Parallel Realms Tier List – Rankings of the Best Characters in the Game

Parallel fields

Parallel Realms is an exciting mobile gashapon game that allows players to form a team of anime agents and engage in thrilling battles with various enemies. With over 100 characters to collect, the game revolves around strategically building a team, equipping powerful gear, and leveraging faction strengths and weaknesses to gain in-game advantage.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, the game offers an immersive experience full of strategic decisions and character progression. The game is currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play, allowing players to easily enter the action-packed world of parallel realms. As the game continues to evolve, new characters will be introduced and balance may be adjusted, so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest developments to optimize your gameplay.

Parallel field level list

To help players make informed decisions about character selection, we’ve created a tier list to rank characters in the Parallel Realms. The level list divides characters into different levels, ranging from S (best) to D (worst). Each level represents the overall effectiveness and potential of a character in the game. The following is a detailed explanation of the meaning of each layer:

S class

  • These characters are considered the absolute best in the game, possessing incredible powers and abilities. They are highly sought after and should be prioritized in your team composition. Currently, the S tier includes Satan, Serquit, and Uriel.

A floor

  • While not as powerful as the S tier, the characters in this tier are still powerful and can be valuable additions to your team. They may lack certain advantages compared to S-class characters, but they are definitely worth taking advantage of. An example of an A-tier character is Dracula.

Class B

  • The characters in this tier are solid, strong at first, but gradually lose effectiveness as you progress. While they may not be as impressive as S or A-tier characters, they can still hold their own in battle. Freya is one such example.

Class C

  • Characters in this tier serve a specific purpose or may excel in a specific game mode or early stage of the game. Overall, they are relatively weak and may not be as versatile as higher level characters. Set is an example of a C-level character.

Class D

  • Characters in this tier are generally considered the weakest and most useless. They suffer from severe balance issues and perform poorly in all game modes. It is recommended to avoid using D-tier characters as much as possible. Currently, there are no D-class characters in the game.

It’s worth noting that since Parallel Realms is a relatively recent game, the tier list may change as players and developers further explore the game’s mechanics and balance. Therefore, it is recommended to check for updates regularly to ensure you have the latest information.


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Overview of the parallel domain hierarchy list

The Parallel Realms tier list serves as a comprehensive guide for players to understand the relative strength and value of characters in the game. The level list divides characters into different levels, with S level being the highest and D level being the lowest. These levels give players a clear idea of ​​which characters are considered the most powerful and effective in the game.

The tier list takes into account various factors such as the character’s abilities, performance in different game modes, and overall impact on combat. S-class characters are considered the best of the best, possessing extraordinary abilities that are crucial to success in the game. As levels drop from S to D, characters gradually become less powerful and are not recommended.

It’s worth noting that the tier list is not static and will be updated regularly as the game evolves. New characters may be introduced, and balance changes may affect rankings. Players are encouraged to refer to the tier list regularly to understand current rankings and make informed decisions when selecting characters for their team.

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