming post-apocalyptic world.

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