Sonic Superstars 5th Character, How to Unlock 5th Secret Character in Sonic Superstars?

sonic superstar’s secret role

Sonic Superstars, a game beloved by fans of the Sonic series, has a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered, the elusive fifth secret character. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Sonic Superstar and reveal how to unlock this mysterious character. Get ready for a thrilling journey filled with surprises.

In the world of Sonic Superstars, you will meet an extraordinary fifth character named Tripp. Tripp is not your typical Sonic character. She brings a unique set of abilities to the game. With an Amy Rose-like double jump and added spikes all around, Tripp is a force to be reckoned with. But that’s not all of her super forms, if you manage to collect all the Chaos Emeralds, you can transform her into a majestic dragon. The arrival of Trip adds a new dimension to the game, making it more exciting and engaging for players.

sonic superstar fifth character

In Sonic Superstar, Trip the Sungazer is the fifth character you can play as. Tripp is a unique character in Sonic Superstar, she is an anthropomorphic sun-gazing lizard who worked for Dr. Eggman and Hunter Fang, but later joined Sonic and his friends.

Tripp has the special ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds, allowing her to transform into a golden dragon to protect her friends. While she may seem a little shy and awkward, Tripp has a brave and determined side when it comes to facing evil foes. In the game, you will experience her adventures and use her powers to help Sonic and his friends. Trip is a fascinating addition to the Sonic Superstars game, and her unique abilities make her an exciting character to play.


How to unlock the fifth secret character in Sonic Superstars?

Unlocking in Sonic Superstar is a rewarding journey that requires some effort. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access this hidden gem:

  • Play Story Mode: Your mission begins in Sonic Superstar’s story mode. Dive into the game, enjoy the adventure and complete the story mode by overcoming the challenges and obstacles it throws at you.
  • Watch the credits: After successfully completing the story mode, sit back and watch the credits. These end credits are not just an ending, but the beginning of something special.
  • Return to Main Menu: After the credits roll, you’ll be returned to the game’s main menu. At this point, you’ll notice that a new character, Trip, has been added to your roster.
  • Unlock Trip’s Story: Not only can you unlock Trip as a playable character, but you can also enter an all-new story centered around her character. This new story will immerse you deeper into the Sonic Superstar universe.
  • Travel in all game modes: The fun doesn’t end in Story Mode. You can now use Trip in all game modes, including the exciting Time Trial. Her unique abilities will give you a fresh perspective and competitive edge to help you compete at the top.

Sonic Superstar

Sonic Superstars is an interesting platform video game released in 2023 for various gaming platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Developed by Arzest and Sonic Team and published by Sega, the game takes players back to the classic side-scrolling style of the Sonic the Hedgehog games of the 1990s.

In this game, you can choose to play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Amy, and your mission is to defeat Dr. Eggman and Hunter Fang by completing exciting side-scrolling levels. One cool feature is the introduction of power-ups that can be collected by collecting Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Superstar was well received by critics and is a great way to enjoy the world of Sonic with a modern twist.

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Sonic Superstar Gameplay

Sonic Superstars is a game where you control characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy in a classic side-scrolling adventure, just like the old Sega Genesis Sonic games. Your mission is to stop Dr. Eggman, who’s up to no good, and you’re helped by Hunter Fang and Sungazer Trip.

Each character has their own special ability – Sonic can dash after jumping, Tails can fly, Knuckles can glide and climb, and Amy can use a hammer attack and double jump. You can even unlock an additional character, Trip, who combines some of these moves.

The game has 12 different areas, each with its own unique features such as springs, loops, health rings, and energy shields. There are also special stages where you swing from bubbles to collect Chaos Emeralds, which give you cool powers. There’s also a multiplayer mode that up to four players can enjoy together, a first for the series, and there’s even a player versus player competitive mode. So it’s a combination of classic Sonic fun with exciting new features.

sonic superstar trailer

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