Remnant 2 Endairas End Musical Tower Puzzle Guide, How to Complete the Endaira’s End Chime Puzzle in Remnant 2?

“Ruins 2” Endairas End Music Tower Puzzle Guide

Guide to solving the Endaira’s End music tower puzzle in Remnant 2:

  • Finding the Tower: First go to Endaira’s End in the world of Yaesha. Explore the area until you find a tall tower structure.
  • Observation Tower: Approach the tower and note the slight updraft in the middle. This updraft needs to be strengthened to activate the puzzle.
  • Explore the surroundings: There should be a staircase and several small niches around the tower. There is a symbol at the bottom of each niche.
  • Clues Found: Look for a ledge on the side of the wind tunnel that you can jump up to. Just next to this ledge you’ll find a hole that you can scream through. Go through the opening and enter the small cave.
  • Cave Contents: Inside the cave you will find a chest and a book. The book will display notes or symbols for the puzzle.
  • Take notes or take photos: There are two options here. Either memorize the 4 note symbols shown in the book or take a photo of the book with your phone for future reference.
  • Tower Climb: Now, return to the tower and start climbing the tower. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.
  • Activate the puzzle: When you ascend the tower, stand on the symbols in the alcoves in the correct order. You need to step on them from top to bottom in the order shown in the book you found earlier.
  • Successes and rewards: If you step on the symbols in the correct order, you will activate a platform and, as a result, the Ring of the Wind Tunnel will appear.

Keep in mind that this puzzle is not important to the main storyline, but will reward you with the Ring of the Wind Tunnel, which is an optional item. It’s worth exploring and solving these puzzles to discover unique rewards and secrets in the game. Good luck with your adventure in Remnant 2!

How to complete Endela’s Doomsday Clock puzzle in Remnant 2?

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to complete Endela’s Doomsday Clock puzzle in Remnant 2:

  • Find the Wind Tower: When you first enter the end of Endela, you’ll see a large tower with a beautiful view in front of it. Each floor of the tower has an opening with a symbol on the floor, and each symbol emits a different bell when stepped on.
  • Go to the Right: Move to the right side of the room. There, you’ll find a series of platforms that you can descend to, leading to a small room.
  • Find the clue: In the small room you will find a two page book. Pay close attention to the first page of the book as it contains the key information you need to solve the puzzle.
  • Understanding Symbols: Examine the symbols shown on the first page of the book. These symbols represent the order in which you need to step on the corresponding symbols on the tower floor.
  • To solve the puzzle: Follow the sequence shown on the first page of this book. Step on the symbols on the tower floor in the following specific order:
    • Step on the symbol at the third floor opening.
    • Move to the opening on the second floor and step on its symbol.
    • Head to the first floor and step on its sign.
    • Finally, return to the third floor opening and step on its sign again.
  • Activate Platforms: If you correctly step on the symbols in the correct order, a platform will be activated and you will successfully complete the Chime Puzzle in Endaira’s End.
  • Receive Rewards: As a reward for solving the puzzle, the Wind Sky Circlet will appear. Pick it up and when equipped, it will give you a 12% reload speed bonus.

Remember, exploring and solving puzzles in Remnant 2 can lead to valuable rewards and hidden areas. As the game progresses, keep an eye out for clues and secrets. Good luck!


Endela Doomsday 2 Wiki

Endaira’s End is a fascinating location in Remnant 2 that showcases the remains of the ancient Pan culture and holds the long-lost treasures of ancient nobles. Located in the vast Yaesha region, the region offers explorers countless diverse landscapes, thrilling events, dangerous dungeons, powerful bosses, menacing enemies, and valuable items waiting to be discovered.

However, unlike some locations, Endaira’s End doesn’t have any non-playable characters or merchants, leaving players to rely solely on their wits and skills to overcome the challenges that await them.

As brave adventurers delve into the depths of Endela, they will stumble upon a variety of extraordinary items, such as Endela’s Endless Loop, Krell’s Axe, Vampire Blade (dropped by the Fester), The Storm Conduit, Pulsating Heart, Wind Hollow Circlet, Archer’s Crest, and Bulletweaver each have their own unique power and meaning.

As players traverse this ancient ruin, beware of the menacing Root Snipers lurking in the shadows. Get ready for the ultimate test of strength as they face two powerful bosses: Fester, a powerful root zombie, and Atropy and Rot Stalker, ready to challenge the bravest souls.

Throughout Endela’s End, players may encounter engaging events and secret passages, such as the intriguing Pan-Maze, which promises rewards such as the Pulsating Heart Relic. Additionally, the Wind Hollow Head Ring can be obtained by solving the Mysterious Wind Puzzle found in the Secret Library, which can be accessed by descending from the nearest ledge to the waterfall. Additionally, brave explorers can discover the hidden Archer’s Crest in a secret room hidden behind a wall with water gently flowing from the ceiling.

To obtain the Krell Axe, Vampire Blade, Storm Conduit, and Pulsating Heart, players must successfully navigate the pressure plate maze located at the end of the dungeon. The correct route is to enter the first door, then right, left x2, right x5, left, right x2, forward x2, right, and finally forward.

Endaira’s End appeals to those seeking adventure and challenge, offering unique rewards and hidden secrets waiting to be revealed. It remains an essential destination for those exploring the immersive world of Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 gameplay

Much like its predecessor, Remnant 2 draws inspiration from the Soulslike video game to deliver a thrilling third-person shooter experience. Players have the opportunity to use up to two guns and melee weapons, providing a diverse and dynamic combat system. At the beginning of the game, players can choose from different character archetypes, each with their own unique play style and abilities.

For example, the Gunslinger class replaced the former Cult class from the first game and focused on proficiency with firearms. The Challenger class has the ability to unleash devastating shockwaves to disintegrate enemies, while the Handler class has a loyal canine companion to aid in combat. As players progress through the game, they unlock dual-class abilities that further enhance their combat abilities.

Additionally, players can activate a variety of archetype-specific perks and skills to suit their preferred playstyle. For Gunners, their unique ability is “Reload,” allowing them to instantly reload all guns they carry. The handler class, on the other hand, benefits from a primary skill called “Restraint,” allowing their canine companions to revive them if they fall in combat.

In Remnant 2, procedural generation has expanded significantly from the first game. Not only does it affect the layout of the level and enemy spawn points, but it also extends to every other aspect of the game. This includes randomly generated enemy types, different area aesthetics, boss characters, non-playable characters, and even the game’s storyline and missions.

Players can choose to experience the entire game alone and immerse themselves in a challenging world alone. In addition, “Remnant 2” supports a three-person cooperative multiplayer game mode, allowing friends to team up to face challenges together. With its enhanced procedural generation, diverse character archetypes, and exciting combat mechanics, Remnant 2 provides an exciting and engaging gaming experience for players looking for intense action and exploration.

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