Paleo Pines How to Tame Dinosaurs? Find Out Here

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Paleo Pines is a video game where you experience a world full of dinosaurs and farming. In this game you have the exciting opportunity to tame these ancient creatures and befriend them. The process of taming dinosaurs involves using a flute to attract their attention, playing a friendship song, feeding them the right food, and providing them with a specific item called a “Poppin” to earn their trust. Once tamed, these dinosaurs become your farm companions.

To make the taming process easier, you can find out the dinosaur’s favorite flavor by offering it different types of food, such as clover, dandelions, green onions, and carrots. Each dinosaur probably liked a specific taste, such as earthy, juicy, aromatic, or spicy.

Paleo Pines offers an engaging and relaxing gameplay experience that blends the excitement of prehistoric creatures with the fun of farming and building strong bonds with your dinosaur friends.

How did ancient pine tame dinosaurs?

In ancient pine, taming a dinosaur is a multi-step process.

  • First, use the flute to get the dinosaur’s attention and play the song of friendship by imitating the notes.

  • Then, a friendship table appears with a sleepy area, an excited area, and a green area in the middle.

  • To move the needle to the green area, feed the dinosaur its favorite food and use soothing movements to calm it down.

  • If the needle is in the green area, give it the correct Poppin to tame it. Sometimes, it may take a few tries.


How to find a dinosaur’s favorite flavor in ancient pine trees?

  • To learn about dinosaur taste preferences, use clovers, dandelions, green onions, and carrots.

  • If it likes four-leaf clovers, go ahead. If it also likes green onions, then it also likes earthy food. If it likes carrots, it likes juicy food. If it likes dandelions, it likes fragrant food; if it likes onions, it likes spicy food.

  • Once you figure it out, stock up on that food and buy Poppins in the same flavor.

Remember to check out the dinosaurs page in the diary to see what their preferences are.

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Honka game play

Paleo Pines is a video game with an engaging gameplay experience centered around farming, taming dinosaurs, and managing prehistoric ranches. Players embark on a journey through a lush prehistoric world where they can explore various biomes, interact with dinosaurs and complete quests.


Farming is a core element of the gameplay, requiring players to till the land, grow crops, and care for them by watering, weeding, and fertilizing. Proper crop care results in higher quality produce.

Tame a dinosaur:

Players can make friends with various dinosaurs and tame them. Taming involves playing a friendship song, feeding the dinosaur a favorite food, and using the correct items. Tamed dinosaurs become companions and help with farm work.

Pasture management:

Keeping the dinosaurs happy is crucial. Players must build appropriate enclosures, provide food, pet their dinosaurs, and ensure their biomes match their natural habitats for maximum happiness.


The game encourages exploration, letting players venture into different biomes, collect resources and discover new dinosaur species.


As players increase their dinosaur friends’ happiness levels, they can unlock assist abilities that help complete tasks and provide various benefits.

Paleo Pines offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience that blends farming, dinosaur taming, and exploration of prehistoric environments. In this game, cultivating crops and dinosaur friendships are the keys to success.

Honka release date

The video game Paleo Pines was launched to players on September 26, 2023. In this game, players step into a prehistoric world where they can explore lush environments, interact with dinosaurs, and participate in various activities.

The game is centered around agriculture, where players grow crops by cultivating the land, providing water, and ensuring proper care to produce high-quality produce. One of the highlights of the game is the ability to befriend and tame dinosaurs. This includes playing a friendship song, feeding the dinosaurs their favorite food, and managing their enclosure to suit their natural habitat to keep them content.

Exploration is an important aspect, with players encouraged to venture into different biomes to gather resources and discover new dinosaur species. As players increase their dinosaur friends’ happiness levels, they can unlock useful abilities that help complete tasks and enhance gameplay.

Paleo Pines offers an engaging gameplay experience that combines elements of farming, dinosaur companionship, and exploration in a stunning prehistoric environment.

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