SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor, How to Get the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor in Starfield?

SF40 Shear Flow Reactor Locations

The SF40 shear flow reactor is a type of reactor for ships in Starfield. It is classified as Class C and provides 40 units of power. The reactor has a durability of 116, is placed inside the hull, and has a strength of 1315.

The reactor can accommodate a crew of three. In terms of value, it is estimated at 77615 points. The SF40 shear flow reactor is relatively light, with a mass of 116 units. To install this reactor, you need Level 1 Piloting skill and Level 2 Starship Design skill. Reactors like the SF40 are critical to powering all systems on the ship.

How to get SF40 shear flow reactor in Starry Sky?

To obtain the SF40 Shear Flow Reactor in Starfield, you can easily find it from any Ship Technician you encounter in the game, or specifically from the Akira City Ship Technician listed at the bottom of the available reactors. Look for it in a starport or space station, where you can customize and upgrade your ship. The reactor, manufactured by Dogstar, serves as the spacecraft’s main power source, ensuring smooth operation during space travel.

SF40 shear flow reactor has the following specifications:

  • Grade: C
  • Power generation: 40
  • Reactor health: 116
  • Hull: 1315
  • Crew capacity: 3
  • Value: 77615
  • Quality: 116

To create or install this reactor, you need to have a pilot level of 4 and a starship design level of 2. Remember, the reactor is just one of many critical ship modules, along with other components such as engines, weapons, and shields. Upgrading and customizing your ship can make it a powerful force in the galaxy. Make sure to purchase the SF40 Shear Flow Reactor to enhance your vessel’s capabilities.


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“Starfield” is a thrilling action role-playing game produced by Bethesda Game Studios and brought to players by Bethesda Softworks. This cosmic adventure was revealed to the world at Bethesda’s exciting E3 showcase in 2018.

Starfield sets a new milestone for Bethesda, transporting players into a new realm of lore and marking the studio’s first original title in a quarter-century. The highly anticipated game, which has taken the gaming world by storm with a cosmic explosion, launches on the exciting day of September 6, 2023 for Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Critics have been overwhelmingly positive about Starfield, praising its vast open world, captivating space-themed environments, and engaging soundtrack. However, the storyline proved to be a controversial topic, causing critics to differ.

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Starfield is an action-packed RPG with seamless first- and third-person perspectives. Set against the backdrop of a vast galaxy, players explore more than 1,000 planets, moons, and space stations. Landscapes are a blend of procedurally generated and handcrafted content, influenced by each planet’s stars and atmosphere. The game features Bethesda’s largest fictional city, New Atlantis, for players to explore.

Encounters with different NPCs provide the opportunity to form a team, each with unique abilities. Players can customize their own protagonist and gain skills through challenges. Weapons, gear, and jetpacks enhance combat and exploration. Resource management is key, as planets need to be scanned for crafting materials. Building outposts and managing spaceships are key to gameplay. Ship customization and combat add depth to the galactic adventure.

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September 6, 2023


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